NEXT: Genesis Point

Philadelphia, PA – 4.7.2005

So I know what you’re thinking – what the heck is NEXT/STF? Well, it’s a “promotion” that’s run specifically for graduates of the CHIKARA and CZW Wrestle Factory (they were connected at the time). It’s basically like ROH’s “Respect” group or Dragon Gate’s “NEX” group, with the trainers and students putting on a short show (although this existed well before those companies). It started out as NEXT, then transitioned into STF (Stars of the Future). This is their debut show (and I will be reviewing all of the NEXT/STF shows as well).

Mike Quackenbush vs. Andy Sumner {CZW}

Sumner and Quackenbush take things to the mat. Quackenbush takes Sumner down in a mounted position as both guys jockey for position. Sumner takes Quackenbush over with a German suplex and applies a full nelson on the mat. Sumner covers up as Quackenbush throws a flurry of punches. He grabs Sumner’s leg, and Sumner quickly grabs the bottom rope to escape. Quackenbush takes him over with a Saito suplex and applies an armbar. Sumner taps out at 3:28. That was pretty fantastic given the short amount of time. It’s rare to see Quackenbush wrestle matches of this style these days, but he’s for sure excellent at them. Sumner’s great too and showed a lot of promise. **1/4

Quackenbush shows Sumner how to apply the armbar with the most effect possible after the match. They leave together, showing teacher/student respect.

Chris Hero {KOW} vs. Cory Kastle {CZW}

Hero takes Kastle down in a grapevine stretch. Kastle wrenches on Hero’s arm. He transitions into a headlock. Hero reverses into a wristlock. Kastle throws Hero down and legdrops his arm. Back on their feet, Kastle fails to knock Hero down with a shoulder block. Hero mocks him and drops down. Hero turns into an armdrag and dropkick from Kastle. Kastle drops an elbow across Hero’s arm. Hero palm strikes Kastle in the kidney. Claudio Castagnoli comes ringside to cheer on Hero. Hero feigns a knee injury which distracts the referee. Castagnoli snaps Kastle’s neck on the top rope with a cravate. Hero hits a jumping senton, and Castle rolls him up with a crucifix for two. Hero chops Kastle hard across the chest. Hero hits a combination double stomp/roll-out double stomp for two. Hero rolls through a sunset flip and grabs a cravate. Hero jumps from the top rope into a cravate. Kastle escapes and hits the Blue Steel (a reverse STO). Kastle ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. He dropkicks Hero in the arm. Kastle for whatever reason ends up the worse for wear and Hero chops him in the corner. Kastle grabs a top wristlock and makes Hero hit himself in the face. Kastle hits a tornado DDT for two. Claudio grabs Kastle’s legs as he goes to the top rope. Kastle’s knee buckles as he comes off the top rope, allowing Hero to pick him up for a powerbomb with ease. Hero applies the Hangmen’s Clutch. Claudio grabs Hero’s leg to add extra leverage. Kastle taps out at 10:50. A great story where the trainer underestimates his student and begins to worry when he realizes the student is more skilled than he thought. Hero had to resort to cheap tactics to win, but Kastle certainly got a chance to shine as well. **1/2

Eddie Kingston vs. Emil Sitoci

Kingston and Sitoci exchange holds on their feet. Sitoci takes Kingston to the mat in a side headlock. Kingston reverses with a roll-up for two. Sitoci kicks Kingston in the stomach and takes him over with an armdrag and a wheelbarrow takedown. He sends Kingston to the floor and hits him with a baseball slide and top rope plancha. Kingston kicks Sitoci’s knee out back in the ring. Kingston pokes Sitoci in the eyes as he works over his leg. Sitoci rolls up Kingston for two. Kingston mows him down with a lariat for two. Kingston goes for a top rope move, but Sitoci knocks him down. Sitoci comes off the top with a moonsault press, but lands on his knee. Sitoci hits a Snapmare Driver for two. Kingston kicks his knee out and hits a shining boot for two. Sitoci drops Kingston with a wheelbarrow stunner for two. Kingston sends Sitoci into the corner with a dragonscrew leg whip. Kingston applies the Kondo Clutch to score the submission victory at 8:05. Sitoci looked awesome in this match, and really showed off his impressive and unique arsenal of maneuvers. Kingston going over was the right call, but it was Sitoci who left the bigger impression. **3/4

Claudio Castagnoli {KOW} vs. DJ Hyde {CZW}

DJ Hyde looks almost identical to Ethan Suplee in this match. Hyde targets Claudio’s arm from the start. Claudio uses the ropes to break and grabs a front facelock. Hyde escapes and goes right back to the arm. Claudio comes out of the corner with a sweet Blockbuster for two. Claudio applies a chin lock. Hyde goes for a cravate, but Claudio freaks out and starts pounding on him. Claudio drops him with a neckbreaker. Hyde retreats to the floor and Claudio hits a suicide dive. Chris Hero makes his way out as Claudio throws Hyde back into the ring with a cravate. Hero applies a cravate from the floor and punches Hyde in the face for two. Claudio evades a splash in the corner. Hyde boots Claudio in the face. Claudio turns a clothesline into the Swiss Sleeper Holding. Hyde takes Claudio over with a German suplex. Hyde knocks Claudio down with a flurry of strikes. He hits a leg drop for two. Claudio hits a few uppercuts, then slips off the top rope as he attempts an uppercut from there. Claudio recovers and body slams Hyde. Claudio comes off the top with an elbow drop for two. Claudio reapplies the Swiss Sleeper Holding, but Hyde escapes quickly. Hyde drops Claudio with a Rydeen Bomb, and Hero pulls referee Bryce Remsburg out of the ring. Hyde gets distracted by Hero, allowing Claudio to nail him in the neck with a European Uppercut. Claudio slaps on the Swiss Sleeper Holding and applies a bodyscissors. Hyde taps out at 14:30. Wow, four matches in a row with submission finishes. Not that that’s bad, but just unusual. This started off fine, with Claudio wrestling circles around Hyde. Then Claudio botched the top rope spot and a lot of his confidence seemed lost for a bit. He regained it by the end, but certainly didn’t lead to a very interesting match in the end. **

Jigsaw, Jolly Roger {KPG}, Lance Steel {KPG}, & Shane Storm {MW} vs. Larry Sweeney {SNS}, Crossbones {SNS}, Ravage {CZW}, & Darkness Crabtree

Crabtree uses the ropes to break a wristlock from Steel. Crabtree breaks a full nelson the same way. Crabtree does his slow old man schitck which the crowd loves. Steel turns a waterwheel slam into a Boston Crab. Crabtree escapes and tags in Crossbones. Storm tags in as well. They each look for a waistlock but then just trade chops instead. Storm sends Crossbones out with a springboard Mongolian chop. He comes off the apron with a double axe handle. Roger and Ravage tag in. Roger takes control of Ravage’s arm. They break and tag in Jigsaw and Sweeney. They trade holds until Sweeney slaps Jigsaw in the corner. Jigsaw biels Sweeney out of the corner and gives him a slam. Sweeney evades more attacks by tagging in Crossbones. Storm tags in and knocks Crossbones down with a few shoulder blocks. Storm hits a senton for two. Roger takes Ravage down with a sequence of Lucha moves. He puts Ravage in a stump puller and looks through his trusty parascope. Sweeney and Jigsaw end up back in the ring together. Jigsaw rolls Sweeney into an STF, and Sweeney quickly grabs the ropes. Roger and Crabtree tag in. Crabtree misses a few attacks in the corner. Steel charges in, but Crabtree drops down and Steel hits the corner. Steel takes Crabtree down with a headscissors and tags in Roger. Roger gets sent to the Rudo corner where Crossbones, Ravage, and Sweeney gang up on him. The Rudos take this opportunity to isolate Roger from the rest of his team. After a lengthy beat down, Roger avoids a top rope splash from Crabtree and tags in Jigsaw. Jigsaw takes down Crossbones. Things break down with all eight participants in the ring. The Tecnico squad give their opponents the 10 punches in the corner. Steel and Jigsaw “row boat” Crossbones and Crabtree’s legs while the other four participants brawl on the floor. Ravage breaks the row boat. Storm holds up his STOP sign to stop Ravage’s attack. It works, and Storm puts him in an abdominal stretch. We get three stereo roll-ups with all of Storm’s partners rolling up all of Ravage’s partners at once, but only getting a two count. Crabtree hits Jigsaw with a stunner. Jigsaw superkicks Crabtree and Sweeney breaks the pin. Steel gives Sweeney a Finlay Roll. Sweeney avoids a Boston Crab and drops Steel with a gordbuster. Storm makes the save. Ravage gives Storm a pump-handle suplex for two. Storm drops Ravage with a delayed vertical suplex and Crossbones breaks the pin. Roger comes in and looks to Walk The Plank. Crossbones reverses with a German suplex for two. Roger reverses an Irish whip with a fisherman’s neck breaker. Roger hits a frog splash for the pin at 25:46. Pretty much what you’d expect from a CHIKARA eight man tag during this time. Needless to say, the Atomicos matches have come a very long way from 2005. It had some good moments, but in no way did it need to last this long. ***

CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship
Sabian (Champion) vs. Niles Young {CZW}

I give props to Niles Young to using a Daft Punk song as his entrance music, but why did it have to be a track from “Human After All” and not “Discovery”? Sorry, my Daft Punk fandom can’t control itself sometimes. Sabian and Young try some early pinfalls. Young takes Sabian over with a deep armdrag. Sabian gets dropped with a back breaker and goes to the floor. Young comes out and trades chops with Sabian. In the ring Young hits a back elbow and dropkicik. Sabian stops Young from attacking him in the corner and pokes him in the eye. Sabian kicks Young in the back a couple times. Sabian whips Young back first into the guardrail. He then sets up two chairs next to each other, with a folded chair on top. Sabian feigns a powerbomb, but then throws Young back in the ring instead of giving the fans what they want. Sabian boot scrapes Young while trapping his arms. Young fires back with a few punches and chops. Young hits a back breaker, stomach buster, and inverted suplex in a nice sequence. Young lights up Sabian with chops, and Sabian low blows Young to stop him. Sabian hits him with Diamond Dust for two. Young pops up Sabian into a lung blower for two. Sabian puts Young in an Indian Death Lock and gives him two inverted curb stomps. Sabian continues to channel Super Dragon by trying a Psycho Driver. Young evades it and grazes Sabian with a yakuza kick for two. Sabian comes back with a tornado DDT and a top rope double stomp for thee pin at 10:54. This really picked up in the end, with both guys hitting their moves with purpose and genuinely coming off as interested in the title. Sabian didn’t look as good as usual, but Young actually stepped up here than from what I’ve seen of him before. A good capper to NEXT’s first show. ***


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