War Grapes!


Pittston, PA – 3.20.2005

Commentary is provided by Eddie Kingston (with Larry Sweeney on the first match).

Emil Sitoci & Allison Danger vs. Hallowicked {DB} & Darkness Crabtree

Crabtree acts like an old perverted man around Danger. Danger gives him a shoulder tackle, and Crabtree very slowly gets up. Danger takes him back down into a half crab. Danger tries a pair of roll ups for two. Danger hits Crabtree with an elbow strike out of the corner. Hallowicked and Sitoci tag in. Hallowicked knees Sitoci in his ribs, which are now taped up after the previous events from the past two nights. Sitoci gives Hallowicked a trifecta of armdrags. Hallowicked rams Sitoci back first into the corner. Sitoci side-steps a running tackle. He comes off of Hallowicked’s shoulders with a mare. Sitoci dropkicks Hallowicked to the floor. Crabtree and Danger come back in, and Crabtree rams Danger shoulder first into the corner. Crabtree drops down so that Danger hits her own head on the top turnbuckle. This opens the door for Hallowicked and Crabtree to isolate Danger in their corner. Danger schoolboys Hallowicked to escape a Doomsday Device attempt. Hallowicked helps Crabtree to the top and tries again. Crabtree falls short, and Danger victory rolls him for two. Danger gives Crabtree a step-up DDT and then tags in Sitoci. Sitoci takes Hallowicked down in a quesadora and hits an armdrag. Sitoci drops Hallowicked with a snapmare driver. Crabtree elbow drops Hallowicked while attempting to break the pin. Danger gives Crabtree an STO for two. Hallowicked looks for a super fisherman’s buster. Danger pushes him off and hits a double stomp. Sitoci yakuza kicks Hallowicked to the floor and follows out with a dive. Danger hits Crabtree with a crossbody off the second rope for the pin at 14:31. This was pretty dull. What are these two teams anyway? Why were they partners? Opening the show with a throw away tag team match was probably not the best idea. **

Matt Turner {ROH} vs. Cheech

Cloudy accompanies Cheech to the ring. Cheech and Turner chain wrestle to start. Turner escapes an attack in the corner and takes Cheech down in a headlock. Cheech transitions into a headscissors, and does push-ups to show off. Turner escapes into a side headlock. Cheech gives Turner a couple neckbreakers. Turner rolls to the floor to take a rest. Cheech slingshots out into a headlock on the floor, taking Turner to the floor in the hold. In the ring, Cheech hits Turner with a Superman spear. Cheech puts Turner in a sharpshooter. Turner sunset flips Cheech for two. Cheech turns Turner into a modified Koji Clutch. Turner grabs the ropes to escape. Cheech and Turner trade strikes. Cheech hits a backfist and rolls Turner into a grapevine double stomp for two. He hits another but again gets two. Turner wrings Cheech’s arm, and throws him into the air while holding the arm.. Turner dropkicks him to the floor. Turner snaps Cheech’s arm on the top rope. Turner comes to the floor and slams Cheech arm first onto some chairs. Turner continues to work on Cheech’s arm in the ring. Cheech takes Turner down with a clothesline for two. Cheech looks for the “Coca Cola Crunch” (aka the Pepsi Plunge) but Turner brings Cheech off the top rope with a divorce court DDT. Turner applies an armbar, but Cloudy pulls Turner out of the ring. Turner fights him off and sunset flips back in. Cloudy grabs Cheech’s arm, allowing Cheech to sit down on Turner and get the pin at 12:35. The psychology with the arm was sound, but this never got out of first gear. It is a nice way to build to a Franco/Turner vs. Cheech/Cloudy feud though. **

JC Ryder & Danny Rage vs. Shane Hagadorn {ROH} & Davey Andrews {ROH}

Hagadorn and Andrews jump Rage and Ryder at the bell. Andrews and Hagadorn beat down on Rage in their corner after sending Ryder to the floor. Rage drops Hagadorn with a TKO for two. Rage Giant Swings Hagadorn into a dropkick by Ryder. Andrews breaks the pin. Ryder hits a top rope double stomp on Hagadorn, and Andrews breaks the pin. Hagadorn knees Ryder and gives him a fisherman’s buster. Andrews pounds away at Rage as Rage runs in. Andrews hits a springboard dropkick to the back of Hagadorn’s neck. Hagadorn and Andrews beat down Ryder in their corner. Rage breaks Andrews’ dragon sleeper and Ryder hits Andrews with an enzuigiri. Andrews fires back with a flurry of strikes. Andrews hits a Baisaku Knee. Rage comes in and hits a yakuza kick. Hagadorn peppers Rage with kicks and hits a dropkick. Ryder hits Hagadorn with an enzuigiri for two. Andrews powerbombs Ryder into a fan and then swings him into some chairs. Andrews hits Rage with a running knee strike for the pin at 6:32. This was a car wreck match: sloppy, disjointed, and reckless. Many of these sequences were just not believable. Not a great showing by any means. I almost gave this a DUD, but the first half was tolerable. ½*

Young Lions Cup
Jigsaw (Champion) vs. Rorschach

Rorschach earned this shot by winning a four man mini tournament that took place over the two previous nights. Rorschach attacks Jigsaw before the bell and stomps him in the corner. Jigsaw lays in some chops. Jigsaw hits a running knee strike and stretches out Rorschach in the Gory Gallows. Rorschach sunset flips Jigsaw into the Rorschach lock. Jigsaw immediately goes to the ropes to break. Jigsaw enzuigiri’s Rorschach to the apron and follows up with a pair of double stomps for two. Rorschach throws Jigsaw into the corner with a Northern Lights suplex for two. Jigsaw misses a boot scrape. Rorschach hits a tope con hilo. In the ring, Rorschach hits a suplex for two. Rorschach escapes the Jig N’ Tonic, but Jigsaw hits a lariat anyhow. Jigsaw places Rorschach on the middle rope and calls for the Jig N’ Tonic. Rorschach sunset flips Jigsaw into a sit-out powerbomb for two. Rorschach palm strikes Jigsaw on the top rope. Jigsaw traps Rorschach and gives him a double stomp in the tree of woe. Rorschach drops Jigsaw with a Northern Lights Bomb for two. Jigsaw drops Rorschach with the Mad Scientist Bomb for two. Rorschach applies the Rorschach Lock. Jigsaw picks up Rorschach and drops him with the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 8:31. This has the turned the show around, and I hope it can keep it going. This was all action, with the battle of former partners story really coming through. The finish stretch was really cool and suspenseful as well. They packed a lot in such a short period of time. ***

Jolly Roger {KPG}, Lance Steel {KPG}, & Shane Storm {MW} vs. Chris Hero {KOW}, Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}, & Arik Cannon {KOW}

Steel turns Claudio into a Boston Crab in the early going. Claudio rolls to the floor to escape and tag Cannon in. Steel turns Cannon into a Boston Crab, and Cannon also bails to the floor. Hero’s overhand chops have no effect on Steel’s armor. Steel puts Hero in the Crab but Hero quickly gets the ropes and hits the floor. Storm and Cannon tag iin and trade holds. Storm takes Cannon down with a few armdrags and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Storm hits a flip senton and an elbow drop for two. Steel and Claudio tag in. Steel crucifixes Claudio into a Boston Crab. Claudio escapes. Steel manages to get it on a second time. Claudio escapes and grabs a waistlock. Steel grabs a full nelson and walks on Claudio like a draw bridge. Hero and Roger tag in. Roger rolls free of a wristlock. Hero walks on Roger, paying back Steel’s previous attack on Claudio. Hero torque’s Roger’s leg. Roger gives Hero a flying headscissors and an armdrag. Hero sets Roger on the top rope and slaps him. Roger comes out with a diving armdrag and a dropkick that sends Hero to the floor. Cannon prevents Roger from hitting a dive, and Claudio gives him a spinebuster. Claudio Giant Swings Roger into a dropkick from Cannon. The Kings now go to work on Roger, keeping him distant from Storm and Steel. After being bashed and maimed by the Kings for a good while, and being cut off by Hero numerous times when having the opening to tag out, Roger nails Cannon with a springboard dropkick and tags in Storm. He gives Hero a flurry of offensive maneuvers. Storm dives onto Hero on the floor. Steel rolls Claudio into the Boston Crab. Claudio rolls to the floor and Steel dives onto him. Roger hits Cannon with some forearms and dropkicks him to the floor. Steel has Claudio in a Boston Crab on the floor. Roger dives off the top rope onto Cannon. Storm and Hero come back in the ring. Storm gives him a German suplex and Claudio breaks the pin. Claudio gives Storm the Shake, Rattle, and Roll for two. Steel and Roger hit a double reverse STO and Cannon breaks the pin. Hero wheelbarrows Roger into a European uppercut from Claudio and a lungblower from Cannon. Roger makes the save and gives Cannon a Finlay Roll. Steel applies the Boston Crab on Claudio. Cannon ducks Storm’s That Japanese Move, and Storm accidentally hits Steel. Cannon and Claudio hit the Glimmering Warlock/Ricola Bomb combo on Steel. Hero locks on the Hangman’s Clutch, and Steel taps out at 28:36. The Kings of Wrestling go undefeated in all three matches of the weekend. This was another fantastic trios match featuring, and I look forward to seeing these guys in action in the future. Steel, Roger, and Storm are pretty inconsistent, but they also worked hard and kept up with the Kings at every step. These trios matches have been very effective and got the Kings over as big time Rudos. ***1/2

The Kings put on the assorted entrance gear of their foes and pose before heading to the back. The Tecnico team heads to the back with cheers and applause from the fans.

Anthony Franco {ROH} vs. Cloudy

Cheech accompanies Cloudy to the ring. Cloudy refuses a handshake. Cloudy and Franco exchange wristlocks. Franco and Cloudy go back and forth, and Franco gives Cloudy a spinebuster. Each guy hits an armdrag. Cloudy stomps on Franco’s face and applies a chinlock. Franco hits a gutwrench powerbomb and a Northern Lights suplex for two. Franco hits double knees in the corner, and Cloudy gives him some knees of his own. Cloudy hits a dragonscrew and applies a stretch muffler. Cloudy wrenches on Franco’s leg. He kicks Franco in the corner for two. Franco hits Cloudy with the Pepsi Twist (shades of his trainer, CM Punk). Cloudy kicks out Franco’s leg. He traps the leg in the ropes and tears at the knee. Franco attacks Cloudy in the corner and hits him with a couple forearms. Cloudy hits a tornado DDT. Cloudy misses a 619, but comes around and hits a second on the bottom rope. Franco blocks a brainbuster and hits a headbutt. He drops Cloudy with a brainbuster for one. Franco blocks a rolling forearm and drops Cloudy with a swinging neckbreaker. Franco hits a back senton for two. Cloudy hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Cheech gets on the apron. Turner O’Conner Rolls Cloudy into Cheech, and pins him at 10:19. I do like that this was a bleed over from the Cheech/Matt Turner bout and the story of Cloudy working on Franco’s leg. However, aside from Franco selling during those moves, it didn’t mean much in the big picture of the match. **1/4

Cheech and Cloudy put the boots to Franco post match. Matt Turner makes the save and puts Cheech in an armbar. Cloudy helps Cheech escape, and they bail. Turner gets on the microphone and says he refuses to let Cheech and Cloudy make a fools of him and his partner’s in his hometown. Franco says the next time they’re in Pittston on April 17th, these teams will meet in a tag match.

AULL Mexican Middleweight Championship
Mike Quackenbush (Champion) vs. Larry Sweeney {SNS}

A lock-up leads to a clean break from Quackenbush in the corner. Sweeney brings Quackenbush to the corner, but slaps him instead of breaking cleanly. Quackenbush applies a headlock and Sweeney grabs the ropes to break. Sweeney argues with referee Bryce Remsburg about his hair, so Quackenbush takes Sweeney down and messes up his hair intentionally. Quackenbush slams Sweeney and gives him a Manhattan Drop. Sweeney goes to the floor to retreat. Sweeney comes back in, but Quackenbush ties up his legs and applies a full nelson. Sweeney pokes Quackenbush in the eyes. Quackenbush gives him a quebradora and an enzuigiri. Quackenbush puts Sweeney in a leg-capture chinlock. Sweeney escapes and bails to the floor. Quackenbush follows out with a twisting body press. Quackenbush hits a somersault senton back in the ring for two. Sweeney gives him a Manhattan Drop, then throws Quackenbush down by his hair. Sweeney drops an elbow on Quackenbush’s leg. Sweeney drops an elbow for two. Sweeney picks apart Quackenbush’s leg on the mat. Sweeney sunset flips Quackenbush, but Quackenbush sits down on it for a two count. Quackenbush hits a sole butt to Sweeney’s stomach. Sweeney kicks Quackenbush down, but Quackenbush kicks out his legs for two. Sweeney hits a leg drop for two. Sweeney applies a Figure Four. Quackenbush escapes. Sweeney comes off the middle rope with an elbow for two. Quackenbush turns a piledriver into a waterwheel slam. Quackenbush hits a diving clothesline and a double chop. Quackenbush palm strikes Sweeney on the top rope. He takes Sweeney off with a hurricanrana. Quackenbush dives off the stage and hits a somersault senton back in the ring for two. Sweeney hits Quackenbush with a slingshot suplex for two. Quackenbush smacks Sweeney. Sweeney powerbombs Quackenbush for two. Sweeney grabs the title belt. Quackenbush superkicks Sweeney before Sweeney can do anything. Quackenbush hits a double jump springboard corkscrew senton splash for the pin at 14:02. This was a solid match, but really had no emotion behind it. The fans didn’t make too much noise and neither Sweeney or Quackenbush seemed like they wee looking to pick up the pace. Believe me, the dives and stuff Quackenbush did looked good, but it seemed like the guys were just doing connect the dot moves at times. **1/2


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