Don’t Eat The Black One


Emmaus, PA – 3.19.2005

Commentary is provided by Eddie Kingston, Larry Sweeney and UltraMantis Black (with guest commentary from Icarus, Jolly Roger, and Hallowicked).

The show opens with some backstage interviews. Jigsaw and Sabian decide no matter what happens in their Young Lions Cup match, they’re still amigos. Larry Sweeney, who is with Mano Metalico and Crossbones mentions how all three of his teams in Tag World dropped the ball, and tonight things come back in Sweet N’ Sour International’s favor when they go to action in an eight man tag team match. Sweeney warns Metalico and Crossbones that they better not drop the ball. Delirious cuts a promo in his incoherent dialect. ROH students Matt Turner and Anthony Franco warn the Dark Breed that they will outwrestle them tonight.

Matt Turner {ROH} & Anthony Franco {ROH} vs. UltraMantis Black {DB} & Hallowicked {DB}

Turner twists on Mantis’ arm, and Franco tags in. Franco grabs a side headlock. Turner tags back in and brings Mantis to the mat in a headlock. Mantis escapes but Franco takes him right back down in the headlock. Mantis shoots Turner off into an elbow. Franco blind tags in and takes Mantis to the mat in a headlock. Franco hits a back senton for two. Franco hits a shoulder tackle, and Mantis bails to the floor to recoup with Hallowicked. Franco trips Hallowicked and gives him a suplex. Franco hits Hallowicked with double knees in the corner and follows up with a senton splash. Turner tags in, but Hallowicked hot shots him immediately. The Dark Breed turns the match around but trapping Turner in their corner. Turner turns a clothesline from Hallowicked into an Ace crusher. This allows him to escape and tag in Franco. He slams both Hallowicked and Mantis and then gives Hallowicked a neck breaker. Mantis gives Franco an arm capture snapmare driver and Turner breaks the pin. Hallowicked picks up Franco and hits the Graveyard Smash, but Turner breaks the pin again. Hallowicked assists Mantis in hitting a Praying Mantis Bomb, but Franco for the third time in a row breaks the pin. Turner comes down on the Dark Breed with a double crossbody and gives Mantis a divorce court DDT. He applies an armbar which Hallowicked breaks. Mantis and Hallowicked bring Turner off the top rope with a stacked-up superplex for the pin at 11:24. This was a fun tag match to open the show. CHIKARA has done so much more for ROH’s students than ROH has. Mantis and Hallowicked continue to be a very good team and I think a rematch is destined for these two teams. **3/4

Speaking of, Franco attacks Hallowicked and Mantis afterwards and sends them packing. Franco helps Turner up and the fans give them a round of applause.

Allison Danger vs. Daizee Haze

This is a rematch from last night’s show, ”Remain In Light”. Haze shoves Danger to the corner and slaps her in the face. Danger cranks on Haze’s neck, and Haze grabs the ropes. Danger takes Haze down into a front facelock. Haze and Danger roll around the ring looking for a small package. Haze punches Danger right in the jaw. Haze rolls into a front guillotine. She pins Danger for two. Haze smacks Danger in the chest and face. Danger responds in kind. Haze reverses an Irish whip into a clothesline for two. Haze chokes Danger on the middle rope, then ties Danger’s arms in the top rope while she chokes Danger with her leg. Danger escapes but misses the curb kick. Haze stomps on Danger’s back as an homage to her match with Danger last night. Haze rams her shoulder into Danger’s lower back. Danger brings Haze out of the corner with a DDT. Danger gives Haze a neckbreaker. Have gives Danger a Heart Punch and a yakuza kick. Danger looks for a DVD, and Haze sunset flips her for two. Haze blocks an STO and hits the Mind Trip for two. Danger side steps a top rope dropkick and drops Haze with an STO for the pin at 8:05. I like the pair of matches these two women had, as they both showed a lot of skill and had two of the more competitive women’s matches you would see during this time. They both told a good story with Haze being a cheater who tore up Danger’s back and Danger being the valiant hero. I hope we get the rubber match sometime in the future. **3/4

Just as we’re getting ready for the next match, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, & Arik Cannon interrupt. Hero starts off with rehash of his promo from ”Remain In Light”. He then mentions his match with Quack, Jigsaw, and Sabian from that show and how he and his team came out on top. Hero then says tonight they take on Quack and Men At Work (two of Quack’s students), and how they plan to beat them down and end their careers tonight. Claudio says that they are the Kings and are above the rest of the fans. Cannon adds that Quack and his buddies better get used to himself, Hero, and Claudo being on top of CHIKARA.

Delirious vs. Ravage {CZW}

Delirious goes bonkers at the bell. Ravage grabs a waistlock, so Delirious lubes up his hands with his saliva and breaks. Ravage goes right back to it and takes Delirious down. Delirious rolls Ravage up for two. Delirious knocks Ravage down with a shoulder tackle, but Ravage trips him and goes back to a headlock. Delirious spins Ravage’s arm to escape. Delirious hits the Neverending Story clotheslines in the corner. Ravage rolls to the floor and Delirious chases him. Ravage catches Delirious in the ring with strikes. Delirious catches Ravage in a splash and drops him with a Rydeen Bomb. Delirious hookes Ravage in a modified Regal Stretch with a fish hook. Ravage escapes. He gives Delirious a neck capture backbreaker. Ravage goes for a crossface, but Delirious gets his feet on the bottom rope. Ravage gives Delirious a neck breaker for two. Ravage cranks on Delirious’s neck while trapping his arm in a half-nelson. Ravage whips Delirious into both corners. Delirious clotheslines Ravage as Ravage runs out of the corner. Delirious nails an enzuigiri and a forearm to the head for two. Delirious calls for a powerbomb three times, and Ravage manage to escape every time. Ravage gives Delirious a brainbuster on his knee for two. Ravage applies a Rings of Saturn while twisting Delirious’ neck. Delirious escapes and gives Ravage the Panic Attack. Delirious hits the Shadows Over Hell for the pin at 10:10. I liked this quite a bit. Ravage consistently went to Delirious’ neck and used submissions in order to both wear him down and attempt to get the pin. Delirious didn’t use anything that would compromise his neck and sold it the entire time. This was just solid story telling and it hit a good note with me, even if the fans didn’t seem to get into it. ***

Larry Sweeney comes out with Mano Metalico and Crossbones. He says he left The ShareCropper at home, and since it’s an eight-man tag team match, he needs a fourth partner. And with that, out comes Darkness Crabtree.

Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F}, Jolly Roger {KPG}, & Lance Steel {KPG} vs. Larry Sweeney {SNS}, Crossbones {SNS}, Mano Metalico {SNS}, & Darkness Crabtree

Steel and Crabtree start off. Crabtree moves very slowly allowing Steel to easily knock him down with a clothesline to the back. Steel tries a backslide for two. Metalico and Icarus tag in. They do a bit of Three Stooges comedy, but Metalico catches Icarus in a top wristlock. Crabtree comes in and Icarus takes both of them down with a double Japanese armdrag. F.I.S.T. pick up Roger and Steel and double joust Metalico and Crabtree. Akuma and Crossbones trade chops and kicks to the chest. Akuma kicks Crossbones out, and Sweeney and Roger tag in. Sweeney applies a side headlock on the mat. Roger and Sweeny do some chain wrestling. Roger gives Sweeney a couple armdrags and a dropkick. Sweeney turns things around by giving Roger a hot shot. Sweeney and Crossbones beat down Roger. Things get crazy with all eight men forming a circle of headscissors on the mat. Crabtree breaks the circle and kicks Metalico in the back. Appalled, Crossbones shows him how it’s done (yes, kicking his own partner). Crossbones then allows the entire Tecnico team to take turns kicking Metalico in the back. Sweeney even comes in to show off his kicks, and they insist referee Bryce Remsburg, ring announcer Carolina Jim, and camera man Gary Walter try some kicks too. Even commentator Eddie Kingston gets some kicks in! This is just wacky. Crossbones says a girl can do better, which brings out Allison Danger who also kicks Crossbones gives Metalico a pudding cup to make him feel better, but Darkness Crabtree steals it. The pudding gets flung into the crowd, so no one gets it. THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING. Crabtree takes his medication, suplexes Metalico, and kicks the crap out of him. Crabtree tires himself out, so the wrestlers bring in some fans to kick Metalico. We then get a series of chin holds, allowing Steel to hit a stunner on every other peson in the match. Steel puts Sweeney in a Boston Crab. Sweeney escapes and drops Steel with a piledriver for the pin at 20:14. This match almost defies description. Sometimes CHIKARA just throws wrestling out the window and puts on a fun match; this is one of those instances. Hey, it was fun to watch, that much is for certain. N/R

Young Lions Cup #1 Contenders Tournament; Final Round
Emil Sitoci vs. Rorschach

The winner of this match faces the Young Lions Cup champion tomorrow night in Emmaus. Sitoci takes the early lead, sending Rorschach to the floor. Sitoci then avoids an attack Rorschach in the corner, and bodyscissors him out of the corner for two. Sitoci grapevines Rorschach’s legs and rolls him into a body stretch. Rorschach blocks a headscissors with a backbreaker. Sitoci reverses a hip toss. Sitoci’s back prevents him from hitting a second one, and Rorschach applies an abdominal stretch. Rorschach biels Sitoci with a big hip toss for two. Rorschach blocks a big boot and gives Sitoci a gut buster. Rorschach hits a suplex for two. Rorschach gives Sitoci a backbreaker and goes up top. Sitoi avoids a splash. Sitoci hits a backdrop and a scoop slam. He follows up with a doublestomp. Sitoci gives Rorschach the Tremendosity for two. Rorschach lands a bridging Northern Lights suplex for two. He turns into the Rorschach Lock but Sitoci quickly escapes. Sitoci hits a yakuza kick. Sitoci misses a dive onto Rorschach on the floor and hits his stomach on a steel chair. Sitoci comes back in. Rorschach dropkicks Sitoci’s leg out and reapplies the Rorschach Lock. Sitoci taps out at 11:40. Another good story told, but these two didn’t seem to click as much as Delirious and Ravage did. They still had a good showing and I hope Rorschach keeps it up in his match tomorrow. **1/2

Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm {MW}, & Mister ZERO {MW} vs. Chris Hero {KOW}, Claudio Castagnoli {KOW}, & Arik Cannon {KOW}

Cannon and Quackenbush trade holds to start. Quackenbush gives Cannon the Kangaroo kick. Quackenbush figure sevens into a bridging neck crank. Quackenbush hits a toreador and dropkicks Cannon to the floor. ZERO and Hero tag in and also trade holds. Hero taunts ZERO as ZERO hits some shoulder blocks. ZERO applies a Camel Clutch as Hero drops down. Hero reverses, but ZERO escapes. ZERO hits a few armdrags and grabs a wristlock. Hero escapes as ZERO tags in Storm. Claudio tags in as well. Storm hits a rolling elbow drop and a toreador. Storm takes Claudio over with a tilt-a-whirl armdrag. Claudio nails Storm with an uppercut and chop. Quackenbush knuckle locks Claudio and comes in with a quesadora. Men At Work give Hero and Cannon stereo sunset flips as they try to interfere. The Kings get sent to the floor. Storm holds up a STOP sign, allowing Quackenbush to hit a tope con hilo onto all three opponents. Storm stops and slows down the Kings in the ring with his sign. Cannon takes it away, allowing the Kings to triple team Storm in the ring with forearms to the back. Claudio Giant Swings Storm into a dropkick from Cannon. Storm continues to be bullied by the Kings forever, with the Kings taunting Quackenbush and ZERO as well. Quackenbush even managed to get a blind tag, but the referee missed it. Storm finally makes a comeback by evading a doublestomp and dropping Hero in a cravate. ZERO comes in with a dropkick. Quackenbush hits a corner Thesz press, Storm hits a splash, and ZERO brings Claudio out of the corner with a bulldog for two. Hero tags in as Claudio hits the floor, but ZERO grapevines Hero’s legs while reading a newspaper. Cannon breaks the submission and drops ZERO with a Saito suplex. Storm breaks the pin. Cannon misses the Glimmering Warlock, and Storm gives him a pair of German suplexes. Hero cuts off Storm with a clothesline. He double stomps Storm and Quackenbush breaks the pin. Claudio sets Storm up in a Gory Gallows, and Cannon bulldogs Storm out of the hold. Quackenbush prevents Claudio from pinning Storm. Cannon hits ZERO with the Glimmering Warlock while Storm hits That Japanese Move on Hero. Claudio and Quackenbush breaks the pins. Claudio drops Quackenbush from a torture rack into an Ace crusher for two. Quackenbush lights up Hero with strikes and kicks. Quackenbush drops Hero with the Black Tornado Slam. Cannon breaks a roll-up. Quackenbush and Cannon exchange forearms. Quackenbush comes out of the corner with a crossbody. Hero and Claudio accidentally elbow drop Cannon. The Tecnicos hit a flurry of moves on the Kings, ending with Quackenbush hitting a top rope splash for two. Hero throws Storm and Quackenbush to the floor. Claudio and Cannon nail ZERO with the Glimmering Warlock/Ricola Bomb combo. Hero locks ZERO in the Hangman’s Clutch to knock out ZERO at 26:28. This was a really good trios match, with the Kings further establishing their dominance and looking even more cohesive than the night before. Each of these teams brought out the best in each other and put on an exciting, intense contest. These teams each have their roles down to a T and it made for some great wrestling. ***3/4

Young Lions Cup
Jigsaw (Champion) vs. Sabian

Sabian takes out Jigsaw’s legs and puts him in a body stretch. Jigsaw trips Sabian and keylocks his legs while stretching out his back. Sabian escapes. Sabian catapults into a monkey flip. Jigsaw lands on his feet and knocks Sabian down with a shoulder tackle. Sabian armdrags Jigsaw, and Jigsaw responds with a toreador. Sabian wraps Jigsaw in a bodyscissors and both guys tumble to the floor. Sabian brings Jigsaw back in for a two count. Sabian and Jigsaw exchange forearm strikes. Sabian dropkicks Jigsaw. Jigsaw goes to the floor and Sabian hits a tope con hilo. Sabian targets his attack on Jigsaw’s left shoulder back in the ring. Sabian misses a 450 double stomp, and Jigsaw dumps him with a backdrop. Jigsaw dives onto Sabian on the floor with a Fozberry flop. Jigsaw double stomps Sabian in a tree of woe for two. Jigsaw misses a boot scrape and Sabian dropkicks Jigsaw in the forehead for two. Sabian crotches Jigsaw in the corner and double stomps his head from the top rope. Sabian drops Jigsaw with a brainbuster for two. Jigsaw and Sabian trade a variety of pinning combinations to no avail. They trade chops and forearms on their knees. Sabian kicks Jigsaw in the gut as they continue to slug it out on their feet. Jigsaw and Sabian take each other out with a double clothesline. Rorschach runs but gets sent to the floor immediately. Sabian rolls up Jigsaw for two. Sabian drops Jigsaw in a Canadian Destroyer. Jigsaw reverses an attack from Sabian into the Mad Scientist Bomb for two. Sabian avoids the Jig N’ Tonic, but Jigsaw still captures him in a roll-up for the pin at 12:55. I liked the majority of this match, but some little things annoyed me. First off, guys should NOT be getting up so quickly after double stomps, Canadian Destroyers, and the like. Second off, Rorschach’s interference ended up serving no purpose and should not have happened. Aside from that, this was an intense, easy to watch match-up where both guys worked together very well. That’s the one goodthing about teammates facing one another; since they know each other so well, it usually ends up working out. ***

Tomorrow night, Quack sends Jolly Roger, Lance Steel, and Shane Storm into another trios match with the Kings of Wrestling, since Quack will be defending his AULL Middleweight title against Larry Sweneey. Also, Jigsaw will defend his Young Lions Cup against his former partner Rorschach.


2 Responses to Don’t Eat The Black One

  1. Delirious’ promo is him rapping, of a sort, lyrics from Esham’s “Silicone.”

  2. WWE should bring in Crossbones to conduct one of those kicking lessons on HHH.

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