Remain In Light


Reading, PA – 3.18.2005

Commentary is provided by Eddie Kingston and Larry Sweeney. Best team ever?

The show kicks off with some backstage interviews. Mike Quackenbush talks about Chris Hero turning on him at Tag World Grand Prix and how Hero’s Rubix Cube affected him health-wise. Quack says Hero gave away that the one thing he feared most was embarrassment, and Quack will teach him the meaning of the word soon enough. We then go to Crossbones who says he was robbed out of not being in last year’s Young Lions Cup tournament, and tonight he will take a step towards getting a shot at the Cup (while also making some “Perfect Strangers” jokes at Emil Sitoci’s expense).

Delirious vs. Hallowicked {DB}

UltraMantis Black accompanies Hallowicked. This is Delirious’ CHIKARA debut match. Delirious goes nuts at the bell as usual. Hallowicked gets a hammerlock, and Delirious trips him into a front chancery. Hallowicked reverses. Delirious gets a headlock on his feet. Hallowicked and Delirious speak in their gibberish language, egging each other on to try a shoulder block. This leads to both guys criss-crossing each other in the ring. Delirious ducks a chop and curls up into a ball. Delirious do-si-do’s Hallowicked into a roll-up (also making a “banana phone” reference – best match ever). Hallowicked moves so that Delirious crashes throat first on the middle rope. Hallowicked shoulder blocks Delirious in the corner and chokes him on the top rope. Hallowicked drops Delirious ribs-first on his knee for two. Hallowicked targets his attack on Delirious’ neck. Mantis plays his mystical instrument on the floor. Delirious rolls around on the mat so that Hallowicked can’t hit a moonsault. Delirious nails Hallowicked with an enzuigiri. Delirious and Hallowicked exchange forearms. Delirious hits a headscissors and a diving clothesline. Delirious dropkicks Hallowicked in the corner and hits the Panic Attack for two. Hallowicked hits a Michinoku Driver for two. Delirious hits a Cobra Clutch back breaker. Hallowicked grabs the referee while Mantis trips Delirious on the top rope. Hallowicked hits the super fisherman’s buster for the pin at 10:26. This was a very good debut for Delirious, who held his own against Hallowicked. Hallowicked is beginning to truly look like a stand-out amongst the pack, and you could tell that these guys would work together well in the future. **3/4

Chris Hero walks out, and is shortly followed by Arik Cannon and Claudio Castagnoli who are carrying King crowns with them. Hero introduces the group. Claudio explains they are carrying crowns because they are above everyone else. Hero repeats parts of his speech from Tag World and points out some of the signs that he showed that would have lead Quack to believe that Hero would turn on him. Hero says out of the 64 wrestlers in the tournament, his, Claudio’s, and Cannon’s names will be the only three people remember.

USApe vs. Darkness Crabtree

USApe is a guy in a gorilla costume who wears a U.S.A. singlet. Like Delirious, this is his CHIKARA debut. Before the match, Crabtree puts on a Ric Flair t-shirt from the merchanside stand then checks out the hard camera to see exactly what it does. Crabtree leaves the building while USApe runs around the ring. USApe throws Crabtree into the ring. Crabtree rakes his eyes and chops USApe in the corner. Crabtree hits a snapmare for two. USApe hits a barrage of forearms to Crabtree’s back and follows up with a big boot. USApe hits a legdrop for two. USApe bear hugs referee Bryce Remsburg. USApe monkey flips Crabtree for the pin at 1:55. This was wacky, and I loved Sweeney and Kingston going nuts for the finish of the match. R-O-C-K in the USA!

Allison Danger vs. Daizee Haze

Danger and Haze trade wristlocks. Haze turns into a front face lock. Danger hammerlocks Haze, so Haze grabs the ropes to escape. Danger hits a shoulder block. They trade pin attempts after leg sweeps. Haze nails Danger with a forearm and gives Danger some overhand chops in the corner. Haze hip tosses Danger into a back stretch. Haze dropkicks Danger in the back for two. Danger hits a forearm and rolls up Haze for two. Haze hits a clothesline. Haze hits a snap suplex for two. Haze hits a Nothern Lights suplex for two. Danger rolls up Haze for two. Haze doublestomps on Danger’s back twice. Danger hits a Russian Leg Sweep. She follows up with a sidewalk slam for two. Haze hits a couple neck cranks and a clothesline for two. Haze hits a top rope dropkick for two. She hits the Daizee Cutter for two. Danger blocks the Mind Trip and hits a neck breaker for two. Haze rolls up Danger and grabs the ropes to get the pin at 7:47. This was a solid women’s match, and its fun watching this in retrospect knowing what Haze is up to today. *1/2

Shane Storm {MW} & Mister ZERO {MW} vs. Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

Storm and Akuma feel each other out to start. Akuma sends Storm to the floor with a quesadora. ZERO and Icarus tag in. Icarus trips ZERO in a hammerlock for two. ZERO and Icarus chain wrestle. Icarus takes ZERO to the mat, so ZERO butterfly’s his arms and stretches him out. ZERO and Icarus start dancing when going for a test of strength. Icarus however takes ZERO down with a shoulder block. ZERO and Icarus do a bit of Lucha, with ZERO dropping Icarus with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. ZERO then hits a middle rope dropkick. Storm and Akuma tag in and also do a nice Lucha sequence with many toreador’s. Storm sends Akuma to the floor with a headscissors takedown. Akuma takes Storm’s STOP sign and Icarus yells “he took yer job!” as a nod to South Park (I didn’t realize how old that episode was). Icarus drops Storm with a back cracker for two. Icarus slams Storm for two. F.I.S.T isolate Storm from ZERO. Storm sends Akuma to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. ZERO comes in with Icarus. Icarus hits a high knee. Icarus hits a hip toss for two. Icarus puts ZERO in an abdominal stretch. Storm and Akuma come in, and Storm hits a spinwheel kick. Storm looks for the Air Raid Crash. Akuma escapes, but Storm hits a German suplex for two. ZERO drops Icarus with a bulldog for two. Icarus hits ZERO with the Diamond Dust for two. Akuma hot shots Storm with a tornado DDT, then hits a regular tornado DDT for two. Icarus hits ZERO with a flying headscissors and the bell rings as the 15:00 time limit expires. This was a very good contest, and it left the fans wanting more. You could tell both teams were just getting going when the match ended, and I liked what they had shown so far. Both of these teams have really come into there own and I look forward to the rematch. ***

Young Lions Cup #1 Contenders Tournament; Semi-Final Round
Rorschach vs. Niles Young {CZW}

Rorschach takes Young to the mat with an armdrag. Young turns a double wrist clutch into a side headlock. He trips Rorschach to the mat in a front chancery. Rorschach grabs the ropes to escape. Young dropkicks Rorschach after a couple of strikes. Rorschach sends Young and himself to the floor in a hurricanrana. Rorschach hits a springboard elbow drop for two. Rorschach hip tosses Young out of the corner for two. Rorschach chokes Young on the mat. Young ducks a clothesline and sunset flips Rorschach. Rorschach rolls through and clobbers Young with some forearms to the back. Young nails Rorschach with a yakuza kick. Young chops Rorschach and gives him a lungblower. Young hits a lariat for two. Young misses a yakuza kick. Rorschach takes Young over with a fisherman’s suplex variation. He puts Young in the Rorschach Lock. Young submits at 7:04. This was probably the best match either of these guys have had in CHIKARA so far. I was pretty surprised since both these guys so far have put out less than stellar performances, but I guess in this instance two negatives made a positive. **3/4

Rorschach clotheslines Young after the match, just because he can. Now THAT’s a heel!

Jolly Roger {KPG} & Lance Steel {KPG} vs. Larry Sweeney {SNS} & Mano Metalico {SNS}

Sweeney chastises Metalico before the match, saying Metalico has the chance to prove that he deserves his spot in Sweet N’ Sour International by defeating the same team that beat him and Crossbones in Tag World tonight. Sweeney backs Steel into the corner and slaps him. Steel tries a few pinning combinations but falls short. Steel backs Sweeney to the corner and hip tosses him out. Steel goes for the Boston Crab, but Sweeney rolls to the floor to tag in Metalico. Roger also tags in. Metalico throws Roger down out of two collar and elbow tie-ups. Roger tries a small package and gets two. Roger hits a reverse spinwheel kick and tags in Steel. Steel and Roger hit a double flatliner for two. Metalico blocks a joust attempt. Sweeney runs in to send Steel to the floor. Sweeney and Metalico continue to beat on Roger while keeping Steel at bay. Roger is able to thwart an attack from Sweeney and hit a springboard dropkick in order to tag in Steel. They hit Sweeney with the Joust. Roger ties Sweeney in a Crow’s Nest. Metalico comes in, but Roger kicks him in the stomach. Roger looks to Walk the Plank, but Metalico clotheslines him down. Sweeney forces Metalico to tag him in. Sweeney hits a second rope elbow drop for two. Metalico gives Roger a sit-out chokeslam. Sweeney blind tags in to hit the ’68 Comeback Special. Metalico blind tags himself in, hoping to get the credit for the pin. Sweeney sends Steel to the floor and then tags himself back in. Roger small packages Sweeney for the pin at 11:22. I liked the story with the dissension in SnS International. Other than that, this was a good tag team match that helped continue the rise of Knight Eye for the Pirate Guy. Sweeney is so good and this match makes me miss him. **1/4

Young Lions Cup #1 Contenders Tournament; Semi-Final Round
Emil Sitoci vs. Crossbones {SNS}

Sitoci rolls Crossbones into a grapevine stretch. Crossbones and Sitoci exchange wristlocks. Sitoci sends Crossbones to the floor with an armdrag. Crossbones picks up a female fan to prevent Sitoci from diving. Sitoci hits a pair of armdrags and a dropkick. Crossbones rakes Sitoci’s eyes. Crossbones gives him a backbreaker for two. Crossbones takes Sitoci over with a suplex. Sitoci prevents a second one and lands an armdrag. Crossbones catches Sitoci with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Crossbones peppers Sitoci with kicks to the back. Crossbones rolls Sitoci into a Tequila Sunrise. Sitoci escapes, but Crossbones takes him down in the corner. Sitoci looks for a wheelbarrow, but Crossbones pops him up into a back cracker for two. Sitoci gives Crossbones a snapmare driver. Sitoci hits a flying elbow and a Japanese armdrag. Sitoci lands a headscissors for two. Crossbones catches a superkick attempt and dumps Sitoci with a cradle suplex for two. Crossbones hits an STO for two. Sitoci hits Crossbones with Tremendosity for the pin at 10:22. Not much to the match overall, but it was still pretty good. Crowd was morgue silent for most of it though, which has turned out to be the MO for the Reading crowd. Both guys have improved and were on point with every move. **1/2

Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw & Sabian vs. Chris Hero {KOW}, Claudio Castagnoli {KOW} & Arik Cannon {KOW}

An all out brawl kicks things off, with all six men fighting on the floor. Hero throws Jigsaw outside while Cannon and Sabian go back and forth in the ring. Sabian sends Cannon to the floor with a flying headscissors. Quackenbush sweeps Claudio’s legs. Claudio accidentally uppercuts Hero, and Quackenbush stomps Hero on the apron. Quackenbush’s team sends the Kings to the floor. Quackenbush pops Jigsaw up onto Cannon and Hero, and Sabian dives onto Claudio into a hurricanrana. Quackenbush follows up with a somersault senton onto Claudio on the floor. In the ring, Jigsaw hits Hero with a flying forearm. Jigsaw then takes him down with a headscissors. Jigsaw hits a knee strike for two. Sabian comes in and catches Claudio with an armdrag. Claudio turns a hurricanrana into a Giant Swing. Cannon dropkicks Sabian in the head as he is swung around. Claudio sends Sabian to Hero who grabs Sabian with a cravate. A back senton gets Hero two. The Kings take turns wearing down Sabian, while also posing and mocking their opponents. After a lengthy beatdown, Sabian escapes the Kings’ onslaught when he’s able to avoid a superplex from Cannon and give him a 450 stomp. Jigsaw and Quackenbush both dropkick Hero. Quackenbush gives Hero the windmill chops in the corner. Hero rolls out, and Quackenbush catches Claudio with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He applies a sharpshooter which Cannon breaks. He hits a German suplex, but Jigsaw flies in with a hurricanrana. Claudio pops up Jigsaw into a European uppercut, and Sabian breaks the pin. Quackenbush gives Claudio a palm strike and sends Claudio to the floor. Hero gets Sabian in a spinning cravate for two. Sabian gives Hero a hurricanrana for two, as Claudio breaks the pin with a diving European uppercut. Claudio gives Jigsaw a European uppercut, and Quackenbush comes off the second rope with an alita. Claudio sends Quackenbush to the apron, but Quackenbush comes in with an armdrag. Cannon beats on Jigsaw while Claudio beats on Sabian. Hero comes in and accidentally hits his teammates. Sabian and Jigsaw hit Hero with a double enzuigiri. Sabian and Jigsaw tie up the Kings, and Quackenbush double stomps them all of his opponents. However, Claudio and Cannon come back by hitting Jigsaw with the Ricola Bomb/Total Anarchy combo. Hero locks on the Hangman’s Clutch while Claudio attacks Quackenbush and Sabian on the floor. Jigsaw passes out at 18:46 giving the Kings a big win. The Kings came off like such a dominant force in this match, and were such a cohesive team that they already come off as the top guys in their first match as a triumvirate. Quackenbush and his team really well too, and their disdain came off as sincere. A very good main event to kick of the Kings’ reign in CHIKARA. ***1/2

Men at Work, Jolly Roger, Lance Steel, and Sabian try to save Quack and Jigsaw from a post-match beatdown but fail. The Kings stand dominant over Quack and Jigsaw.


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