Tag World Grand Prix 2005, Night III

Pittston, PA – 2.20.2005

Commentary is provided by Dave Prazak, Trik Davis, Larry Sweeney, and Eddie Kingston.

Jimmy Jacobs, Danny Daniels, & Allison Danger vs. Eddie Kingston, DJ Hyde {CZW}, & Jon Dahmer {CZW}

Kingston throws Jacobs to the floor and stomps on his hand on the mat. Jacobs gets a girl in the front row to kiss his hand. Kingston hits Jacobs in the head, and the same girl kisses his forehead. Jacobs kicks the ropes into Kingston’s balls. Kingston wants a kiss there and the girl of course refuses. Jacobs throws Kingston back in the ring and Kingston chops Jacobs in the corner. Kingston throws Jacobs head first in the turnbuckle, and Jacobs fires up. He does the same thing to Kingston on all three levels of turnbuckles. Daniels and Dahmer tag in. Both guys lock knuckles and Daniels throws Dahmer into his corner. They lock knuckles again. Danger distracts the ref to allow Jacobs to come in and help Daniels stomp on Dahmer’s hands. Daniels doublestomps Dahmer as he runs to the corner. Daniels trips Dahmer and lays in forearms to the corner. Dahmer tags in Hyde as he’s whipped to the ropes. Danger comes in and Hyde is reluctant to fight her. Danger gets a wristlock and Hyde shrugs her off. Danger fails to take Hyde down. Hyde gets mad and throws her down to the canvas. She trips Hyde and curb kicks him on the bottom rope for two. Jacobs tags in and hits some dropkicks. Jacobs comes off the second rope with a hurricanrana. Hyde wheelbarrows Jacobs into a half-nelson backbreaker. Jacobs gets beaten down by Hyde’s team in their corner. Jacobs is able to tag in Daniels, who attacks everyone with forearms. He STO’s Dahmer onto Hyde and hits a back senton on both guys. Daniels gives Kingston a piledriver. Danger blind tags in as Hyde and Dahmer give Daniels a suplex/powerbomb combo. Danger gives Dahmer and Hyde a double DDT. Kingston rolls her up and holds her tights to get the pin at 16:06. What a fun trios match to start the night off. Jacobs and Daniels were great, Kingston is beginning to shine as a man on his own and the CZW guys even looked better here than on Night 2. Good stuff. **3/4

Mike Quackenbush and Chris Hero are backstage (with Hero wearing a Kamala shirt). Quack says he’s waited his whole career to win a big tournament, and tonight he and Hero will go all the way. Hero says he knows how much this means to Quack and will help get him to the finals.

Tag World Grand Prix Quarter-Final Round Match
Mike Quackenbush & Chris Hero vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico

Generico and Hero feel each other out, but Generico grabs the ropes as soon as Hero tries a cravate. Generico plays possum to throw Hero off. Hero grabs the cravate, so Generico stomps on his foot. Hero retaliates by doing the same. Generico gives Hero Mongolian Chop so Hero chops him in the forehead. Generico and Hero trade “big man strikes”, attempting to one up one another. Wildly entertaining, and shows what wrestling nerds these guys are. Generico stomps on Hero’s feet and shoves him down. Each guy misses an elbow and come up to a stalemate. Steen tags in and takes Hero down in a headlock. Hero wiggles free and Steen goes back to a headlock. Steen tries a few shoulderblocks and Hero stays vertical. Hero stops Steen and locks in a cravate. Hero rams Steen’s head into the turnbuckle multiple times. Hero hits some elbows on Steen’s arm. Quackenbush tags in and doublestomps Steen’s arm. Steen catches Quackenbush with a powerslam and drops an elbow. Steen gives him a delayed vertical suplex for two. Generico tags in with a double axe handle. Generico hits a split-legged moonsault for two. Quackenbush ducks a Helluva kick and locks Generico in the Koji Clutch. Generico breaks. Quackenbush hits a split-legged splash. Quackenbush throws Generico to the floor and follows out with a tope con hilo. Hero and Steen come in and trade forearms. Steen gives him a belly-to-back suplex and a lariat for two. Hero hits a leaping forearm and a lariat for two. Quackenbush dives off the stage and back into the ring with a somersault senton! Now that is impressive. Generico breaks the pin and pitches Quackenbush to the floor. Hero grabs a cravate. Generico walks the ropes into a tornado DDT for two. Generico misses a moonsault and Quackenbush misses a top rope leg drop. Steen misses a top rope somersault senton. The four competitors hit each other with forearms (the opposition, anyhow). Hero hits corner punches on Steen as Generico hits corner punches on Quackenbush. Quackenbush throws Generico out and Steen throws Hero out. Quackenbush hits Steen with a palm strike. Steen hits an enzugiri. Quackenbush fires up. Steen hits a powerbomb. Steen tries a second, but Quackenbush victory rolls Steen for the pin at 16:44. A fine tag team match between two solid teams. Both teams work so well together and gelled in this match. Both teams looked to out wrestle the other, and Quackenbush caught Steen off guard to score the win. Hero also left right after the win, building up the rest of the tournament. Best match of the tournament so far. ***1/2

Jigsaw and Sabian are backstage. They say even though they’re facing Necro Butcher and Mad Man Pondo, they’re still willing to go through them no matter what. Sabian doesn’t seem too convinced, but they formulate a plan to use their speed to outlast them.

Tag World Grand Prix Quarter-Final Round Match
Jigsaw & Sabian vs. The Necro Butcher & Mad Man Pondo

Pondo and Necro jump Sabian and Jigsaw at the bell, throwing them out to the floor. Pondo says he’s going to do some wrestling. Right, with his corner filled with chairs and a STOP sign. Jigsaw comes in and Pondo grabs a headlock. He rolls up Jigsaw for two. Jigsaw schoolboys Pondo for two. Pondo trips Jigsaw into an ankle lock, but Jigsaw grabs the ropes instantly. Pondo applies an abdominal stretch. Pondo walks the ropes and jumps off into an armdrag. Sabian and Necro tag in. Sabian rolls him up for two. Sabian lands a headscissors. He hits a swinging DDT and Pondo breaks the pin. Pondo targrets Sabian’s neck. Sabian hits a step-up enzugiri and tags in Jigsaw. Jigsaw comes in with a crossbody for two. Pondo crotches Jigsaw. Pondo brings him down with a top rope rana. Necro hits him with a big boot and a headbutt. Necro and Pondo bully Jigsaw until Jigsaw actually takes Necro down with a forearm. Sabian flies in with a doublestomp to Necro. Pondo slams Jigsaw in the head with a STOP sign for the disqualification at 9:08. After the match, Necro dropkicks a STOP sign into Sabian’s face and Pondo chokes Jigsaw with a chair. Necros slams Jigsaw with a chair, and Pondo hits a back splash onto Sabian on a chair. Pondo doublestomps a sentons onto a chair, onto a STOP sign, onto Jigsaw’s face. This served its purpose really well, which was Necro and Pondo pulverizing Sabian and Jigsaw so that they were weak later on. For that, I commend them for executing that very well. **1/2

Tag World Grand Prix Quarter-Final Round Match
Jolly Roger {KPG} & Lance Steel {KPG} vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Arik Cannon

Cannon and Roger go toe-to-toe at the start, with neither man getting a true advantage. Cannon’s chops have no effect since Steel is wearing armor. Cannon punches Steel in the stomach and is proud. Roger and Claudio tag in. Claudio throws Roger down and poses in joy. Roger gives Claudio a few armdrag variations. Roger runs the ropes into a hurricanrana, sending Claudio to the floor. Roger hits the ropes and is met with a clothesline from Cannon. Steel pitches Cannon to the floor, and Steel fakes a dive. He instead falls down in a joust position on both men. Roger runs the ropes and leaps onto Claudio. Claudio whips Roger to the ropes, and Cannon kicks him in the back. Claudio and Cannon cut the ring in half and wear down Roger. After some impressive stuff by both Claudio and Cannon (Giant Swing, Total Anarchy, and full-nelson swing to a name a few), Roger breaks free and tags in Steel. However, Bryce Remsburg missed it. Cannon hits a top-rope assisted piledriver for two. Roger finally has enough and fires back with forearmrs. Roger hits a springboard dropkick. Claudio cuts off Roger and peppers him with uppercuts. Roger goes under his legs and tags in Steel. Steel hits a Finlay Roll on Claudio, stacks him on top of Cannon, and turns both men over in a double Boston Crab. Steel pops Roger onto Claudio’s shoulders and into a rana. Cannon breaks the pin. Cannon gives Steel a bridging German suplex for two. Cannon hits a Northern Light Suplex and Roger breaks the pin. Claudio hits Roger with a pop-up European uppercut for two. Steel rolls Claudio up and Cannon breaks it. Steel dropkicks Cannon to the floor and looks for a Boston Crab on Steel. Cannon puts Steel on Claudio’s shoulders. They hit the Ricola Bomb/Glimmering Warlock combo for the pin at 18:49. This was another great tag team match. Claudio and Cannon were so impressive here and look like one of the best and most evil teams in this tournament. Roger and Steel had their best performance of the weekend here, playing both great Tecnicos in peril and when making their comeback. Good stuff here from both teams. ***1/2

Backstage, Milanito Collection AT cuts a hybrid Italian/Japanese promo while holding his invisible dog. He and Skayde take on Team Osaka Pro now!

Tag World Grand Prix Quarter-Final Round Match
Ebessan {O} & Billy Ken Kid {O} vs. Skayde & Milanito Collection AT {TX}

Skayde ties up Ebessan on the mat. Ebessan armdrags Skayde over. Skayde gets an armbar into a hammerlock, and Ebessan takes him over with a snapmare. Ebessan hits a shoulder tackle and stomps on Skayde’s head. Ebessan takes Skayde down with a toreador and dropkicks him to the floor. Kid and AT tag in. Kid and AT exchange wristlocks. Kid wrenches on a side headlock, taking AT to the mat. AT escapes and grapevines Kid’s legs. Kid and AT sweep one another’s legs and reach a stalemate. AT and Kid go back and forth, throwing dropkicks at the same time for a second stalemate. Ebessan tags and side steps a crossbody attempt from AT. AT hip tosses Ebessan. Ebessan sends AT to the apron. Skayde knucke locks Ebessan, hops over Kid, and takes Ebessan down with an armdrag. AT crossbody’s onto Ebessan and Kid, and Skayde and AT send them to the floor with stereo dropkicks. They fake out dives and then pose. Kid hip tosses Skayde. Kid victory rolls Skayde, causing AT to miss a splash. Ebessan drops an elbow on AT for two. Kid and AT get the better of Osaka Pro with quick attacks and keeping on top of their opponents. Skayde dropkicks Ebessan to the floor and then hits a pescado. AT hits a stop sign enzugiri on Kid. He applies the AT Lock. Kid fights out of it but AT hits a spinning DDT for two. Kid drops AT with an Air Raid Crash and Skayde breaks the pin. Kid hits AT with a 450 splash for the pin at 13:02. This was a fun match pitting Toryumon X against Osaka Pro, and it’s cool to see that CHIKARA puts on one of a kind matches like this in their tournaments. Both teams showed off some cool stuff and had a match that keep the fans on their toes. ***

Backstage, Claudio Castagnoli makes a metaphor about picking apples on the ground that someone shook off the tree as Claudio and Cannon picking up the scraps of Jigsaw and Sabian that Pondo and Necro left for them. Cannon mentions that Claudio has only spoke German up to this point, so this is kind of a big deal. He speaks English, who knew? Well, you did, I am sure.

Tag World Grand Prix Semi-Final Round Match
Jigsaw & Sabian vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Arik Cannon

Cannon and Claudio rush the ring and immediately attack Jigsaw and Sabian. Surprisingly, Jigsaw and Sabian send Claudio and Cannon to the floor with dropkicks and then hit stereo tope con hilos. Jigsaw comes off the top rope with a hurricanrana to Claudio in the ring. Jigsaw hits a headscissors for two. Sabian wheelbarrows into a headbutt. He hits a split-legged moonsault but grabs his arm. Cannon comes in and divorce courts Sabian’s arm. Claudio and Cannon target Sabian’s arm. Cannon grabs his clavicle and the referee and Claudio check on him. Cannon did hurt his clavicle a few months back, so this caused some concern. Claudio behind everyone’s back hits a pop-up European uppercut on Jigsaw. Cannon pops up to hit the Ricola Bomb/Glimmering Warlock combo on Sabian for the pin at 5:12. This was brilliant booking. Cannon and Claudio look like monster chicken shit heels after this, fooling the fans and wrestlers and making it seem like a big deal that they beat two beaten up wrestlers. Now we have great antagonists set up for the Finals. **1/2

Tag World Grand Prix Semi-Final Round Match
Mike Quackenbush & Chris Hero vs. Ebessan {O} & Billy Ken Kid {O}

Ebessan and Quackenbush do some comedic wrestling to start, including an ode to Ric Flair. Things get more serious with Ebessan peppering Quackenbush with a series of punches and Dusty elbows. Ebessan kicks Quackenbush’s inner thigh and cranks on his ankle. Quackenbush turns and grabs Ebessan’s ear. We get a wristlock exchange and reach a stand off. Hero and Kid tag in. Kid and Hero feel each other out. Kid targets Hero’s leg. Hero grabs a cravate and Kid punches him in the face and lays in some overhand chops. Hero responds with some signature Tracy Smothers offense. Hero turns Kid over into a grapevine/arm-capture stretch. A La Magistral gets Hero two. Ebessan tags in and challenges Hero to a test of strength. Ebessan has to get on the ropes to get to Hero’s height. Hero tricks him into a wristlock. Ebessan gets a cravate on Hero, but Hero flips him out. Quackenbush and Kid tag in. Quackenbush immediately goes to Kid’s legs. Quackenbush grapevines his legs and stretches Kid’s back across his foot. Kid flips out while kicking Quackenbush in the chest. Quackenbush and Kid go back and forth and Kid lands an armdrag and a headscissors takedown. Quackenbush and Kid engage in a Lucha sequence. Quackenbush kicks Ebessan to the floor, and runs the ropes to hit a hurricanrana. Quackenbush follows with a corkscrew plancha. Hero stops Ebessan’s dive attempt with a Hot Shot. This gives Quackenbush and Hero the opportunity to concentrate their attack on Ebessan, preventing him from tagging Kid. Ebessan finally escapes their grasp and tags in Kid. Kid gives Hero a springboard bulldog for two. Hero punches Kid in the mid-section, and Kid flips out of a powerbomb into a sunset flip. Kid backslides Hero and Quackenbush breaks it. Ebessan gets some punches in, but Quackenbush sends him to the floor. Quackenbush hops in from the apron with a tornado DDT on Kid. Quackenbush ties him up and Ebessan breaks the pin. Ebessan ducks a palm strike and hits Quackenbush with a leg lariat. Quackenbush blocks a Shining Wizard. Ebessan dumps Quackenbush with a Death Valley Driver variation and Hero breaks the pin. Hero hits a powerbomb for two. Hero hits the Hero’s Welcome after a bit of struggle for the pin at 25:00. This was paced very well for a match this long. Both teams were pretty spot on, and this whole tournament gave us a look at Ebessan’s wrestling ability in addition to his comedy which is refreshing and unique. We now have a team of strong Tecnicos against a team of strong Rudos in the finals, and there’s a lot of potential going into that one. ***1/4

Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F}, Beef Wellington, & The Bear vs. Matt Turner {ROH}, Anthony Franco {ROH}, Lucky, & JC Ryder

Icarus and Turner trade holds to start. Ryder tags in and gets taken down with ease by Icarus. Franco and Wellington tag in. Wellington blocks some shoulder blocks and pokes Franco in the eyes three times. Wellington hits an atomic drop and Franco bails. Akuma and Lucky tag in. They trade chops into the ropes. Lucky hits a toreador and Akuma hits a couple armdrags. Akuma hits a couple kicks. Lucky and Akuma go back and forth till Ryder springboards in with a dropkick for two. Akuma gets beaten down by the Rudos until he side steps an attack from Lucky and nails him in the corner with a hard kick. The Bear gets a loud hot tag and stomps on Franco’s foot. He gives Turner a Bear Hug and Wellington flies in with a clothesline. Ryder breaks the count. Lucky and Ryder get thwarted by the Bear and he tags in Wellington. He Ass Punches Ryder and Lucky. Wellington takes Lucky off the top rope with a flipping half-nelson suplex. Ryder breaks the pin and hits an arm-capture DDT. Icarus breaks the pin. Franco hits a swinging neckbreaker for two. Icarus spins Franco into a flapjack and Turner breaks the pin. Turner hits Akuma with a Northern Lights suplex for two. Akuma hits a one-legged dropkick. Akuma hits a frog splash for two. Both teams line up for a suplex. Since The Bear doesn’t join, the Rudos suplex the Tecnicos. Franco dives onto Akuma on the floor. Ryder lands on them with a tope con hilo. Icarus moonsaults onto the pile and Wellington springboard splashes onto the pile. Lucky dives on them with a shooting star press. Everyone cheers for The Bear to dive. Turner trips him and puts on a Fujiwara armbar. The Bear taps out giving the Rudos the submission at 11:22. This was a goofy Atomicos match to cool down the crowd after a very long tournament match. It was quite fun still and gave the fans some really enjoyable moments. **1/2

Shane Storm {MW}, Darin Corbin, Ryan “Version 2.0” Cruz, Trik Davis, & Emil Sitoci vs. Larry Sweeney {SNS}, Cheech, Cloudy, Davey Andrews {ROH}, & Shane Hagadorn {ROH}

Andrews and Davis wrestle to a stalemate. Hagadorn and Storm tag in. Storm slams him and hits a flip senton. He misses a second. Hagadorn lays in some kicks and forearms. Storm evades a dropkick, and Cheech and Corbin tag in. Cheech is able to hit a backbreaker, and escape an O’Connor Roll. Cloudy and Cruz. Cruz takes Cloudy down with a headscissors. They each hit a armdrag then drop down when they each try to hit one simultaneously. Sweeney and Sitoci tag in. Sweeney gets mad that Sitoci shoves him out of a headlock and slaps him across the face. Sweeney bails to his corner. Sweeney and Sitoci do some back and forth Lucha. Sweeney takes Sitoci to the corner and hits some chops. Sitoci hits a moonsault and the entire Rudo team breaks it. The Tecnicos come in and send the Rudos to the floor. They all stretch out Cloudy until the other Rudos make the save. The Tecnicos turn the Rudos over into five stereo Boston Crabs. They escape and we get things back to Hagadorn and Storm. Hagadorn ducks That Japanese Move. Storm ends up in the Rudos corner where Andrews comes off the top rope with a knee drop. Things break down again amongst the ten combatants, but the Rudos aggressively keep on top of Storm. The ROH students beat down on Storm for a bit. Storm fires back and tags in Cruz. He ducks Cheech’s boot and gives him a sit-out powerbomb. Corbin tags in and gives Cheech the Cruz Control, but Cloudy breaks the pin. Cheech hits a tombstone on Cruz and Davis breaks the pin. Cruz gets beaten down by Sweeney and the ROH students. Cruz is able to take down Hagadorn and tag in Sitoci. Sitoci hits a double DDT on Sweeney and Hagadorn. Corbin comes in and dives onto Sweeney and Hagadorn on the floor. Andrews goes out and fights with Corbin and Sitoci. Davis flies out with a headscissors. Cheech comes out with a top rope somersault senton. Cloudy looks for a dive but Storm gets the STOP sign up. Storm hands him the sign then hits a dive onto the pile of men on the floor. Cheech and Cruz fight around a stopped Cloudy. Cruz takes away the sign and puts Cloudy on top. Cheech cuts him out and hits Go Too Cheech. Cloudy follows up with a Yoshi Tonic and Corbin breaks the pin. Corbin hits a swinging neckbreaker on Cheech and Hagadorn breaks the pin. Hagadorn hits a fisherman’s buster for two. Sitoci hits a snapmare driver and a split-legged moonsault. Sweeney breaks the pin and hits a slingshot suplex for two. Davis locks Sweeney in a Guillotine choke. Cloudy breaks it with a back cracker for two. Andrews locks Davis in the Stretch Plum. Storm hits him with That Japanese Move! For the pin at 25:12. This was really long and didn’t stay interesting the entire time. This was pretty much just dudes doing moves for close to half an hour and not much more. There was some cool and fun stuff at times, and Davey Andrews looked like a killer of men, but other than that there wasn’t much to this. **

2005 Tag World Grand Prix Finals
Mike Quackenbush & Chris Hero vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Arik Cannon

Quackenbush wrestles Claudio and Claudio back to back, getting the better of both men. Hero and Claudio tag in. Hero turns a knuckle lock into a cravate, and Claudio throws Hero away. Cannon tags in and goes hold for hold with Hero. Reaching a stalemate, they tag out to Quackenbush and Claudio. Claudio is able to hold his own but Quackenbush uses some European reversals to hang with Claudio. Claudio stomps on Quackenbush in the ropes and tags in Cannon. Cannon targets Quackenbush’s arm. Quackenbush takes Cannon down with a dragonscrew and applies a modified sharpshooter. Cannon escapes and Hero tags in. Hero locks up Cannon’s arms and legs and sits on his back. Quackenbush hits a spin kick on Claudio and then lands a back senton for two. Quackenbush tries a few more quick pins and tags Hero back in. Hero takes control of Claudio’s arm. Quackenbush tags in and hits a quebradora. Cannon tags in, but Quackenbush cuts him off with windmill chops. Quackenbush hits a springboard dropkick to send Cannon to the floor. Quackenbush takes Claudio down with a headscissors and spins out into grapevine/leg trap submission. Cannon rakes his eyes to break the hold, and Claudio brings Quackenbush to his corner. Cannon and Claudio keep Quackenbush in their corner, taking turns cranking on and stretching out Quackenbush’s limbs and neck on the mat. Claudio and Cannon do a bit of double teaming as well, throwing Quackenbush about. After a long, tumultuous time of being beat down by his opponents, Quackenbush is finally able to valiantly fight free from their grasp and tag in Hero. Unfortunately for Quackenbush, Hero turns around and nails him with a forearm. Hero hits another then drops Quackenbush with a Rubix Cube. Hero rolls out to make Quackenbush the legal man, and Cannon pins Quackenbush at 26:40 for the win and the tournament. This match is the CHIKARA match which pinpoints back to almost every major storyline in CHIKARA. The match itself had a great story, as Quackenbush was getting beaten down and Hero would cheerlead him on the apron. Then when he finally tagged in, he turns on him. This was a great story and a good match to boot, and certainly should be seen by every CHIKARA fan for perspective. ***1/2

Hero grabs a microphone afterwards to explain himself to the camera, so Quackenbush can understand why Hero did what he did when he watches the DVD. Hero says he trained to be the best, so much so that Quackenbush booked him on CHIKARA’s debut show. Hero says he can not forgive Quackenbush for embarrassing him at the 2004 Ted Petty Invitational Tournament. Hero says he has done so many favors for Quackenbush, including moving to train along side him and became a close friend. Hero says he heard Quackenbush’s post match promo that night where he said he was tired of always coming so close to winning tournaments, but could never take the whole thing. Hero said he knew the best measure of revenge was to take Quackenbush once again to the finals of a tournament and then pull it away from him. Hero says he’s the one to blame for taking the tournament away from him and slaps an unconsciousness Quackenbush. Claudio then picks up Quackenbush for a Ricola Bomb, but Jigsaw and Sabian run out with chairs to chase them off. Hero circles ringside and says he’s always above Quackenbushenbush in the end. This was a great ending to a fun tournament, and now the table is set for the rest of the 2005 CHIKARA season.


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