Tag World Grand Prix 2005, Night II

Emmaus, PA – 2.19.2005

Commentary is provided by Dave Prazak, Arik Cannon, Bryce Remsburg, Eddie Kingston, and Jigsaw.

The show opens with an introduction of the 16 (out of 32 total) teams who will be competing on tonight’s show. One team is Eddie Kingston solo, and his partner will be picked later tonight. The teams take a ceremonial photo together in their matching red shirts.

We cut backstage to Team MPW (Darin Corbin and Ryan “Version 2.0” Cruz). They’re concerned about facing a Bear tonight, but they say they have some tricks up their sleeves.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Beef Wellington & The Bear vs. Darin Corbin & Ryan “Version 2.0” Cruz

Corbin is known as “Version 2.0” here because he is dressed exactly like Matt Hardy. The Bear is a dude dressed up in a grizzly bear costume. Corbin pulls out honey and the Bear eats some of it, tagging out to Wellington. Corbin hits an armdrag and hip toss. Wellington winds up with an eye poke. Wellington pump handles Corbin into a powerbomb and Cruz breaks the pin. Wellington hits a flying clothesline on Cruz. Wellington hits a neckbreaker. He goes up top and Cruz catches him with a boot in the face. Cruz hits a belly-to-back suplex and tags in Corbin. They hit a tandem gutbuster and stereo basement dropkicks. Cruz hits a French Tickler for two. Cruz and Corbin hit a tandem facebuster for two. Wellington hits a flying DDT. Corbin knocks The Bear off the apron causing him to go nuts. Wellington escapes Corbin and Cruz’s grasp and tags in The Bear. He takes down Corbin and Cruz with a double clothesline and roundhouse punches Cruz. Cruz dives onto Wellington on the floor. The Bear bites Cruz and beats on Corbin. Wellington powerbombs Cruz onto Corbin. The Bear hits the Earthquake splash onto Cruz and Corbin for two. Wellington drops Corbin with a Tiger Driver. Wellington follows up with the Ass Punch to Cruz. The Bear gives him a Bear Hug and Cruz gives up at 7:44. This was the epitome of wacky. I have to admit though, I thought this was a lot of fun. It’s strange seeing Cruz and Corbin at this point, though they definitely had good chemistry even then. The Bear is kind of awesome, and Wellington played his part well. **

Anthony Franco and Matt Turner are backstage, and they say they aren’t afraid of Necro Butcher and Mad Man Pondo. They call them gargbage wrestlers and say they will take them out for the sake of the history of wrestling.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Matt Turner {ROH} & Anthony Franco {ROH} vs. The Necro Butcher & Mad Man Pondo

Butcher and Pondo immediately toss Franco and Turner to the floor. They clobber the ROH students with headbutts, strikes, you name it. They even whip them into the crowd. Turner gets a few kicks in on Necro, only for Necro to headbutt down. Franco chops Necro, so Necro chops him, causing Franco to fly across the side of the ring. His chest is beat red. In the ring, Turner hits a Northern Lights suplex on Pondo for two. Turner hits a vertical suplex for two. Pondo hits a short-arm clothesline. Necro hits an overhand chop from the apron. Pondo drapes Turner on the top rope, and Necro front flips Pondo onto Turner. Necro hits a claw chokeslam for two. Pondo hits a pump-handle piledriver. Turner hits some forearms, but one punch from Necro knocks Turner right back down. Turner gets up and lays in more strikes, and yet another punch brings him down. Necro and Pondo look for a spike piledriver, but Franco runs in and takes Pondo off the top with a hurricanrana and sends Necro to the floor. Turner hits Pondo with an Ace crusher and Franco dives on Necro on the floor. Pondo sends Turner to the floor. Necro throws Franco shoulder first into a ring post. Necro suplexes Franco off the apron to the floor. In the ring, Necro big boots Franco and Turner makes the save. Pondo comes in and hits a powerbomb on Turner who is bleeding from the mouth. Necro turns Franco inside out with a clothesline for the pin at 9:04. I may sound like an evil person, but it was so fun seeing Necro and Pondo just obliterate the ROH students. They talked crap, got their butts kicked, and set things straight. This was just violent fun. **1/2

Jon Dahmer and DJ Hyde are backstage excited for the tournament as they being CZW trainers take out their CZW students. DJ Hyde reminds Dahmer they’re here to represent CZW through the entire tournament. They reference Mano Metalico. I wonder why…

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Jon Dahmer {CZW} & DJ Hyde {CZW} vs. Corey Kastle {CZW} & Niles Young {CZW}

Dahmer and Young engage in a moonwalk battle which Young wins. Dahmer challenges Young to an arm wrestling contest on referee Bryce Remsburg’s back. Dahmer wins, but Young gives him a bunch of armdrags. Kastle and Hyde tag in, and Kastle challenges Hyde to an arm wrestling match. Hyde defeats him quickly. Kastle wants a thumb war. Hyde agrees, and Kastle tricks him with a wristlock. Hyde flips him over and kicks him in the back. Hyde hits a back senton for two. Hyde chops Kastle in the corner. Kastle kicks Hyde in the face, but Hyde gives him a spinebuster. Dahmer tags in and hits a basement dropkick to Kastle in the corner. Dahmer catches Kastle in an overhead suplex. Dahmer and Hyde hit a suplex/powerbomb combo, and Young breaks the pin. Dahmer spins Kastle into a kick from Hyde and then powerbombs Kastle. Again, Young breaks the pin. Kastle comes off the top with a dropkick to Dahmer. Young and Hyde tag in. Young dropkicks Hyde and clotheslines Dahmer. Young headscissors Hyde into the corner. Young kicks Hyde in the shoulders and the face for two. Dahmer looks for a crucifix bomb. Kastle accidentally “superkicks” Young. Dahmer drops Kastle with a modified Omega Driver for the pin at 9:04. There was nothing wrong with what they did, it’s just that nothing interesting went on. The fans short of fell quiet after the goofiness and nothing they did was anything to get too excited for. It was fine for what it was. *1/2

UltraMantis Black is backstage with Hallowicked and Blind Rage, reminding us how it was them who won the Tag World Grand Prix 2003. Mantis says he threw the match in the Finals on purpose so they could win. Mantis says that he can’t wrestle due to Storm injuring his back, so he has brought back Blind Rage (who if you remember “retired” in 2004) to team with Hallowicked.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
DJ Skittlez & Private Eye vs. Hallowicked {DB} & Blind Rage {DB}

Hallowicked and Skittlez get in a shoving match. Hallowicked consults UltraMantis and then wins a test of strength with Skittlez. Skittlez comes back with chops. Hallowicked and Skittlez keep blocking each others hip tosses, so Skittlez sends Hallowicked to the floor. Skittlez dives onto Hallowicked and Mantis. Blind Rage and Private Eye tag in. Rage fails at many shoulder tackles so he steps on Eye’s foot. Eye steps on Rage’s foot and lands an Atomic Drop. Eye and Skittlex hit a double clothesline on Rage. Hallowicked and Rage isolate Skittlez from Eye. Mantis plays his big staff-like instrument as Skittlez looks to gain control, and all four participants dance for a bit. Skittlez and Eye regain control with a double hip toss on Hallowicked. Mantis hold Eye, and Hallowicked accidentally hits Mantis with his staff. Skittlez rolls up Hallowicked, and Rage breaks the pin. Skittlez splashes Hallowicked in the corner. Hallowicked takes Skittlez off the top rope with a fisherman’s suplex for the pin at 8:53. What a mess. Nobody seemed to know what they were doing or what the plan for the match was. The comedic spots didn’t work and the crowd sat on their hands for most of this. Not good. DUD

Emil Sitoci and Trik Davis are backstage. They flub up the tournament name intentionally, and Sitoci says he will win the match tonight. I sure hope Davis has improved on the mic since this promo.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Skayde & Milanito Collection AT {TX} vs. Emil Sitoci & Trik Davis

Skayde and Sitoci go for some early pinfalls. Sitoci armdrags Skayde over. Skayde trips Sitoci. Skayde walkes up the ropes into an armdrag, then hits a modified toreador to send Sitoci to the floor. AT and Davis tag in. They trade wristlocks and Davis drags AT down. AT takes Davis down into an armlock. AT and Davis leg sweep one another looking for a pin. Davis and AT go through a crisp Lucha sequence, with AT sending Davis to the floor with a headscissors takedown. Skayde and Sitoci tag back in. Sitoci and Davis hit a tandem hip toss and stereo basement dropkicks on Skayde. They sent Skayde to the floor bringing in AT. Davis and Sitoci double team his as well with a gut buster/legdrop combo. Skayde breaks a suplex, but Sitoci attacks him in the corner. Skayde hops out of the corner with an armdrag and AT rana’s Sitoci for two. Davis and Sitoci throws Skayde and AT into one another. Skayde pops AT into a double dropkick to Sitoci and Davis. They retreat to the floor. AT dives onto them, and Skayde follows. In the ring, Sitoci locks AT in a bodyscissors/front facelock. Skayde breaks it and slams Sitoci into the corner. Sitoci victory rolls Skayde for two. Sitoci hits a wheelbarrow ace crusher and AT breaks the pin. AT applies the AT Lock. Davis dropkicks Sitoci free. Skayde legdrops Davis’ neck as Davis drops down. Skayde spins Davis out into a facebuster and rolls him into the Skayde schoolboy for the pin at 10:36. This was all over the place, but it came together in the end. Everyone did a good job but the teams never really seemed to click. **

Larry Sweeney is backstage, and says he thought for awhile about which member of Sweet N’ Sour International should be on his team. He says after thinking for awhile, he decided to team up with The ShareCropper. They’re wearing matching headbands, jackets, and sunglasses which make them my favorite team in the tournament. Sweeney says they have never been more ready in their lives and that they are the best tag team in professional wrestling.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Mister ZERO {MW} & Shane Storm {MW} vs. Larry Sweeney {SNS} & The ShareCropper {SNS}

ShareCropper takes ZERO down with a waistlock into a front chancery. ZERO and ShareCropper each get a wristlock. ZERO takes ShareCropper down with an armdrag. ZERO pulls down ShareCropper’s pants and sunset flips him for two. ZERO drop toe holds ShareCropper into a full nelson on the mat. ZERO turns into a Camel Clutch and reads the newspaper. Sweeney breaks it and Storm tags in. Storm shoulder tackles Sweeney and armdrags him. Storm hits a quebradora and front flip senton. Storm trips Sweeney and crucifix pins Sweeney for two. Storm applies a figure four. Sweeney escapes and retreats to the floor with The ShareCropper. Storm misses a dive giving Sweeney and the ShareCropper an opening to attack. Sweeney and ShareCropper keep the advantage as they bring Storm back in the ring. Storm is finally able to escape their grasp by hitting Sweeney with a spinwheel kick. ZERO tags in and lays in a few attacks to ShareCropper. ShareCropper avoids a splash and applies a full-nelson. Storm throws Sweeney off the top rope and Sweeney rolls to the floor. ShareCropper hits the Crop Duster for two. ZERO drops ShareCropper with the Last Shaven Unicorn Drop and Sweeney breaks the pin. Sweeney hits the ’68 Comeback Special on Storm and he kicks out at two. Sweeney looks for a piledriver but Storm reverses into a backdrop. Storm hits the Killswitch for two. Storm shoulder tackles ShareCropper and hits him with That Japanese Move! Storm crucifix pins him for the pin at 13:50. This felt long and it dragged while Sweeney and ShareCropper had the heat. It picked up at the end and had a solid opening, so it ended on a good note at least. **

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. K-Murda & K-Pusha

Murda and Pusha attack Steen and Generico as they’re posing. They come back with Manhattan Drops, and Steen throws Murda into Pusha. Generico does some drop downs and leapfrogs till both guys tire. Generico stomps on Murda’s foot and hits some armdrags. Steen and Pusha tag in. Steen shoulder tackles Pusha down. Pusha hits a running knee strike. Steen hits a back elbow and tags in Generico. Generico comes in with a double axe handle to Pusha’s arm. Generico hits a standing moonsault for two. Generico hits a leg lariat for two. Pusha monkey flips Generico into the corner. Pusha and Murda hit a tandem fist drop and elbow drop for two. Murda and Pusha isolate Generico from Steen. Steen makes a tag behind the referee’s back, allowing Generico to continue to be beat down. Generico comes back with a big DDT on Murda and tags in Steen. Steen hits a back breaker on Murda and a big slam on Pusha for two. Steen misses a shoulder attack and Murda gives him double knees in the corner. Generico cracks Murda with a Helluva kick, Pusha hits him with a knee strike to the neck, and Steen gives Pusha a step-up enzuigiri to knock everyone down. Steen and Murda trade strikes. Murda hits a lung blower and a back cracker, but Generico breaks the pin. Generico gives Pusha a German suplex for two. Murda and Pusha hit the Dead Presidents and Steen breaks the pin. Steen gives Pusha a Michinoku Driver for two. Steen superkicks Murda off the apron, and Pusha rolls him up for two. Pusha hits a springboard Killswitch for two. Generico kicks Pusha into the ropes which crotches Murda. Steen hits Pusha with the Package Piledriver and rolls him into a brainbuster from Generico for the pin at 10:52. This was a fun, high impact and fast tag team match. Even back in 2005 Steen and Generico were an awesome team. All Money Is Legal was really solid as well, and may be better than Cryme Tyme (who are very similar cosmetically). These two teams busted their humps and put on a great performance and is one of the best first round matches of the whole tournament. ***

Eddie Kingston is backstage. He says he doesn’t have a partner, and doesn’t need one to get by Quack and Hero and he’ll do fine no matter who his partner is.

Much like last night, Director of Fun Leonard F. Chikarason comes out with a hat full of names to draw Kingston’s partner from. Ruckus, a fellow member of the BLK OUT? Not here. Bob Saget? Well, he wasn’t in Reading last night, but maybe he is here now! Nope, no such luck. Mickie Knuckles? She is here, and Kingston seems none too pleased to be teaming with her. But it’s official, and she will team with Kingston to take on Quack and Hero.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Mike Quackenbush & Chris Hero vs. Eddie Kingston & Mickie Knuckles

Hero and Knuckles start off. Hero had a hand in training Knuckles, so it’s no surprise that Hero gets the advantage in the early going. Quackenbush tags in and cranks on Knuckles’ ankle. Knuckles transitions into a chinlock, which Quackenbush turns into a bodyscissors and then a Romero Special. Hero comes in and applies a cravate. Hero drives his head into her wrist and applies a wristlock. Quackenbush tags in and stretches Knuckles over his back. Knuckles turns a full nelson from Quackenbush into a hammerlock. Quackenbush and Knuckles trade wristlocks. Quackenbush stretches her in a Cerebro Lock. Kingston tells that “dumb broad” to tag him in, and she does. Quackenbush and Kingston do some Lucha before Quackenbush lights up Kingston with chops. Kingston pokes Quackenbush in the eyes. Quackenbush comes off Kingston’s shoulders with an armdrag then ties up Kingston in a knot. Quackenbush hits a Kangaroo Blaster on Kingston in the corner. Kingston and Knuckles meet on the floor, and Quackenbush dives out. Kingston moves Knuckles in his way and Kingston laughs at her. Kingston and Hero go face to face. Hero slaps Kingston after Kingston pie faces him. Knuckles mocks Kingston, so Kingston smacks her in the forehead to tag her in. Hero and Quackenbush work over Knuckles arm, and Knuckles drops Quackenbush with a German suplex. Kingston forces her to the floor and hits a German of his own on Quackenbush. Knuckles and Kingston take turns laying in shots to Quackenbush. Quackenbush small packages Knuckles for two. Knuckles gives Quackenbush a Northern Lights suplex for two. Kingston runs in with a Yakuza kick to Quackenbush. Quackenbush finally tags in Hero who lays in a hard forearm to Knuckles. Knuckles responds with some of her own. Hero headbutts Knuckles. Hero hits a lariat for two. She hits a rolling forearm. She takes down Hero with a running forearm and tags in Kingston. Kingston hits a backbreaker and Saito suplex for two. Hero fires back with hard forearms and a headbutt. Hero hits a Cravate suplex for two. Hero hits a flying forearm and tags in Quackenbush. Quackenbush takes Kingston down with a headscissors and hits a palm strike. Quackenbush hits a fallaway slam and a senton. Quackenbush hits a top rope somersault senton for two. Quackenbush blocks a suplex but Kingston drops him with a Michinoku Driver variation. Kingston turns Quackenbush into the Kondo Clutch. Hero breaks it and hits the Hero’s Welcome. Knuckles comes in and takes out Hero’s leg. Hero blocks the Shining Kawada Kick. Hero hits a waterwheel slam. Hero powerbombs Knuckles into the Hangman’s Clutch. Knuckles taps out at 22:36. This definitely did not need to be this long, but for the time they had they made fairly good use of it. The dynamic of Knuckles and Kingston as a team was interesting, as was Hero against Knuckles. Hero leaving by himself and leaving his student down in the ring was a nice foreshadowing for later on in the tournament as well. Pretty good stuff, but I think shaving a few minutes off here could have made it better. ***

Tag World Grand Prix Second Round Match
Beef Wellington & The Bear vs. Skayde & Milanito Collection AT {TX}

The Bear starts by mauling the referee when he tries to frisk him for foreign objects. Referee Bryce Remsburg comes out in a goalie’s mask, hockey pads, and a visible cup. AT brings The Bear to the mat. The Bear turns into a wristlock which AT reverses. The Bear sends AT to his corner with an armdrag. Wellington and Skayde tag in. Skayde takes Wellington down with a mi paso, a pair of armdrags, and a dropkick. The Bear and AT tag back in. The Bear gets rolled up after he was distracted by food in the crowd. The Bear spears AT for two. Wellington puts AT on the top rope and pokes him in the eyes. Wellington calls for the E Coli Driver, but AT takes him over with a rana for two. Wellington cradles AT into an overhead suplex for two. Wellington looks for an Ass Punch, but Wellington decides to tag in the Bear instead. The Bear hits the Ass Punch instead. AT rolls to the floor to tag in Skayde. Skayde dropkicks the Bear down. Wellington wheelbarrows Skayde, and Skayde Lucha rolls him into a pin for two. Wellington sends Skayde to the floor and dives onto him. AT spears the Bear, but hurts his shoulder instead of hurting the Bear. The Bear bites AT’s hand. AT plays possum, allowing him to hit a step-up enzugiri. AT applies the AT Lock on the mat forcing the Bear to tap out at 7:31. This was so goofy, but so much fun. The Bear may be one of the best things CHIKARA has ever done in terms of pure humor. Whoever played him did a phenomenal job. AT and Skayde played along with Wellington and The Bear really well and put on a fun contest. **1/4

Shane Storm and Mister ZERO are backstage. Storm says they will take care of business in their match against Pondo and Butcher. ZERO claims they’re also hardcore and want to bring the fight and the wrestling out of Pondo and Butcher.

Tag World Grand Prix Second Round Match
Mister ZERO {MW} & Shane Storm {MW} vs. The Necro Butcher & Mad Man Pondo

Pondo and Butcher attack as Men At Work step through the ropes. ZERO and Storm run in and out of the ring, and attack Butcher and Pondo on their way into the ring. ZERO stomps away at Necro. ZERO stretches Necro’s arm out. Necro hits a hard punch, sending ZERO to the floor. Storm gets a wristlock and transitions to a side headlock. Storm hits a couple somersault sentons for two. ZERO and Storm whip Necro to the corner. Necro boots ZERO. Necro hits a running kick to ZERO’s head. Storm puts up his SLOW sign, so Pondo comes over and blasts Storm with his STOP sign. Necro and Pondo continue to abuse Storm in the ring. Storm comes back with a spinwheel kick to both Necro and Pondo. ZERO tags in and takes down Pondo. Necro brawls with Storm on the floor. ZERO comes over and helps Storm give Necro a suplex on the floor. Pondo and ZERO freeze, and Pondo gives ZERO a hard punch. Pondo dragonscrews ZERO down and applies an STF. ZERO taps out at 9:47. Necro and Pondo showed off some of their wrestling acumen which was good, but this lacked to fun of their match with the ROH students. I was surprised ZERO and Storm lost, and that Pondo blasted ZERO with the STOP sign post match. Storm and ZERO still looked solid, and Pondo and Necro look like strong favorites at the moment. **

Tag World Grand Prix Second Round Match
Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. Jon Dahmer {CZW} & DJ Hyde {CZW}

Steen takes over Dahmer with some armdrags and a hip toss. Generico and Hyde tag in. Generico fails to move Hyde with a few shoulder tackles. Generico grabs a side headock, but Hyde tosses Generico off. Steen tags in and takes out Hyde’s legs. Hyde hits a lariat. Dahmer suplexes Steen for two. Steen hits a leg lariat and a trifecta of legdrops for two. Generico tags in and hits a second rope moonsault for two. Dahmer hits a back elbow and a belly-to-back suplex for two. The CZW team keeps on top of Generico, until he gives Dahmer a Blue Thunder Bomb. Steen tags in and Dahmer takes him out immediately. The CZW team now take their team beating on Steen. Steen hits an enzugiri on Dahmer to escape and tag in Generico. Hyde comes in and Generico stomps on his feet. Generico hits a kick on Dahmer and a clothesline on Hyde. Hyde catches Generico in a crossbody, and Steen dropkicks him down so that Generico could get a two count. Dahmer and Steen fight on the floor. Hyde pops up Generico, and Generico hits a dropkick. Dahmer gives Generico a leg-capture suplex and Steen breaks the pin. Steen hits Dahmer with a flatliner for two. Hyde powerbombs Steen. Generico and Steen beat on Dahmer and Hyde in opposite corners. Generico cracks Hyde with a yakuza kick. Hyde hits a modified Omega Driver on Generico for two. Steen sends Dahmer to the floor. Steen superkicks Hyde into a schoolboy from Generico for the pin at 14:22. Generico is so good bumping around for big dudes, and Steen served as a good equal (size wise for Hyde and Dahmer). This did kind of expose Hyde and Dahmer, but at the very least Steen and Generico made this a passable, somewhat fun match. **1/2

Chris Hero and Mike Quackenbush are backstage. Hero says he is going to avenge his loss that he faced from Hallowicked in IWA Mid-South. Quackenbush says he is going to settle both his score with Hallowicked and Blind Rage tonight. Hero then guarantees that he and Quack will go to the Finals.

Tag World Grand Prix Second Round Match
Mike Quackenbush & Chris Hero vs. Hallowicked {DB} & Blind Rage {DB}

Quackenbush takes Hallowicked to the mat and twists on his leg. Hero tags in and applies a cravate. Hallowicked takes hid won with a mi paso. Hallowicked armdrags Hero off his shoulders. Hero dragonscrews Hallowicked into a half crab. Hero snaps back on Hallowicked’s legs. Hero snaps Hallowicked’s legs multiple times. Quackenbush gives him a kneeDT. Hallowicked kicks Quackenbush away and tags in Rage. Quackenbush brings Rage to the corner and breaks. Rage does the same then armdrags Quackenbush to the corner. Quackenbush hits Rage with a bulldog. Quackenbush legdrops Rage and hits a back senton. Quackenbush turns Rage into a rockinghorse pendulum. Hero applies a cravate from the floor. Hallowicked tags in once released. Quackenbush gets on Hallowicked’s shoulders and rolls into a hurricanrana for two. Quackenbush and Hallowicked each go for a fast pin and reach a stalemate. Mantis hits Quackenbush with his staff while the referee is distracted. This allows the Dark Breed to take control and trap Quackenbush in their corner. Quackenbush and Hallowicked trade a series of pinfall attempts on the mat. Mantis trips Quackenbush allowing the Dark Breed to keep their advantage. Hallowicked wheelbarrows Quackenbush, and he dropkicks Rage. Quackenbush dives over the Dark Breed to tag in Hero. Hero slams Hallowicked, and then slams Rage on top of Hallowicked. Hero hits a back senton on both guys. The Dark Breed retreat to the floor, and Hero dives onto them. In the ring, Hero hits a missile dropkick on Rage. Rage hits a flatliner for two. Quackenbush comes in and Rage gives him an inverted suplex and the Michinoku Driver Beta for two. Hallowicked gives Quackenbush the Graveyard Smash for two. Hero drops Hallowicked in a release electric chair. Hero applies the Rivera Cloverleaf. Hero holds on as Rage hits him with forearms. Rage hits a stunner. Quackenbush drops Hallowicked with a reverse brain buster. Quackenbush goes up top and UltraMantis Black pushes him off. Mantis holds Quackenbush. Quackenbush frees himself and palmstrikes Black and Rage. Quackenbush hits the Quackendriver I on Rage for the pin at 17:50. This redeemed The Dark Breed’s earlier match (though to be fair I knew it was their opponents who sucked, not them). Both teams had an excellent showing and put on a fun match to end the show. Lots of fun Lucha stuff from both teams, and Rage shows he still has it even after taking nearly a year off. ***1/4

From this night, we have Skayde & Milanito Collection AT, The Necro Butcher & Mad Man Pondo, Kevin Steen & El Generico, and Mike Quackenbush & Chris Hero going to the quarter-finals on Night 3 in Pittston, PA. They will join the advancing teams from Night 1: Claudio Castagnoli & Arik Cannon, Jigsaw & Sabian, Jolly Roger & Lance Steel, and Team Osaka Pro (Ebessan & Billy Ken Kid). Tomorrow night, we find out who wins the 2005 Tag World Grand Prix!


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  1. S.C. Amigo says:

    I think the Bear might have been Jolly Roger or Jigsaw guessing by the lanky neck and haircut they both have.

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