Tag World Grand Prix 2005 Night 1


Reading, PA – 2.18.2005

Finally CHIKARA adds commentary to its DVDs! It’s been a long time coming, and now the shows will be easier to follow. On this show, Commentary is provided by Dave Prazak, Eddie Kingston, Larry Sweeney, and Mike Quackenbush.

The show opens with an introduction of the 15 (out of 32 total) teams who will be competing on tonight’s show. There is one mystery team who will be announced later tonight. The teams take a ceremonial photo together in their matching red shirts. It’s already weird seeing Super Dragon in a CHIKARA ring.

We also get backstage promos on these shows now! Icarus and Gran Akuma cut a promo saying they will come out on top over the other teams as they will put their experience as a team to the test.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F} vs. Mana & John Cabbie

Mana and Cabbie are from Afa’s WXW school/promotion. Icarus hits a shoulder tackle on Cabbie, and then takes him down with a Japanese armdrag and a headscissors. Akuma tags in and hits a tandem hip toss with Icarus. Akuma lays in some kicks and tags Icarus back in. F.I.S.T hit a few double teams for two. Mana tags in and feels little effect of Akuma’s kicks. Mana blocks a swinging DDT and chops Akuma on the top rope. Mana stacks F.I.S.T. on his shoulders and hits a Samoan Drop. Mana throws Icarus overhead onto Akuma. Mana mauls Akuma in the corner with some hip attacks. Team WXW makes a few tags to keep fresh against Akuma. Akuma avoids a splash from Mana and tags in Icarus. Mana shrug off F.I.S.T’s dropkicks. They take him to his knees and hit a double enzugiri for two. Cabbie blind tags in. He accidentally superkicks Mana off the apron. Cabbie sends Akuma to the floor onto Mana. Icarus drops Cabbie with a spin-out facebuster for the pin at 6:51. This was pretty basic and short, but it showcased F.I.S.T. as a credible team to take the tournament. *½

In the back, ROH Students Davey Andrews and Shane Hagadorn argue who’s the best of their class. They pull out dodgeballs, saying they will be playing it tonight in their match.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Dunn & Marcos vs. Shane Hagadorn {ROH} & Davey Andrews {ROH}

For easy heat, Team ROH puts one of the ROH turnbuckle pads in their corner. They start with a handshake, but Hagadorn and Andrews kick Dunn and Marcos. They respond with a hurricanrana and victory roll for two. Dunn and Marcos hit tandem bulldogs. Team ROH retreat to the floor and pull out the dodgeballs. Dunn catches Andrews, then Marcos’ hits Hagadorn in the face and his ball ricochet’s to hit the camera. The ROH guys pounce on the Ring Crew Express. They then isolate Marcos from Dunn. The ROH students relentlessly keep on top of Marcos, even going so far as to having Andrews hitting a top rope headbutt to the floor onto Marcos. I don’t know why Dunn didn’t tag in when this happened. In the ring, Marcos recovers far too quickly and hits a tornado DDT on Hagadorn. Dunn tags in and knocks down Team ROH with a few clotheslines and elbows. He backdrops Andrews. Dunn drops Hagadorn with a Gory Special and Andrews breaks the pin. Andrews hits a bridging German suplex and Marcos breaks the pin. Marcos hits a twisting neckbreaker, and Hagadorn hits a fisherman’s brainbuster on Marcos. Dunn sits out with a burning hammer facebuster. Dunn tosses Marcos onto Hagadorn with a senton for the pin at 11:03. Aside from how annoyingly fast Marcos recovered from the headbutt, this was a good match between two relatively unexperienced teams. I admit, I have an irrational fondness for Dunn and Marcos so I liked this more than most I am sure. **¼

Jolly Roger and Lance Steel do a Monty Python joke, and some pirate and knight schtick backstage. Not much happened here.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Jolly Roger {KPG} & Lance Steel {KPG} vs. Mano Metalico {SNS} & Crossbones {SNS}

Roger and Crossbones do some chain wrestling to start. Roger hits an armdrag and a drop toe hold. Roger twists Crossbones in a leg lock and navigates through a pirate telescope while doing so. Steel tags in and jousts Crossbones in the corner (riding Roger’s back). Metalico tags in and Steel grabs a sword. It has no effect on Metalico’s metallic hand. Steel fails to knock Metalico down. Roger comes in a schoolyard trips Metalico. Steel turns him into a Boston Crab. Crossbones breaks it up. Roger doublestomps on Metalico’s back. Roger wheelbarrows into a huge backbreaker from Metalico. Metalico gets in a few shots before Roger snapmares Metalico over and kicks Metalico multiple times in the back (as does Steel). Crossbones comes in to show them how a kick is really done, kicking Metalico in the back to demonstrate. He even has referee Bryce Remsburg kick Metalico. Metalico gets mad, so Crossbones snapmares Roger and kick away at him to even the score. Crossbones and Metalico get the upper hand, but Crossbones pulls Roger away ala Charlie Brown to get a quick laugh. This allows for Roger to roll up Metalico with an inside cradle to score the pin at 10:22. This was just silly at best with the kicking spot being the only truly enjoyable moment. Ah well, it was good for it’s time but doesn’t hold up to well. *

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Ebessan {O} & Billy Ken Kid {O} vs. Darkness Crabtree & Shirley Doe

Doe and Crabtree are known as “Team Big Daddy”, as Big Daddy’s real name was Shirley Crabtree; get it? Kid and Doe trade wristlocks. Kid trips Doe into a grapevine. Ebessan tags in and snaps Doe’s legs with Kid. The Osaka team takes Doe down with a double shoulderblock. Doe and Ebessan trade punches, with Ebessan winning in the end. Ebessan chops Doe in the corner and does the Flair strut. He does a Flair Flop after Doe clotheslines him in the neck. Crabtree tags in and he and Crabtree do the awesome slow motion routine, with Prazak commentating it like a champ. Ebessan hits a very light hip toss to end it. Crabtree switch his legs to stop a Shining Wizard. Frustrated, Ebessan tags in Kid. Crabtree takes his medication and fires up. Crabtree does some fast Lucha with Kid. Kid superkicks Crabtree, but he hops back up and takes Kid down with a toreador. Kid sends Crabtree to the floor with a headscissors. Doe knocks Ebessan down with an elbow and snapmares into a running knee strike. Crabtree falls off the second rope with a diving headbutt. Crabtree takes some more medication but has a heart attack because of it. Ebessan drops an elbow and Kid superkicks Doe. Ebessan hits a Shining Wizard as Kid and Doe fight on the floor, allowing Ebessan to score the pin at 7:42. This was like last match as it was all humor, but this comedy was actually funny and Kid and Doe brought some good wrestling to so that it wasn’t overbearing. *¾

Allsion Danger and Alere Little Feather are backstage. Allison says they aren’t afraid of their opponents tonight and they are ready to go to the top.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Allison Danger & Alere Little Feather vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Arik Cannon

Claudio treats Alere like a joke, so she slaps Claudio and rolls him up for two. Alere tries La Magistral for two. Danger tags in and gets a waistlock. Claudio switches and takes Danger down. Danger runs up onto Claudio’s shoulders. She takes him down with a crucifix pin for two. Claudio pokes her in the eyes and tags in Cannon. Danger tries a backslide for two. Danger hits a pair of armdrags and cranks on a wristlock. Alere tags in with a hammerlock on Cannon’s arm. Cannon throws Alere down by her hair. Claudio and Cannon bully Alere for awhile. Alere is able to roll-up Cannon once, but Cannon mows her down with a clothesline. Alere takes Claudio down off the top rope with an armdrag and tags in Danger. Danger rocks Cannon and Claudio with forearms. Danger gives Cannon a neckbreaker and Claudio breaks the pin. Alere comes back to ensue in a brawl. Cannon blocks a neck snap and cracks Alere in the face with a kick. Cannon gives her a brainbuster. Alere ducks the Glimmer Warlock and gives Cannon a stunner. Claudio accidentally nails Cannon with an uppercut. Danger hits an STO on Cannon, but Claudio pulls referee Bryce Remsburg away to stop the pin. Cannon suplexes Alere and she goes to the floor. Claudio blocks an STO. Claudio and Cannon hit a Ricola Bomb/Glimmering Warlock combo to score the pin at 8:38. This was shockingly good, with the man vs. woman story working really well and certifying Cannon and Claudio as Grade A dicks. These two work well as a duo, and it’s nice to see Claudio doing legit matches instead of his European Rules matches (which were also fun). **½

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Jigsaw & Sabian vs. Rorschach & Ravage {CZW}

Sabian twists on Ravage’s arm. Sabian does some dancing and takes Ravage down with an armdrag. Jigsaw and Rorschach tag in. Jigsaw takes him over into a grapevine neck stretch. Jigsaw then drops Rorschach in the Gory Special. Jigsaw holds onto the legs and bends Rorschach all the way forward into a pin for two. Jigsaw hits a knee strike in the corner. Jigsaw ties up Rorschach in a pendulum and Sabian comes off the second rope with a legdrop for two. Ravage knees Sabian in the back as he hits the ropes. Sabian side steps Rorschach and schoolboys him for two. Rorschach wheelbarrows Sabian into a kneestrike from Ravage. Rorschach hits a face buster for two. Ravage and Rorschach keep on top of Sabian in their corner. Sabian twists out of a waterwheel slam, dropping Rorschach right on his head. Jigsaw tags in and hits a flying dropkick on Ravage. Jigsaw hits him with a yakuza kick. He drapes Ravage down off his shoulders, and Sabian dropkicks Ravage in the head for two. Rorschach and Jigsaw spill to the floor. Ravage hits a vertical shoulder breaker and Jigsaw breaks the pin. Rorschach comes in and stretches Jigsaw in a wheelbarrow. Jigsaw gets taken over with a leg-capture belly-to-belly suplex. Sabian breaks the pin. Sabian takes out Ravage’s legs. He traps Ravage’s neck and legs. Jigsaw stretches Rorschach out in a modified abdominal stretch, and Rorschach taps out at 10:04. This was a good tag match between two makeshift teams. It was nice to revisit the Conundrum’s issue, and Sabian and Jigsaw make a good team so I am glad they advanced. **¼

Jimmy Jacobs stops Danny Daniels backstage wondering why he’s not dressed for tonight. Daniels says he’s the IWA Champion and isn’t worried about their opponents and thinks tonight will be easy.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
Jimmy Jacobs & Danny Daniels vs. Din Mak & Matt Bomboy

Daniels rolls through a wristlock on Mak. Daniels trips Mak and applies a headlock. Mak and Daniels reach a stalemate as Mak escapes. Jacobs and Bomboy tag in. Bomboy gets a side headlock and Jacobs shoots him off. Bomboy takes him down with a shoulder block and a hip toss. Jacobs headbutts Bomboy’s hand and tags in Daniels. Daniels and Jacobs lay in some chops and double hip toss Bomboy into a double facebuster and double basement dropkick. Mak tags in and Daniels lays in some forearms. Jacobs tags in and doublestomps Mak’s extended arm. The fans chant for Jacobs fuzzy boots. Bomboy drops down the top rope, sending Jacobs to the floor. Bomboy beats on Jacobs on the floor. In the ring Bomboy snapmares Jacobs into a basement dropkick. Bomboy mocks the fans earlier chant by working over Jacobs’ leg. Mak and Jacobs trade shots. Bomboy and Mak get in an argument since they can’t get the pin, allowing Daniels to tag in and hit a double Code Breaker. Daniels hits a spin-out gut buster on Bomboy and a cradle suplex on Mak. Jacobs goes up top, and Bomboy throws Daniels into the ropes to trip him. Bomboy and Mak hit a double side Russian leg sweep for two. Daniels shoves Mak into Bomboy. Bomboy superkicks Mak and jumps ship, allowing Daniels to double stomp Mak. Jacobs then hits a top rope senton splash onto Mak for the pin at 8:18. Jacobs and Daniels were so much fun, and this was the best Mak and Bomboy had looked. Everyone put in a good performance and with a tad bit of time they could’ve done even better. **½

B-Boy and Super Dragon are backstage. B-Boy says they have a mystery team tonight, and it doesn’t matter who it is because they will beat them and win the whole tournament.

B-Boy and Super Dragon come out to “The Reflex” by Duran Duran, which is more awesome than I can describe. CHIKARA Director of Fun Leonard F. Chikarason comes out to draw names of who Team PWG’s mystery opponents could be. Bob Saget? Not here. “Doomsday” Danny Rose? He is here and in his street clothes. Who will his partner be? Adam Flash? Flash comes out as well in street clothes. Chikarason speculates they are unprepared and partied too hard, so they bail. Back to the hat. Starman? Not here. Wonderman? Out comes Glenn Spectre, dressed in a Wonder Woman outfit (known as “Wonderboy” in this match). Ken The Box is the next name called, and sure enough, Mokujin Ken is here! Now we have ourselves a match folks.

Tag World Grand Prix First Round Match
“Wonderboy” Glenn Spectre & Mokujin Ken vs. B-Boy {PWG} & Super Dragon {PWG}

B-Boy and Super Dragon demolish Spectre in the ring. Ken literally can not enter the ring due to his awkward size. Dragon and B-Boy make tags to keep within the rules, but in reality this is a handicap match at this time. Spectre throws Dragon into B-Boy and hits Dragon with an Ace Crusher. Spectre hits a gut buster on B-Boy. He can’t tag in Ken, so Spectre sends Dragon and B-Boy to the floor. KEN PEPPERS B-BOY WITH FISTS AND NAILS DRAGON WITH A PUNCH. So ridiculous, yet so great. In the ring, Spectre hits a Shiny Hiney. B-Boy runs in with a Shining Wizard. Dragon hits Spectre with the curb stomp. B-Boy and Dragon hit a tandem top rope double stomp on Spectre scoring the pin at 3:47. This was just a fun squash, with B-Boy and Dragon destroying Spectre and mocking Ken the Box. B-Boy even smashes Ken’s little birdy post-match. I literally haven’t any clue how to rate this. N/R

Tag World Grand Prix Second Round Match
Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F} vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Arik Cannon

Icarus and Claudio take one another over with a mi paso. F.I.S.T. send Cannon and Claudio to the floor and dive on them with double tope con hilos. In the ring, Akuma trips Claudio down a couple times and takes him down with a few armdrag variants. Akuma trips Claudio. Icarus applies a Camel Clutch and Akuma dropkicks Claudio in the face. Icarus locks in the Venus Fly Trap and Akuma locks Claudio’s arms. Cannon breaks the pin and tags in. Icarus gives Cannon a few armdrags to frustrate him. Cannon comes off the second ropes with an armdrag. Icarus wheelbarrows into an armdrag after a Lucha sequence. Cannon catches Icarus in a wheelbarrow, allowing Claudio to hit him with a European uppercut. Claudio and Cannon keep on top of Icarus in their corner. Claudio uses his size and power to impress the crowd. However, he accidentally uppercuts Icarus into his own corner so that Akuma tags in. Akuma sends Claudio down and takes Cannon down with a series of kicks. Akuma kicks Claudio down and hits the Yoshi Tonic. Cannon breaks the pin. Icarus hits a swinging DDT on Cannon for two. Cannon hits a Back Drop Driver. Cannon hits a top-rope assisted piledriver and Akuma breaks the pin. Akuma looks for a sunset flip but Cannon holds on. He turns over and Claudio nails Akuma with a flying European Uppercut. Icarus goes onto Claudio’s shoulders. Claudio holds on, and hit their Ricola Bomb/Glimmering Warlock combo for the pin at 12:09. This was great tag action, with both teams putting on a good show. This really was a showcase for Claudio and Cannon while keeping Akuma and Icarus competent. The heat segment was really entertaining with Claudio showing off his strength. **¾

Dunn and Marcos are backstage. Marcos uses a bunch of metal song titles in a promo to basically say they will beat Jigsaw and Sabian.

Tag World Grand Prix Second Round Match
Jigsaw & Sabian vs. Dunn & Marcos

Marcos and Sabian quickly trade wristlocks then waistlocks. Each hit a deep armdrag, then try them at the same time to reach a stand off. Dunn and Jigsaw tag in. Jigsaw cranks on Dunn’s ankle. Dunn comes up and tries a couple roll-ups for two. Jigsaw tries a few himself. Dunn hits an armdrag and a toreador. Dunn blocks some palm strikes and then plays patty cake with Jigsaw. Dunn air guitars Jigsaw’s arm. Marcos come in and play double air guitar with Jigsaw’s arms. They backdrop Sabian as he comes in. The teams play do-si-do ending with Sabian and Jigsaw dropkicking Dunn and Marcos to the floor. Jigsaw and Sabian dive onto Dunn and Marcos respectively. Sabian and Jigsaw keep on Dunn back in the ring, focusing their attack on his arm. Dunn is able to side step a 450 splash from Jigsaw and tags in Marcos. Marcos hits an enzugiri on Sabian and a tornado DDT on Jigsaw for two. Sabian drops Marcos with a facebuster and Dunn breaks the pin. Jigsaw takes Dunn off the top rope with a hurricanrana for two. Dunn drops Jigsaw with a burning hammer. Dunn drops Marcos into a senton on Jigsaw and Sabian breaks the pin. Marcos goes for a shiranui, but Jigsaw catches him with the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 9:59. This was probably one of the best Dunn and Marcos matches I have seen. Jigsaw and Sabian work extremely well for a makeshift team and it’s cool to see them go far in the tournament. Dunn and Marcos put in a good showing as well giving us another good second round match. **¾

Tag World Grand Prix Second Round Match
Jolly Roger {KPG} & Lance Steel {KPG} vs. Jimmy Jacobs & Danny Daniels

The lights flicker to somewhat frighten Jacobs. Jacobs and Roger ferociously trade wristlocks then break. Jacobs gives Roger a hard chop and tags in Daniels. Roger takes them down with a double armdrag. He gives Daniels an armdrag and a dropkick. Steel tags in and fake out dives onto Jacobs and Daniels. Steel gets a handshake from Daniels, then schoolboys him for two. Steel tries a few more pinning combinations. Daniels knocks Steel down with a hard back elbow. Daniels fiercely whips Steel into his corner. Jacobs tags in. Steel catches Jacobs’ fuzzy boot and strokes it. Roger blind tags in, and jousts Steel into Jacobs. Jacobs gets his boot up, and Steel turns him into a Boston Crab. Daniels breaks it. Roger attacks Daniels in the corner. Roger jousts Steel into Jacobs, and then into Daniels. Roger twists Daniels’ leg, and Jacobs comes in to break it. Jacobs doublestomps Roger on the back. Jacobs and Daniels each give Roger an airplane spin. Daniels hits a doublestomp/back senton combo for two. Steel blind tags in as Roger hits a twisting face kick on Jacobs. Steel and Roger hit a tandem STO on Daniels, and Steel locks him in the Boston Crab. Jacobs comes in, and Steel turns him over into a Boston Crab. Daniels grabs a neck crank on Steel and Roger grabs a cravate, linking all four men together. Daniels and Roger spill to the floor as Steel sits on the Boston Crab. Jacobs is bleeding from the mouth, and God knows how. Steel pulls Jacobs away from the ropes leaving him no choice but to tap out at 10:56. This was a much better showing from Knight Eye for the Pirate Guy than in Round One. Daniels and Jacobs were a great duo and meshed well with the CHIKARA regulars. This was fun as well, and I wish we would see more of Jacobs and Daniels in the future. **¾

Ebessan and Billy Ken Kid cut a promo backstage in Japanese. Yep.

Tag World Grand Prix Second Round Match
Ebessan {O} & Billy Ken Kid {O} vs. B-Boy {PWG} & Super Dragon {PWG}

B-Boy and Super Dragon bring Mokujin Ken’s head out with him. Now that’s disturbing. Kid twists on Dragon’s arm, but he breaks and chops Ebessan off the apron. Dragon trips Kid and twists on his ankle. Kid reverses and Dragon breaks with the ropes. Dragon takes Kid over by his arm and shoulder tackles him down. Kid rolls into a headscissors. Kid rolls into a hurricanrana for two. Dragon drops Kid with a quebradora for two. B-Boy tags in. Kid hits a quesadora and a headscissors to send B-Boy to the floor. B-Boy takes his time getting back in the ring. Finally, B-Boy and Ebessan lock-up and break in the Ebessan gives B-Boy an open hand strike to the chest. A pair of shoulder tackles doesn’t phase B-Boy. B-Boy drops down and Ebessan stomps on him. B-Boy nails Ebessan with an enzugiri. This allows Dragon and B-Boy to cut the ring in half and beat on Ebessan in their corner. Ebessan finally side steps Dragon and takes down B-Boy to tag in Billy Ken Kid. . B-Boy holds Kid for Dragon to hit, but Kid gets his foot up, runs up the ropes, and dropkicks B-Boy while taking Dragon over with an armdrag. He sends B-Boy to the floor with a hurricanrana and follows it up with middle rope somersault senton. In the ring, Ebessan lays in some punches to Dragon. Dragon escapes a bulldog. Ebessan hits a superkick and hits a Michinoku Driver for two. Dragon divorce courts Ebessan’s arm and applies a Fujiwar armbar. Ebessan breaks with the ropes. Dragon hits a swinging DDT off the second rope. He rolls into a Tiger Driver for two. Ebessan takes out Dragon’s leg. Dragon blocks the Shining Wizard and hits a hurricanrana. Ebessan pops up and hits the Shining Wizard. Kid and B-Boy tag in. B-Boy hits a brainbuster for two. B-Boy drops Kid with a Death Valley Driver for two. Kid drops B-Boy with an Air Raid Crash for two. Dragon hits Kid as he hits the ropes. B-Boy accidentally forearms Dragon. Kid takes B-Boy over with a half-nelson suplex. B-Boy pops up and hits a big boot on Kid. B-Boy backslides B-Boy for the flash pin at 18:59. Of course, the two guys know for obnoxiously long matches in PWG had the longest match of the night. Even so, it was the best match of the night and a strong way to end tonight’s show. Osaka Pro really did well, and Ebessan is deceptively good in the ring. Kid, Dragon, and B-Boy brought their best and put on a fun match that the crowd easily got into. ***¼

Claudio Castagnoli & Arik Cannon, Jigsaw & Sabian, Jolly Roger & Lance Steel, and Team Osaka Pro are the four teams from tonight who will head to Pittston, PA on Night 3 to be in the Semi-Final Round. The next set of sixteen teams will face off in the First and Second Rounds tomorrow night in Emmaus, PA.


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  2. […] This match was a quarterfinals match in the 2005 Tag World Grand Prix. It is on the Best of 2003 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review. […]

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