wXw Joint@Venture

Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland – 2.11.2005

wXw vs. CHIKARA Series – Match 1
Hallowicked vs. Morat Bosporus

Bosporus wins the battle for the fans affection. Bosporus controls Hallowicked by his arm. Even when Hallowicked got a headlock and waistlock, Bosporus was able to turn it back into an arm hold. Hallowicked’s chop does no damage, but Bosporus’ end up sending Hallowicked to the floor. Hallowicked comes back in and applies a cravat. Bosporus escapes and applies one of his own. Hallowicked grabs the ropes to break it. He forearms Bosporus in the back before delivering a bodyslam for one. Hallowicked chops him in the neck repeatedly. He then suplexes Bosporus for two. Hallowicked distracts the referee so that he can choke Bosporus with his wrist tape. When the referee turns around he switches to a headlock. Bosporus breaks free but takes a backdrop. Bosporus counters a knee strike with a roll-up. Hallowicked escapes and double sledges Bosporus in the back. More chops to the neck allow Bosporus to hit the Iconoclasm. Hallowicked misses a top rope somersault senton however. Bosporus evades a corner clothesline and throws Hallowicked overhead with a release suplex. Hallowicked gets two with a Michinoku Driver. Hallowicked goes for another, but Bosporus slips out into a waistlock. He hits a German suplex for the pin at 9:25. Hallowicked’s Lucha skills were the best part of his repertoire at the time and he didn’t get to utilize any of them during this match. It was a good bout, just very pedestrian. wXw is up 1 victory to 0. **

wXw vs. CHIKARA Series – Match 2
Skayde vs. Marc Roudin

Roudin is a member of Swiss Money Holding with Claudio Castagnoli and Ares. Roudin boots Skayde in response to Skayde asking for a handshake. Skayde reverses his wristlock and brings Roudin to the mat in a half crab. He turns that into a back submission, leading to a roll-up for two. Roudin claims Skayde was cheating which is just not true. Skayde rolls back to win a knuckle lock. He brings Roudin to the mat in a modified armbar. He then turns a courting hold into a leg lock. Roudin kicks his way free. Skayde armdrags Roudin to the mat, then stands on his back while pulling his arms. Skayde Judo throws Roudin to the corner. Skayde blocks a hip toss by throwing Roudin off his shoulders. Roudin hops off the ropes only to be caught with an X-Factor. Skayde dropkicks him in the side of the head. Roudin back elbows Skayde in the chest as he’s running towards him. He punches Skayde furiously in a side headlock on the mat. Roudin gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. Roudin puts him in a modified Gory Gallows. Skayde slides out and puts Roudin in an abdominal stretch. Skayde breaks it and sunset flips Roudin for two. Skayde counters a clothesline with a Skayde schoolboy for two. He drops on his face, and rolls him up once more for the pin at 7:45. I’m really surprised at how little offense Roudin got in. This was a glorified squash for Skayde, in which he didn’t do anything outstanding or memorable. The general disdain for Roudin added a little extra to this otherwise basic encounter. wXw and CHIKARA are tied at one victory each.**

wXw vs. CHIKARA Series – Match 3
Gran Akuma vs. Alex Pain

For the record, this is a different Alex Pain than the Alex Payne that was trained by ROH. Pan does some acrobatic moves to show off, but Akuma is able to match up with him. They exchange arm holds until Akuma puts him in a seated abdominal stretch. Akuma throws him into a pin for two. Pain slaps Akuma after bringing him to the corner. Akuma kicks Pain’s legs and side as he’s against the ropes. Akuma hits him with a rolling dropkick. Pain blocks a wheelbarrow armdrag with a spin-out slam for two. Pain gets two after a diving elbow drop. Pain also gets two with a suplex. Pain dropkicks Akuma as he dangles on the top rope back inside of the ring. Pain chokes Akuma in the corner after distracting the referee. Akuma counters Pain’s into a tornado DDT. Akuma delivers more kicks to Pain before hitting a clothesline. He slams Pain and heads up top. Akuma hits a Superfly splash for two. Pain comes back with a pump-handle suplex. He heads up top but is caught by Akuma. Akuma super huracanrana’s Pain back to the mat. Pain begs off Akuma and starts angrily talking to him. The crowd is so noisy that you can’t understand what he’s saying. It seems he set up some invisible wall that Akuma can’t get through. Two referees help Akuma over the wall. Akuma slams Pain’s head into the wall then Pain does the same. Pain knocks down the wall, which in turn knocks down one of the referee’s Akuma sole butts Pain and drops him with the Falcon Arrow for the pin at 10:57. Well that got wacky out of nowhere, but the action was consistent and the wall bit was pretty entertaining. CHIKARA leads with 2 wins over wXw’s 1 win. **1/2

wXw vs. CHIKARA Series – Match 4; wXw Tag Team Championship
Darksoul & X-Dream (Champions) vs. Eddie Kingston & Hallowicked

Not sure why Hallowicked is pulling double duty. My presumption is Black Jack Marciano was supposed to be in this spot but was injured and could not make the trip. Kingston and Darksoul try a few lock-ups but keep reaching a stalemate. Kingston takes him down with a shoulder block. Darksoul delivers a pair of armdrags, a hip toss and a running kick to Kingston’s lower back. Kingston pokes Darksoul in the eyes to come back to his feet. X-Dream blind tags in. He and Darksoul hit a side slam/neckbreaker combo for two. Kingston retreats to his corner, claiming X-Dream held his tights. Hallowicked tags in. X-Dream keeps evading his early offense which frustrates the Nightmare Warrior. X-Dream takes control with ease. A jumping elbow drop gets him two. X-Dream slingshots Darksoul in with a shoulder tackle to Hallowicked for two. Darksoul helps X-Dream powerbomb Hallowicked for two. Hallowicked rakes X-Dream’s eyes and tags in Kingston. X-Dream trips Kingston into a wristlock. Hallowicked knees X-Dream from the apron and Kingston follows up with a backbreaker. Kingston and Hallowicked isolate X-Dream in their corner. X-Dream catches Kingston with a standing shooting star press, allowing him to tag in Darksoul. However, the referee missed the tag and the CHIKARA tandem continues to go to town on X-Dream. X-Dream brings Hallowicked down to one knee and DDT’s him. X-Dream finally tags in Darksoul for real. Darksoul yakuza kicks Hallowicked but Kingston breaks the pin. Kingston gives Darksoul an exploder suplex. X-Dream breaks his pin and hits a single leg dropkick to the side of his head. Hallowicked breaks that pin. He throws X-Dream into a modified slam from Kingston. Hallowicked hits a senton for two. Darksoul superkicks Hallowicked to the floor. Kingston chops X-Dream against the ropes. X-Dream spins him off his shoulders into a front face slam. Darksoul follows up with a frogsplash for the pin at 11:47. X-Dream and Darksoul make for a really fun team. This was a nice mix of aerobic and hard hitting wrestling, with Hallowicked and Kingston keeping the crowd engaged and responsive. This ties up CHIKARA and wXw at two wins each. **3/4

wXw vs. CHIKARA Series – Match 5; CZW Jr. Heavyweight Championship
Mike Quackenbush vs. Emil Sitoci

Sitoci and Quackenbush work over each others’ wrists in the opening exchange. Quackenbush cranks on Sitoci’s neck while holding onto a courting hold. Sitoci brings Quackenbush to the mat, lacing his legs together. Quackenbush calmly kicks Sitoci on the top of his head to break free. Quackenbush fights out of a headscissors by standing on Sitoci’s chest and pinning his shoulders to the mat, forcing Sitoci to break free or else he would be pinned. Quackenbush puts Sitoci in the Romero Special. Sitoci reaches back to the ropes to escape. Quackenbush tries to put him in a torture rack on the mat. Sitoci instead stretches Quackenbush’s back out across his knees. Sitoci transitions into a seated abdominal stretch. Quackenbush pokes him in the eye and puts him in an armbar variation. He slips Sitoci into a pin for two. Quackenbush butterflies Sitoci’s arms, stretching out his back. He torques one of Sitoci’s arm in the process. Sitoci transitions into a crossface. Quackenbush escapes and looks for a rear naked choke. Sitoci rolls Quackenbush into a seated surfboard instead. Quackenbush reverses it, picking up Sitoci in a pendulum and ramming his head into the bottom turnbuckle five times. Quackenbush O’Conner rolls him for two. Sitoci body drags Quackenbush to the corner. Quackenbush then armdrags him into a leg lace submission, pulling Sitoci’s right knee. Quackenbush keeps the legs locked as he puts on a full nelson. Sitoci escapes and applies an armbar. Sitoci escapes Quackenbush’s headscissors and puts him in a headlock. Quackenbush shoves Sitoci to the corner. Quackenbush sits down to counter an Irish whip. He whips Sitoci to the corner. Sitoci comes of Quackenbush’s shoulders with an armdrag. Quackenbush throws Sitoci out of a bodyscissors. Sitoci huracanrana’s Quackenbush for two then goes back to his arm. Sitoci crucifix pins him out of an armbar for two. Quackenbush gets two with a crucifix of his own.

Sitoci suplexes Quackenbush and Quackenbush grabs the ropes to prevent from being pinned. Quackenbush monkey flips Sitoci to the floor and follows out with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring, Quackenbush sweeps Sitoci’s legs for two. Quackenbush goes back to damaging Sitoci’s legs. Sitoci headscissors Quackenbush to the corner, but Quackenbush dropkicks his knee out and goes right back to work on the legs. Sitoci kicks Quackenbush to the floor to get him off of his ankle. Sitoci moonsaults off the apron onto him. Quackenbush manages to slam Sitoci’s face into the ring apron. Sitoci and Quackenbush hit simultaneous clotheslines back in the ring. They come back to their feet throwing forearms at each other. Quackenbush wins the exchange and whips Sitoci to the corner. Sitoci comes off the top with a twisting somersault senton. He uranage slams Quackenbush for two. Quackenbush blocks a yakuza kick with a palm strike. He hits the Black Tornado Slam for two. More forearms knock both men to the mat. Quackenbush palm strikes Sitoci on the top rope and brings him down with a super huracanrana. Quackenbush then hits a somersault senton off the top for two. Sitoci hip tosses Quackenbush onto his knee. He yakuza kicks Quackenbush to the ring apron. Sitoci German suplexes him but is too exhausted to capitalize right away. Sitoci finally crawls over for a pin but only gets two. Quackenbush musters enough strength to deliver a reverse brainbuster. Somehow Sitoci kicks out at one. Sitoci hits a wheelbarrow stunner and Quackenbush kicks out at two. Both men are now fired up. Sitoci goes for the stunner again. Quackenbush blocks and rolls him into the Lightning Lock Beta. Quackenbush hooks his arm to add more pressure. Quackenbush horse collar’s the leg to add even more pressure. Sitoci manages to hold out long enough that the time limit expires at 30:00. This was a tremendous bout of back and forth action. You could feel the desperation at the end of the match and how disappointed both men were that all the work they put into targeting a body part didn’t end up working out. Sitoci especially showed how tough he was after Quackenbush damaged the knee in the Lightning Lock that he spent a good portion of the match damaging. The time flew by and the last few minutes were really awesome. It’s no wonder why Sitoci spent the first part of this year on multiple CHIKARA shows. ***¾

Quackenbush calls Sitoci a world class athlete and essentially calls the match a career defining moment for him. Quack says he didn’t come across the pond the lose his title, but he’d be more than happy to go another five minutes with him if Sitoci likes. Sitoci agrees, but the bell doesn’t sound. Instead, wXw Lightweight champion Steve Douglas comes out. It’s hard to understand what he says, but he has a contract that for some reason will not permit Quackenbush and Sitoci to go another five minutes. Douglas has a scheduled title defense against Jigsaw, and since Douglas is already in the ring, Jigsaw comes out to get the match underway. Since the last match was a draw, this match will determine the winner of the wXw vs. CHIKARA series.

wXw vs. CHIKARA Series – Match 6; wXw Lightweight Championship
Steve Douglas (Champion) vs. Jigsaw

Jigsaw hits a springboard dropkick right before the hell. He headscissors Douglas to the ropes and chops him in the corner. Jigsaw applies a standing octopus stretch. Douglas sends Jigsaw to the apron. When Douglas turns around, Jigsaw sends him to the floor with a springboard huracanrana. Jigsaw follows out with a Fozberry Flop. Jigsaw gets tripped by Douglas’s valet. Douglas powerbombs Jigsaw for two, then leans back into an Anaconda Vice. Jigsaw puts his feet on the ropes to break. The valet chokes Jigsaw on the bottom rope. Douglas suplexes him for two. Jigsaw escapes a full nelson and puts Douglas in the Gory Gallows. He slams Douglas face first into the corner. Jigsaw misses a knee strike with his momentum sending him to the floor. Douglas flies onto him with a corkscrew crossbody. Back in the ring Douglas pounds Jigsaw in the corner. Jigsaw hops off Douglas’ back into a dropkick to the back of his head for two. Jigsaw scrapes his boot against Douglas’ face, finishing with a face wash kick for two. Douglas hits an STO clothesline for two. He German suplexes Jigsaw for another two count. Jigsaw palm strikes Douglas on the top rope. Jigsaw brings him down with the Leap of Faith. Jigsaw double stomps him on the back for two. The valet attacks Jigsaw and is ejected by the referee. Alex Pain makes his way to the ring to help out Douglas. Pain accidentally dropkicks Douglas as Jigsaw moves out of the way. Gran Akuma comes out and fights with Pain to the floor. Meanwhile, Jigsaw hits the Jig N’ Tonic. The referee was distracted, giving Douglas plenty of time to escape a pin. Jigsaw backs Douglas to the corner to break full nelson, however the referee is in that corner and gets knocked down. Eddie Kingston and Hallowicked run in to attack Jigsaw. Mike Quackenbush and Skayde come down to seemingly even the odds. Skayde however attacks Quack from behind! Akuma attacks Hallowicked after Hallowicked gives Quack a Michinoku Driver. Eventually, Jigsaw manages to kick Douglas. Douglas however drops him with the Rubix Cube for the pin at 12:17, retaining his title and winning the series for wXw 3 wins to 2. This started out great with Jigsaw’s cool string of moves, but got very convoluted with all the other CHIKARA wrestlers and Alex Pain interjecting themselves in the bout. It was all to set up a match for tomorrow, but it detracted from this match overall. **1/2

Kingston, Skayde and Halloiwcked leave Jigsaw, Akuma and Quack laying in the ring. Kingston says the last time they were in wXw Quack beat his team. Kingston says he’s the franchise of CHIKARA and that tomorrow night he will get retribution for that loss with Hallowicked and Skayde by his side. When heading to the back, Quack says he has one more night to set things right and he won’t blow that opportunity.

Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland – 2.12.2005

Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw & Gran Akuma vs. Hallowicked, Eddie Kingston & Skayde

Hallowicked and his partners are impressed with his evasion skills. Akuma grabs him by the stem and snapmares him across the ring. Akuma catches Hallowicked trying to sneak attack him. Hallowicked plays it cool, but then gets hip tossed twice. Kingston consoles him and then tags in with Jigsaw. Kingston gets a lot of homophobic chants, which of course Kingston hurls right back in their faces. Jigsaw controls his arm in a courting hold. Kingston breaks it in the corner but gets chopped for his troubles. Jigsaw boot scrapes him. Kingston blocks a face wash kick, but Jigsaw hops off of his back into a double stomp to the back of his head for two. Quackenbush comes in with a headscissors to Kingston. He fends off Hallowicked who runs in to help out. Akuma headscissors Kingston and evades a senton from Skayde. Jigsaw sends him and Kingston to the floor with a London Bridge. He also sends Hallowicked to the floor. The Tecnico team fakes out the Rudos on some dives. Quackenbush slaps Kingston in the back and makes him think it was Skayde who did it. This leads to some dissension amongst the Rudos, but they collect themselves and come back into the ring. Quackenbush and Hallowicked trade submissions on the mat before showcasing some of their Lucha capabilities. Quackenbush comes in from the apron bringing Hallowicked back t the mat in a side headlock. Quackenbush and Hallowicked trade pins after Quackenbush delivers a huracanrana. Reaching a stalemate, they tag out to Jigsaw and Kingston respectively. Kingston nails a barrage of forearms and punches. A running forearm strike gets him a two count. Jigsaw slides out of a powerbomb and tags in Akuma. Skayde tags in as well. The Tecnicos manage to make fools out of Skayde and Kingston, thwarting all of their moves and taking them down multiple times. All the nonsense ends with Mich Kicks. The Tecnicos dropkick the Rudos to the floor and follow with triple stereo tope con hilo’s.

Quackenbush and Skayde received mixed reactions from the crowd as they pose on the ropes. They trade holds on the mat while looking for an opening to score a pinfall. On their feet, Skayde takes Quackenbush over with a huracanrana and a variety of armdrags. Hallowicked back chops Quackenbush as Quackenbush hits the ropes on their side of the ring. That gives the Rudos the opening to cut the ring in half and wear down Quackenbush in their corner. Quackenbush gets crotched on the ring post, bringing Jigsaw in. He suffers the same fate. Akuma also comes in. He baits the Rudos into crotching Skayde on the ring post instead of himself. All six men are now brawling on the floor. Jigsaw dives off of a balcony onto everyone! Back in the ring, Akuma and Kingston trade chops. Akuma kicks him in the ribs and legs. A hard enzuigiri gets him two. Kingston catches him with a uranage backbreaker. Jigsaw flies in with a huracanrana. Kingston catches him and hits a buckle bomb. He yakuza kicks Jigsaw before delivering a modified slam. Quackenbush breaks up the pin. He kicks Hallowicked from the apron and hits the Tail of the Dragon for two. Skayde rolls him into a reverse figure seven. Jigsaw enzuigiri’s Skayde to break it. Jigsaw then gives him the Leap of Faith and Hallowicked breaks the pin. Hallowicked hits a step-up enzuigiri. He follows with a super fisherman’s buster. Akuma and Quackenbush break the pin. Kingston and Hallowicked row boat Akuma and Jigsaw’s legs. In the middle, Skayde puts Quackenbush in a standing crossface. The circle is broken and everyone but Quackenbush ends up on the floor. Steve Douglas comes in with his Lightweight title. Emil Sitoci comes in and sends Douglas into Quackenbush who hits the Quackendriver II. Skayde however drops him face first out of a Gory Gallows for two. Quackenbush cradles him for the pin at 34:06. This was a notch above what you get out of similar Trios matches involving these six in the States. The venue, atmosphere and fans were a lot different and it seemed to add a lot of energy to what they were doing. It was a slight variation of the usual six man they would take on tour the year before and the little differences went a long way. There was some initial sloppiness, but by the end everything gelled well and it made for a fun watch. ***½

Quackenbush puts over Sitoci once again for the match they had on Night 1. He says he has a hunch that were he to give Sitoci a rematch for the title in Germany that Steve Douglas would continue to stick his nose in their business. Quack says he’s going to tell CZW that Sitoci is the #1 contender for the title at that they will face off in a re-match on March 11th in the ECW Arena. They embrace as the fans chant wXw.


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