PWE: Volume 8

York, PA – 1.22.2005

2 out of 3 Falls Match
Icarus & Gran Akuma vs. John Cabbie & Arkham

Akuma cracks Arkham in the hamstring with a hard kick. Akuma gives Arkham a mule kick in the ribs. Akuma and Arkham trade wristlocks. Akuma kicks out Arkham’s legs and chops him on the ropes. Arkham side steps and dropkick attempt, but Akuma rolls up and hits one anyways. Akuma kicks him down, and Icarus follows up with a basement dropkick. Icarus applies a full nelson and Arkham turns into a pin. Cabbie comes in with a headlock, and knocks Icarus down with a shoulder block. Icarus lands a hip toss and armdrag, and Cabbie bails to the floor to take strategy. We cut to Akuma giving Arkham a suplex and a mule kick. Akuma gives him a legdrop and Cabbie breaks the pin. Arkham and Cabbie team up on Akuma for awhile. Arkham powerbombs Akuma into a jackknife pin, and uses the ropes to score the first fall at 6:47 (shown). Damn it! I forgot this was 2 out of 3 falls. I was so happy this was over because it’s awful so far. The second fall begins with Cabbie and Arkham still beating down Akuma. Akuma makes a comeback on Arkham and tags in Icarus. Icarus hits Cabbie with a Shiranui for the pin and second fall at 9:07 (shown). Cabbie boots Icarus and takes him over with a butterfly suplex for two. Arkham and Cabbie now trap Icarus in their corner and wear him down. Akuma tags in and drops Arkham with a Falcon Arrow for the third and deciding fall at 12:07. So this became less terrible after fall one, but not enough to recover this from being a pretty sloppy match. Akuma and Icarus did most of the heavy lifting in falls 2 and 3, and even Cabbie had some good looking stuff. Arkham is fucking awful though and I feel bad watching him. *

PWE Championship
Mike Quackenbush (Champion) vs. Mana

Mana overpowers Quack and chokes him in the corner. Mana misses a splash and Quack lays in some punches and kicks. It has no effect, so Quack stomps on his barefeet and drags him down into a half crab. Quack mocks Mana as he gets him in a wasitlock and brings him to the mat. Quack mule kicks Mana and hits a one-legged dropkick. Mana throws Quack over with a reverse suplex. He falls down with a headbutt for two. Mana gives Quack the Umaga treatment in the corner with running butt attacks. Quack fights back, ducking Mana’s clotheslines and kick out his legs. Quack gives him a few palm strikes to get him reeling. Quack comes off the top rope with a dropkick and then a double stomp to his mid-section for two. Quack gives Mana a DDT and pokes him in the eyes. Mana kicks Quack in the balls as he comes off the middle rope. Mana hits a double underhook piledriver and places Quack on the top rope. Quack powerbombs Mana off the middle rope for the pin at 8:18. I like the consistency of Quack’s defeats over the larger men of PWE. Since they’re too big for him to pick up themselves, Quack has to use the ropes for some assistance. He does all he can by taking out the legs and working over their body, but it takes a little leverage for him to get the job done. I’m a fan of the story they told, but the action was too basic to be anything of note. *3/4


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