In Memory Of Adam Mills…

Bennington, VT – 11.20.2004

This was the third of three shows that was released on VHS, and then again on three separate DVD’s as bonus matches. This show was released across the March 2005 weekend on the shows, “Remain In Light”, “Don’t Eat The Black One”, and “War Grapes!”. Two matches/segments were featured on each DVD.

Shane Storm {MW} vs. Eddie Kingston {WC}

Bryce Remsburg is wearing a full bodied referee outfit ala 1930s baseball. It’s wacky yet awesome. Storm backs Kingston into the corner, and Kingston claims Storm pulled his hair and tights. He makes a handjob joke too! Storm gets some cheers and Kingston tries to get some as well, and fails. Kingston and Storm each try a shoulder tackle to no avail. Storm trips Kingston and gives him a pair of armdrags. Bryce takes Storm’s STOP sign. It stops Kingston, so Storm pants’ him and tries a schoolboy for two. Kingston comes back with a hard clothesline. Kingston pounds and kicks away at Storm. Storm throws a few punches and Kingston pokes him in the eyes. Kingston blocks a sunset flip with another eye poke. Storm blocks an attack with the corner and comes off the top with a sunset flip for two. Kingston hits a snap suplex and goes up top. Storm throws Kingston off the top rope. Storm hits a spinwheel kick for two. Storm ducks a punch and dropkicks Kingston’s leg out. Kingston ducks That Japanese Move and drops Storm with a Saito suplex. Kingston gives him an STO backbreaker for two. Storm hits a German suplex for two. Kingston gives Storm a dragonscrew, then turns into the Koji Clutch for the submission at 9:39. These two would have a couple great matches a few years later, but at this time you could tell that these two were good opponents for one another. Although they’re pretty dichotomous, they work together and put on a pretty good match for the time. **1/4

Larry Sweeney comes out with Claudio Castagnoli and Hallowicked who are wearing suit jackets and their tights. Hallowicked speaks gibberish and Claudio speaks in German. Sweeney puts down the crowd. He goes on about talking to someone at a gas station, which leads to no real point. He does mention that he, Hallowicked, and Claudio will be taking on Jolly Roger and Team F.I.S.T. later however. He says since they are at a college, they will be giving assessments of their opponents, so of course Sweeney puts them down right then and there. This was pretty much to get them heat for the main event of the show, and we shall see if it ends up working.

Mike Quackenbush vs. Skayde

Skayde and Quackenbush take it to the mat early, locking one another’s legs in the search for leverage. Quackenbush ends the exchange by sending Skayde to the floor with an armdrag. Back in the ring, Quackenbush takes Skayde down with a fireman’s carry and wrenches on his arm. Skayde carwheels into an armdrag, then hits the ropes for another armdrag. Quackenbush comes out of the corner with a hurricanrana. Skayde monkey flips Quackenbush to the floor and follows out with a tope con hilo. Quackenbush blocks some strikes with a Saint headlock, then toreadors Skayde to the mat. Skayde pops off the ropes into a headscissos. Quackenbush hits a quebradora and a sole butt. Quackenbush comes off the top with a twisting splash to Skayde on the floor. In the ring, Skayde drops an elbow on Quackenbush’s back and puts him in a modified bodyscissors. Quackenbush escapes a wheelbarrows into a Koji Clutch variation. Skayde cranks on Quackenbush’s arm and neck. Quackenbush drops Skayde with the Black Tornado Slam and turns into a crucifix pin for two. Quackenbush looks for a second Black Tornado Slam, but Skayde rolls him into a crucifix pin for two. Skayde spins out Quackenbush into a front slam and dropkicks him in the head. The Skayde schoolboy gets Skayde the victory at 8:44. This was all action for the entire match, and the fans absolutely loved everything they did. Quite frankly I was pleasantly surprised. **3/4

Young Lions Cup Championship
Jigsaw (Champion) vs. BlackJack Marciano {WC}

Kingston accompanies Marciano. Jigsaw takes Marciano down in an ankle pick. Marciano turns it into a headlock and Jigsaw kicks Marciano away. Marciano switches places with a female fan, and Jigsaw dances with her. Marciano and Jigsaw trade wristlocks multiple times. We get some hijinx where Jigsaw makes Bryce give Marciano a wristlock. Jigsaw and Marciano trade schoolboys, and each wrestler schoolboys Bryce for a pin as well. Marciano and Jigsaw lock-up and go to the floor. Jigsaw gets a fan to give Marciano a wristlock. Both guys fight to the upper level of the auditorium. Hey, there’s a whole gaggle of fans up here! They fight through the fans, and Marciano gets a free moment to apply a full nelson. Jigsaw backs them out through a door and returns back into the auditorium with the full nelson locked on. Marciano grabs a wristlock as they go up yet another level in the auditorium. Marciano gets scared and runs back down. Marciano grabs a Camel Clutch. Jigsaw and Marciano come back to ringside, with Jigsaw having Bryce carry him some of the way. A girl ringside slaps Marciano as he approaches her. Jigsaw cartwheels into an armdrag. Jigsaw hits another, and Marciano gives him a toreador. Jigsaw flips into a hurricarana which Marciano rolls through for a two count. Jigsaw rolls Marciano into a pin for the victory at 10:58. This was a lot of fun, and a match that I had never heard about till now. I don’t know why, as it was cool to follow these guys all throughout the building of college students who were having a great time. I am not sure how to rate this one. My rating will be based on the wrestling alone, but believe me when I say this is a really fun match if for nothing else but the atmosphere. **

Chris Hero vs. El Oriental

Oriental evades locking up with Hero. He cranks on a wristlock which Hero reverses. Oriental twists into a front facelock, and Hero transitions into a cravate. Oriental flips out of a wristlock to a stalemate. Oriental lays in some strikes. Hero slams Oriental. Hero hits a pair of clotheslines. Oriental blocks a third one and gives Hero some overhand chops and a punch to the face. Oriental takes Hero over with a hurricarana and a headscissors to the floor. Oriental slingshots into a hurricanrana on the floor. Hero pummels Oriental with strikes back in the ring and chokes him with his boot. Oriental comes back with some chops and a sole butt. Oriental throws Hero down by his hair and comes off the top rope with a hurricanrana. Hero rolls to the floor and is met with a moonsault from Oriental. Hero hits a powerbomb for two. Hero picks up Oriental for a second powerbomb, and Oriental transitions into a DDT. Oriental hits a flipping legdrop and rolls up Hero for the pin at 8:25. This was another really fun match with Hero and Oriental looking like Gods in front of these people. Seriously, they were going hog wild which made this match ten times better. I am convinced that if the 2004 crowds in Reading and Emmaus had been as good as these guys in Bennington, the matches would come off a lot better. **3/4

Hero argues with Bryce Remsburg after the match, so Bryce rolls him up for a three count. In your face, space coyote!

Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F}, & Jolly Roger vs. Larry Sweeney {SNS}, Claudio Castagnoli, & Hallowicked {DB}

Hallowicked and Akuma do plenty of flips and armdrags in a cool Lucha sequence to kick things off. Akuma ends the sequence with a headscissors. Akuma rolls back and Icarus hops in with a crossbody. Icarus sends Hallowicked to the floor with a headscissors. Sweeney knocks down Icarus with a few shoulder blocks, and then Icarus hits a couple armdrags. Sweeney evades a dropkick and goes to the apron to gloat. Icarus slingshots him back in and hits a Manhattan drop. Roger and Claudio tag in. Roger twists Claudio around and somewhat forces him to dance. Claudio claims he pulled his hair and tights, but the crowd sets Bryce straight. Claudio twists Roger into a fance. They do-si-do and Roger spins Claudio into a schoolboy for two. Claudio whips Roger to the ropes, and Sweeney drops it down so Roger goes to the floor. Sweeney and Hallowicked beat on Roger behind the ref’s back to massive jeers. Roger is thrown back in the ring, now easy pickins for the Rudos to isolate from his corner. Roger is tossed to the floor by Sweeney, legally tagging in Akuma. Sweeney gets on him right away and the Rudos attack him in their corner. Akuma tags in Icarus behind the referee’s back, so it isn’t allowed. Hallowicked misses a top rope somersault senton, but Sweeney cuts Akuma off from making a tag. Akuma rolls through a clothesline and tags in Icarus. Icarus lays all the Rudos out with strikes and clotheslines. A chain of headlock is created by all participants but Roger. Roger DDT’s the entire chain, then covers them all for two. The Rudos go to the floor to regroup, only for F.I.S.T. and Roger to hit stereo dives onto all of them. The Rudos pose in the dark portion of the auditorium and hit stereo double axe handles onto the Rudos. The Rudos then bring the Tecnicos to the other side of the auditorium where the fight continues. Roger, Hallowicked, and Sweeney are whipped into a wall. Roger is able to stop while the other two are taken down. Roger uses the rafters above him to take Claudio down with a hurricanrana. In the ring, Claudio drops Roger with a Crucifix Bomb for two. Roger comes back with a blockbuster and Hallowicked breaks the pin. Hallowicked hits a Michinoku Driver for two. Roger hits a Stone Cold Stunner, and Akuma follows with a high crossbody. Sweeney breaks the pin. Hallowicked drops Akuma with a waterwheel slam. Sweeney hits a piledriver and goes up top. Claudio hits a diving headbutt, but hurts his own head too. Roger dives onto Claudio and Hallowicked on the floor. Sweeney hits Icarus with the ’68 Comeback Special for two. Icarus hits the shiranui for the pin at 20:04. What a wacky, fun trios match this was. The segment with Sweeney earlier definitely worked out, as the fans booed and cheered at exactly the right time and were very loud and vocal. Everyone seemed to be having a god time, and again the atmosphere seemed to encourage everyone to step up their game. I enjoyed watching this main event of a show that gets no talk at all. ***1/4

I had so much fun watching these five matches. I don’t know if it was the crowd or the air in Vermont, but everyone seemed to be on point all night long. The building was kind of funky and cool and made the atmosphere for the show a tremendous one. This isn’t a must-watch show, but I will remember this for quite awhile as a “long, lost CHIKARA show” (even though the footage is readily available).


2 Responses to In Memory Of Adam Mills…

  1. Dave says:

    Another great review. I’m really looking forward to when you get to the 2005 discs and the “Superfriends” feud between Quack and Hero. The culmination of the feud is the best match (imho) in the history of “early” era CHIKARA — “The Cibernetico Returneth” and the 1 hour 45 minute marathon.

  2. kford13 says:

    Thanks a lot for the kind words Dave! I too am very much looking forward to reviewing 2005. I have seen that Cibernetico, and it is fantastic. Plus, the shows FINALLY have commentary on them!

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