Fear of Music


Reading, PA – 11.19.2004

Icarus {F}, Lance Steel, & Jolly Roger vs. Rorschach {SNS}, Crossbones {SNS}, & Mano Metalico {SNS}

Rorschach wrenches a headlock on Steel to begin. Steel rolls up Rorschach for two then tries a Boston Crab. Rorschach quickly escapes, but Steel trips him and tries again. Rorschach escapes, and gets tripped again. Rorschach punches Steel into his corner. Icarus tags in and hits a legdrop and fisherman’s suplex for two. Crossbones tags in. Icarus and Crossbones reverse holds before engaging in a chop battle. Icarus takes him down with a drop toe hold and hits a senton for two. Icarus hits a dropkick. Crossbones throws Icarus down hair first and tags in Metalico. Roger tags in. He hits a double knees in Metalico’s face. Metalico side steps a corner attack and drops Roger with a TKO. The Rudo team isolates Roger from his team. Roger is able to hit a blockbuster on Crossbones after awhile, allowing him to tag his partners. Steel and Icarus come in. Steel hits Rorschach with a Finlay Roll as Icarus dives onto Metalico on the floor. Steel locks in the Boston Crab on Rorschach. Icarus and Roger prevent Metalico and Crossbones from making the save initially, but Metalico clobbers Steel in the back of the head with a clothesline to break. Roger hits a twisting spinwheel enzugiri on Metalico. Icarus shiranui’s Metalico into a sunset flip from Steel for two. Icarus wheelbarrows into a backbreaker from Metalico. Roger dropkicks them to the floor and trades forearms with Crossbones. Crossbones hits an Air Raid Crash and Steel breaks the pin. Rorschach comes in and Steel small packages him for two. Rorschach hits a bridging Dragon suplex for the pin at 12:41. This was a basic trios match though the fans really dug it and everything looked crisp. It just wasn’t the most interesting match in the world, but they tried. **1/2

Allison Danger vs. Darkness Crabtree

Crabtree grabs a waistlock and Danger elbows him, claiming he needs to watch his hands. Danger releases from a wristlock Crabtree had on him and does it to the referee by accident. Danger schoolboys him for two. The referee hits a hip toss and then helps Danger clothesline Crabtree. Crabtree gets in the ref’s face, so the ref puts up a fist and Crabtree goes under the ring frightened. Crabtree gets in a little kids face before coming back in. Danger hits a few neck snaps and stomps on Crabtree’s stomach for two. Danger runs at Crabtree in the corner, but Crabtree drops down so Danger hits her face in the corner. Crabtree stomps on her face. Danger comes back with some forearms and a neckbreaker. Crabtree blocks an STO and looks for a stunner. Danger hits the STO for the pin at 5:47. This was pretty boring schtick that I am sure was mildly amusing live, but doesn’t translate very well on DVD. ¼*

Gran Akuma {F} vs. DJ Skittlez

Skittlez and Akuma wrestle to the ropes. Skittlez arm whips Akuma across the ring after taking awhile to fight for the advantage. Akuma armdrags Skittlez over and trips him for two. Skittlez snapmares Akuma to his feet. Akuma wheelbarrows into an armdrag, leading to a stalemate. Skittlez hits an armdrag as Akuma comes off the ropes, and Akuma responds with one of his own. Skittlez chops Akuma to the corner. Skittlez whips him across the ring and hits a splash in the corner. Skittlez hits a top rope clothesline. Akuma lands on his feet from a monkey flip. He rolls under Skittlez and dropkicks his legs out. Akuma dropkicks Skittlez in the side of the head. Akuma kicks away at Skittlez in the corner. The referee pushes Akuma away as he checks on Skittlez. Skittlez gets back to his feet and kicks him in the ribs. Skittlez hits a pump handle Michinoku Driver for two. Akuma blocks the Rainbow Bomb with an O’Connor Roll for two. Akuma then rolls up Skittlez for the pin at 8:06. This was quite good in parts, but also disjointed and awkward. Good effort, but it just didn’t come together like they wanted it to. **

Sabian vs. Ravage {CZW}

Sabian comes out in a sling, and referee Bryce Remsburg says Sabian can not wrestle tonight. So Sabian forfeits and Ravage wins. No, I am serious, that’s the match. But it had a point later on!

European Rules
Claudio Castagnoli vs. Niles Young {CZW}

European Rules means that there are 12 3-minute rounds with 30 second rest periods in between. To win, you must win 2 rounds by pinfall or submission, or 1 round by knock out. There are three warnings from the referee, and the third one results in a disqualification.

Young wrenches on a headlock then shoulder blocks Claudio down. Young hops over Claudio and reapplies the headlock. Claudio leapfrogs over Young, and Young again grabs the headlock. Claudio gets a headlock of his own. Young fights out and hip tosses Claudio off the ropes, then hits a pair of armdrags. Young applies a cross armbreaker and is forced to break when Round One concludes. Claudio hits a few cleverly placed closed fists to open the round. Claudio hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a gut buster. Claudio knees Young in the gut as he comes off the ropes. Young sunset flips Claudio for two. Claudio kicks Young in the face. Claudio wrenches on a side headlock. Claudio elbows Young as Round Two ends. Bryce issues him a warning and Claudio kicks away at Young as Bryce’s back is turned. Claudio hits a knee as Round Thee starts. Young hits a side Russian leg sweep while capturing Claudio’s arm. Young jumps out of the corner into an X-Factor. Young goes for another, but Claudio’s pushes Bryce into the ropes to crotch Young on the ropes. Claudio blasts Young in the back of the neck with a European Uppercut to knock him out 1:53 into the Second Round. I am really enjoying how Claudio is knocking all these people down and quickly becoming a top Rudo by doing so. It’s such a simple yet effective way to get him over. **

Mister ZERO {MW} & Shane Storm {MW} vs. UltraMantis Black {DB} & Hallowicked {DB}

As you would expect, ZERO goes right to Mantis and wrenches on his arm and shoulder. Manits waistlocks ZERO upside down, then sunset flips him. ZERO turns into a crossface variation. Hallowicked distracts the referee, but ZERO manages to still keep the advantage on Mantis. Mantis throws ZERO down by his mask. ZERO hits a quebradora. Storm comes in with a somersault senton, and ZERO hits one as well. Storm hits a splash on Hallowicked in the corner multiple times. Storm comes off the ropes sending Hallowicked to the floor with an armdrag. Mantis cuts of Storm’s dive with a forearm. The Dark Breed hit a Hart Attack variation. They trap Storm in their corner and pound on him to maximize damage. This even includes Mantis choking Storm with his magical stick and playing it like an instrument. Storm is able to catch Mantis with a slam from the top rope. ZERO and Hallowicked tag in, with ZERO taking out both Hallowicked and Mantis. ZERO brings Mantis to the floor as Storm takes the fight to Hallowicked inside the ring. Hallowicked gives Storrm a step-up Frankensteiner as ZERO throws Mantis into the ringside bar. Storm blocks the Graveyard Smash and hits a spinwheel kick. Storm then dives onto Hallowicked on the floor. In the ring, ZERO drops Mantis with a urinage for two. Mantis hits a spinebuster and turns ZERO over into a half crab. Storm breaks it with That Japanese Move, and Hallowicked breaks his pin. ZERO blocks an O’Conner Roll from Mantis. ZERO drops Mantis with the Last Shaven Unicorn Drop for the pin at 11:59. This was a very fun tag team match with this feud coming to a head at long last. The fans were riled up the whole time and it flew by. These guys had somefun tag matches back in this time that don’t get talked about. **3/4

”I Quit” Match
Din Mak vs. Matt Bomboy

Bomboy takes an early lead with a dropkick to the back on Mak’s head off the top rope. Bomboy applies a modified Camel Clutch and slams his bottom on Mak’s back. Mak sweeps Bomboy’s legs and Bomboy lands on his head. Mak hits a spinwheel kick in the corner. Mak puts on a Mr. Socko. On the floor, Mak kicks away at Bomboy since Bomboy bailed to escape Socko. Mak throws Bomboy face first onto a chair. Bomboy gives Mak a side Russian leg sweep on the floor, and applies a choke. Mak doesn’t quit, so Bomboy throws him back in the ring. Mak suplexes Bomboy from the apron into the ring. Bomboy tosses Mak overhead with a release belly-to-belly suplex. Bomboy looks for a half-nelson choke but Mak backs into the corner. Bomboy powerbombs Mak and twists him into a Texas cloverleaf. Mak kicks Bomboy away. Mak slams Bomboy and drops an elbow. Mak hits a superkick. Mak applies a dragon sleeper. Bomboy reverses and twists into an elbow smash. Mak snaps Bomboy’s neck on the top rope. Mak hits a shining enzugiri and goes for a pin like a fool. Bomboy lays in some knees and takes Mak to the mat in a rear-naked choke. Mak escapes and hits Bomboy’s own finisher and then turns into a dragonsleeper with a bodyscissors. Bomboy taps out at 7:03. That sure was short for an I Quit match. Easily the best match these two have had in CHIKARA and it somewhat redeemed their other previous outings. **3/4

Mak asks for a handshake, but Bomboy goes to the back instead.

IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championship
Eddie Kingston {WC} & BlackJack Marciano {WC} (Champions) vs. Mike Quackenbush & Chris Hero

The Blackjacks resent the love Chris Hero is getting from the fans. Kingston and Hero lock up. Hero takes Kingston to his back and wrenches on Kingston’s arm. Hero applies a chinlock with Kingston’s arm locked in Hero’s legs. Hero rolls Kingston over for two. Hero applies a Cravate STF and then locks Kingston’s leg. Hero applies pressure to one leg. Kingston kips up and uses a two-armed armdrag to escape. Kingston gloats as the fans cheer for Hero. They lock fingers and Hero tries for a cravate. Kingston immediately retreats to his corner and tags in Marciano. Marciano wristlocks Hero. Hero does a series of kip ups to escape. Marciano gets the wristlock reapplied. Hero runs around Marciano to reverse, and bring Marciano to the mat on his back. Hero tries the cravate on him, but Marciano goes to the floor to be consulted by Kingston. Quackenbush gets tagged in. Quackenbush takes Marciano to the mat with a waitlock. He applies headlock while locking Marciano’s legs. Marciano grabs the bottom rope to escape. Quackenbush armdrags Marciano into a crucifix pin for two. Quackenbush wrenches on Marciano’s arm. Quackenbush crosses his arm and pulls up on Marciano’s left arm. Quackenbush slaps Marciano in the belly while keeping his arms locked. Marciano gets his foot on the rope to escape. Quackenbush and Marciano lock wrists. Quackenbush bridges Marciano for two. Kingston comes and both he and Marciano lock wrists. Hero slaps Kingston and all four men are locking wrists. Quackenbush and Hero kick the Wildcards legs, throw them into each other, then schoolboy them for two. Kingston knocks Quackenbush down with a shoulder tackle, and then the Wildcards miss a tandem elbow drop. Hero puts Quackenbush on his shoulders, and walks across Marciano and Kingston. Quackenbush armdrags Hero so that he sentons on Kingston. Quackenbush then hits a flip senton on Marciano. The Superfriends send the Blackjacks to the ropes. They grab the ropes and bail to the outside. Quackenbush and Hero tease diving, causing the Blackjacks to run into each other. Hero and Quackenbush then dive onto Kingston as he’s distracted. Marciano gets up and attacks both Hero and Quackenbush. He slams Quackenbush face first on the apron and sends him back in the ring. Marciano beats on Hero, sending him to Kingston to hit a urinage sidewalk slam, then to toss Hero into the ring post. The Wildcards isolate Quackenbush from Hero. Kingston goes back to the floor to throw Hero into the ring post again. Quackenbush escapes form a double slam attempt, landing a double DDT on both Blackjacks. Quackenbush goes to his corner, but Marciano jumps on Hero so that he can’t make the tag. Quackenbush gets beat down some more, until he rana’s Kingston face first into the corner. He tags in Hero, who takes down the Blackjacks by himself. Hero lands a backdrop driver on Kingston and Marciano breaks up the pin. Hero applies the cravate to Marciano and Kingston back rakes Hero to break. Hero however gets the cravate on Kingston! Marciano breaks it. Hero slams the Wildcards into each other. He applies a cra.ate to both of them. He drops Marciano, then hits a diamond cutter on Kingston while landing a senton on Kingston. Hero powerbombs Marciano onto Kingston. Quackenbush comes off the top with a doublestomp on the Wildcards for two. Hero applies the Cravate-O-Clasm on Kington while Quackenbush applies a leg lock to Marciano. Marciano sends Quackenbush to the floor hard. Marciano leg sweeps Hero after Kingston hits him with a big boot. Quackenbush comes back in and give Kingston the windmill chops. Larry Sweeney comes on the apron, and Quackenbush gives him and the Wildcards palm strikes. Quackenbush puts Kingston up top. Sweeney waistlocks Kingston so that when Quackenbush hurricanrana’s him, Kingston stays up top. Quackenbush splats on the mat. Marciano hits a belly-to-back powerslam on Quackenbush to get the win and to retain the titles in 21:16. This was a fun match, and it’s cool to see the infancy of the Kingston/Hero feud. The Wildcards are so over as heels it’s not even funny. Hero and Quackenbush mesh well together too as a unit. ***1/4

2 out of 3 Falls Match
Skayde vs. El Oriental

Each guy vies for the advantage to start. Skayde trips Oriental and tries a crucifix pin for two. Skayde takes Oriental back down with a body drag. Oriental snapmares Skayde back to his feet. Skayde snapmares Oriental to this feet. Oriental monkey flips Skayde to his feet. Each guy rolls to a stand-off. Each guy trips the other looking for a quick pin. Skayde trips Oriental and Skayde hits a front toreador and a tilt-a-whirl armdrag. Skayde rolls Oriental into a Skayde schoolboy and gets the first pin at 4:30. After the rest, Skayde immediately dropkicks Oriental into the corner and cracks the side of his head with stereo kicks. Oriental headscissors Skayde to the mat and fakes him out with a faux pescado. Oriental hits an enzugiri on Skayde on the apron and follows up with a moonsault to the floor. Oriental locks in a cloverleaf variation to get the second pin at 6:50. Oriental immediately knees Skayde in the stomach to begin the third round. Oriental hits a slingshot senton for two. Oriental dropkicks Skayde in the back of the head for two. Oriental applies a cross armbreaker. Skayde escapes and dropkicks Oriental to the floor. Skayde hits a tope con hilo. Oriental hits a flying crossbody back in the ring, and Skayde rolls through for a two count. Skayde lands a basement dropkick to Oriental’s head then ties him down for the third and final pin at 11:17. Lots of rolling around, lots of armdrags, a few dives, and a few too many stand-offs. That’s the long and short of this match. **

Young Lions Cup Championship
Larry Sweeney {SNS} (Champion) vs. Jigsaw

Jigsaw won this opportunity by winning the first ever Cibernetico. Much like Sabian, Sweeney comes out with a sling on his arm. Sweeney says he hurt his arm when he was putting on his robe. He says he has to forfeit tonight. I actually liked this, Sweeney saw that this worked for Sabian earlier and tried to imitate it. Brilliant! As Jigsaw is complaining, Sweeney attacks Jigsaw from behind.

Jigsaw takes Sweeney over from the top rope for two. Jigsaw sends Sweeney to the floor with a hurricanrana and follows with a fozberry flop. Jigsaw springboards into the ring, but Sweeney catches him with a Hot Shot. Sweeney hits a double underhook suplex for two. Sweeney chokes Jigsaw on the mat and hits a Dusty elbow. Sweeney hits a slingshot suplex and a second rope elbow drop for two. Jigsaw rolls up Sweeney for two. Sweeney hits a gut wrench suplex and a knee drop for two. Sweeney and Jigsaw knock each other down with tandem elbows. Jigsaw sends Sweeney to the floor. Jigsaw comes off the top rope with a somersault senton. Back in the ring Jigsaw tries a crossbody, but Sweeney drops down the top rope to send him to the floor. Jigsaw cuts off Sweeney as he climbs the ropes. Sweeney knocks him down and hits a double axe handle. In the ring, Sweeney hits the ’68 Comeback Special for two. Jigsaw takes Sweeney off the top rope with a hurricanrana for two. Jigsaw takes him down with a Saito suplex for two. Sweeney blocks a superkick and lands a piledriver. Referee Bryce Remsburg notices Sweeney has brass knucks on his hand and stops the count. Jigsaw hops up and drops Sweeney with the Jig N’ Tonic for two. Sweeney clotheslines Jigsaw. Jigsaw hangs Sweeney in a tree of woe and hits a coast-to-coast dropkick. Rorschach tries to interfere but Mike Quackenbush cuts him off and takes him to the back. Sweeney brings Jigsaw up top. Jigsaw brings him down with a powerbomb to score the pin at 10:30 to win the Young Lions Cup. This was a fun way to end their feud, but why the heck wasn’t it the Jig N’ Tonic that ended it? Oh well, it was still a good match in the end and now all is right in CHIKARA. **3/4

The show ends with a whole mess of Tecnicos coming out and congratulating Jigsaw.

Also on this DVD is a bonus match from Mexico. I can’t find the date or anything, so I am just including it here. The match is Mike Quackenbush, Icarus, & Gran Akuma vs. Jigsaw, Hallowicked, & Larry Sweeney and it is shown in full. I have no idea what happened, I thought the match ended at 15:18 then like two minutes later they start wrestling again. Akuma hit a Yoshi Tonic and got another pin. Or something. Point is, the Tecnicos won and had a really cool match.


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