IWC: Accept No Limitations

Munhall, PA – 11.6.2004

Eddie Kingston, BlackJack Marciano, & Shiima Xion vs. Marshall Bambino, Mickey Gambino, & Jason Gory

Marshall works over Kingston’s arm to start. Marshall invites Kingston to hit the ropes. Marshall trips Kingston as he comes off and gives him a slam. Kingston gives him a thumb to the eye and tags in Marciano. The Wildcards miss a double elbow and Mickey tags in. The Gambino Bros. dance with the Wildcards, but then knock them down with clotheslines and a dropkick. Gory gives Marciano a crossbody for two. Xion tags in and Gory takes him down with a flurry of offense. Xion takes him over with a hurricanrana for two. The Wildcards and Xion team up against Gory, keeping the much larger Gambino’s out of the match. Gory eventually tags in Marshall, who takes Kingston down with a big spinebuster. Marciano breaks the cover, and Marciano drops him with the Russian Roulette. Mickey breaks the pin and gives Marciano a modified 2k1 Bomb and Xion breaks the pin. Xion drops Mickey with an inverted DDT, and Gory breaks that pin. Gory gives Xion the Gory Gallows (how bout that?) and then hits a tope con hilo on the Wildcards and the Gambinos, who are brawling on the floor. Xion comes off the top with a sky twister press onto everyone. In an ECW moment, Kingston throws referee Bryce Remsburg over the top rope onto everyone. The Gambinos give Kingston a Demolition Decapitator, and Marciano breaks the pin. Xion’s manager gives Gory a superkick, and Xion drops Gory with a snapmare driver for the pin at 11:42. This was a fun opening match for the show. If Xion and Gory are as new as the announcers say, I was very impressed with what they could do with such little experience. The Wildcards did their usual stuff and the Gambinos served their purpose. Good stuff for the most part. **


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