The Cibernetico Cometh


Emmaus, PA – 10.30.2004

wXw Championship; European Rules
Claudio Castagnoli vs. American Gigolo

European Rules means that there are 12 3-minute rounds with 30 second rest periods in between. To win, you must win 2 rounds by pinfall or submission, or 1 round by knock out. There are three warnings from the referee, and the third one results in a disqualification.

Gigolo takes Claudio down the mat by one leg. Claudio gets a head lock, and Gigolo traps him in a modified armbar. Claudio turns over into a half crab variation. Gigolo stretches Claudio in a surfboard-like submission, and Claudio armdrags Gigolo to the corner. Gigolo goes back to Claudio’s leg as Round 1 concludes. Gigolo takes a poweder and is literally outside of the arena as Round 2 begins, taking a drink. Gigolo comes in and kicks the inside of Claudio’s leg to receive a warning. Claudio palms Gigolo in the face a few times. Claudio hits Gigolo with a closed fist to receive a warning. Claudio targets Gigolo’s arm for the rest of the second round. Claudio attacks Gigolo during the rest period to receive a second warning. As round 3 begins, Claudio looks for an uppercut. Gigolo rolls him through for a pin instead. Claudio however is able to catch Gigolo coming off the ropes with a European Uppercut to the back of the neck for the knockout at 1:06 into Round 3. Claudio does a really good job in these matches, but Gigolo seemingly went into business for himself at one point and almost turned himself into the heel. That threw things off, but Claudio was talented enough to seamlessly swing things back in the right direction. *1/2

The next match is about to start, but then we see Darkness Crabtree and Lance Steel enter the building.

Falls Count Anywhere Match (Continued from More Songs About Buildings and Food)
Lance Steel vs. Darkness Crabtree

Crabtree brings Steel into the ring in an abdominal stretch. Steel turns Crabtree over in a Boston Crab. Crabtree taps out, officially ending the match at 23:36:00. To this day, this is by far the longest match in the history of CHIKARA. I liked the pay off to this, but since we missed about 23:34:59 of this match overall, I can’t rate it. Maybe someday Smart Mark Video will release the 13 disc set of this entire match.

Niles Young {CZW} vs. Ravage {CZW}

Ravage slaps Young in the back to escape a wristlock. Young goes back to the arm, and Ravage armdrags Young. Young takes him down with a headscissors. Each guy hits an armdrag, then both men reach a stalemate when they go for an armdrag at the same time. We get a chop battle until Ravage pokes Young in the eyes. Ravage applies a modified crossface. Ravage lays in some forearms and throws Young face first into the corner. Ravage grazes Young with an enzugiri. Young blocks a facewash in the corner, but Ravage drops him headfirst across the back of his leg. Young suplexes Ravage off the ropes, and Ravage lights Young up with chops. Youing gives Ravage an X-Factor. Young fires away at Ravage with right hands. Young drops Ravage face first to the mat. Young nails Ravage with a big boot for the pin at 8:33. This was a fun little showcase for the CZW students. They didn’t do much, but what they did was solid and both show potential. **

IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championship
Eddie Kingston {WC} & BlackJack Marciano {WC} (Champions) vs. Sabian {BO} & Joker {BO}

We get some verbal back-and-forth to start this match off. Sabian and Marciano start off, going back and forth with arm holds. Sabian then gets the better of Marciano in the back-and-forth, sending Marciano to the floor with an armdrag. Sabian fakes out a dive before tagging Joker. Kingston also tags in, and Joker rolls Kingston around in a waistlock. Kingston looks for a half crab, but gets in a kicking battle with Joker. Joker applies a crossface. Kingston suplexes Joker, but Joker keeps the crossface on. Kingston brings Joker in the corner and they exchange headbutts till both guys are on their knees. Kingston applies a Camel Clutch. Marciano comes in and dropkicks Joker in the face while Kingston has the hold on. Joker takes over Marciano with a series of side suplexes and then slingshots Marciano into a boot by Sabian. Sabian double stomps Marciano as he lay across Joker’s knees. Sabian gets trapped in the ring by Kingston, and the Wildcards keep beat him down in their corner. Sabian is able to escape when he turns a waterwheel slam from Marciano into a hurricanrana. Joker tags in and takes out the Wildcards. Sabian comes in to help bring Marciano to the floor and maul Kingston in the corner. Joker tosses Sabian to the floor onto both Kingston and Marciano. Kingston and Joker trade forearms in the ring. Kingston takes Joker down with a urinage suplex and Joker retaliates with a modified shining wizard. Sabian and Marciano now trade forearms. Sabian rolls Marciano into an Indian Death Lock variation. Joker gives Marciano a Manhattan Drop and Sabian cracks him with a shining wizard for two. Marciano knees Sabian in the head off of Kingston’s shoulders, into a slam from Kingston for two. Sabian gives Kingston an enzugiri, and Kingston suplexes Sabian to the floor. Joker blocks a suplex, so Kingston O’Conner rolls Sabian for the pin at 16:11. This was a really fun, hard-hitting tag team match between two teams that gelled really well. This match flew by and really made both teams look strong. They put on an impressive showing and rightfully proved why they were two hot teams at the time. ***

The Wildcards and BLK Out embrace afterwards.

Larry Sweeney comes out with the Young Lions Cup to cut a promo. He notes how Jigsaw feels that he’s the #1 Contender for his Young Lions Cup, but he has to do what Sweeney did to get his shot: go through 16 other guys. Sweeney says he came to CHIKARA to beat the big guys, but he got Jigsaw (who he calls a bum). He says Jigsaw won’t even get a chance to touch him when his group eliminates him. Sweeney says after he wins, Mike Quackenbush will have no choice but to show his face while Sweeney’s around and answer to him. Foreshadowing much?

IPW Mexican Lightweight Championship – 2 out of 3 Falls
Skayde (Champion) vs. El Oriental

Skayde takes Oriental to the mat and grabs a side headlock. Oriental rolls Skayde up for two. Oriental snapmares Skayde down after Skayde tries another headlock. Both guys wring one another’s arms, before rolling up to a stalemate. Skayde monkey flips Oriental into a pinning predicament, then Oriental flips up into a rana. Both guys give one another armdrags and pop up to another stalemate. A few leg sweeps causes Oriental to kick Skayde to the floor. Back in the ring, Skayde bounces off the ropes into a headscissors takedown. He then gets Oriental in an Anaconda Vice variation for the submission. Skayde wins the first fall at 4:10. Oriental avoids a few rolls by Skayde, then takes him to the floor with a satellite headscissors. Oriental pescado’s into a somersault senton. Oriental armdrags Skayde off the top rope into a Skayde schoolboy for the pin at 5:54. The match is now tied up at one fall a piece. Oriental snapmares Skayde into a headscissors on the mat. Skayde hops on Oriental as he drops down, then rolls him up for two. Oriental gives Skayde a hard clothesline for two. Oriental clotheslines Skayde in the corner then cracks him in the side of the head with a seated clothesline for two. Oriental rana’s Skayde into a pin, but Skayde turns it into a sunset pin for two. Skayde double arms Oriental into a powerbomb for two. Skayde looks for a second powerbomb, but Oriental turns and drops Skayde with a DDT. Oriental trips Skayde and hits a senton legdrop on the back of his head. He rolls up Skayde with La Magistral for the third fall and the match at 10:13. Funny enough, these guys have been having ho-hum matches this year, but when they face each other it’s quite good. I really enjoyed watching the Lucha exhibition these guys put on and if they wrestled each other more often than other CHIKARA wrestlers, they would be better received. But that’s besides the point; this was a great match. ***

American Gigolo and Oriental cut promos in Spanish. From what I can tell, Gigolo disrespected Oriental, Oriental blows him off, and Oriental puts over the fans and Skayde.

Torneo Cibernetico
Jigsaw, Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F}, Mister ZERO {MW}, Shane Storm {MW}, DJ Skittlez, Private Eye, & Jolly Roger vs. Larry Sweeney {SNS}, Crossbones {SNS}, Spyrazul {SNS}, ShareCropper {SNS}, Mano Metalico {SNS}, Rorschach {SNS}, Hallowicked {DB}, & UltraMantis Black {DB}

The Rules

Lucha tags are in effect, meaning in addition to physically contacting a wrestler, leaving the ring counts as a legal tag. Each team has a batting order that must be followed. That means that the wrestler in the ring must tag out to the next man in the batting order. Only the next wrestler in the batting order is up on the apron while the remaining teammates on each team wait on the floor. If the batting order is broken, the team can be disqualified. The order in which the participants are listed above is the batting order for both teams. The match is under elimination rules by pin fall, submission, disqualification or count out. There can only be one winner, so if more than one man on a team survives when all members of another team have been eliminated those teammates must wrestle each other to determine the winner.


– Mano Metallico is the first one eliminated at 41:00. Storm held up his STOP sign so Metallico would be hit by a crossbody from Roger. After that, ZERO and Icarus helped Roger pin him.
– Private Eye is eliminated shortly after, with Hallowicked turning his mask sideways and rolling him up with a schoolboy at 42:16.
– DJ Skittlez is eliminated at 50:27. Storm was beaten down by the Rudos for awhile, but caught Sweeney coming off the top rope with a clothesline to the gut. He made the hot tag to Skittlez, who ate a turnbuckle hotshot to get pinned by Sweeney after getting in a small bit of offense.
– ShareCropper is the next to go, as Jigsaw catches him with a prawn hold at 57:44. Sweet N; Sour International managed to trap Jigsaw and beat him down through multiple tags, but Jigsaw got the opportunity to take out the ShareCropper, and he took it.
– Crossbones is eliminated at 58:46 with a lariat from Mister ZERO. These were the next two guys tagged in after Jigsaw and ShareCropper. Nothing much more to say here.
– Mister ZERO is eliminated with Sweeney’s ’68 Comeback Special at 59:03. Sweeney ran in as soon as ZERO got the pin and got ZERO while he was distracted.
– Jolly Roger is eliminated when Mantis ties him in La Safarina at 1:09:19. He had just made the tag from Akuma when Mantis locked it in.
– UltraMantis Black is eliminated by Storm with That Japanese Move at 1:10:08. This came right after Storm dropped Mantis on his head with a German suplex.
– Shane Storm is pinned by Rorschach at 11:12:19 with a Victory Roll.
– Icarus is eliminated when Hallowicked takes him out with a Backpack Stunner at 1:12:19. Hallowicked reversed a shiranui to hit it.
– Hallowicked is eliminated by a reverse rolling prawn hold at 1:12:42. Jigsaw dropped Hallowicked on his head as he tried a second backpack stunner.
– Gran Akuma is eliminated at 1:13:42. Sweeney pretended his knee was hurt. Referee Bryce Remsburg had Akuma back away, distracting him long enough to put on brass knuckles. Sweeney clocked Akuma with the knucks to score the pin.
– Sweeney celebrates because it is now three versus one. Behind Sweeney’s back, Spyrazul drops Rorschach with a Black Tornado Slam and allows Jigsaw to pin him at 1:14:30.
– Spyrazul then takes off his mask and reveals himself to be Mike Quackenbush. He throws the mask at Sweeney wishes Jigsaw luck, then voluntarily leaves at 1:14:54.
– Jigsaw scored the pinfall with a shining enzugiri at 1:16:07 to win the first ever Cibernetico. Sweeney tried to run away, but Jigsaw threw him back in the ring, finally getting his hands on him for the first time in this match. Because of this win, Jigsaw will finally get a shot at the Young Lions Cup at CHIKARA’s next show.

The build up to the climax Quackenbush revealing himself was absolutely excellent. Sweeney kept asking where Quack was, saying he was better than him and all this nonsense. Spyrazul kept dropping the ball in his matches, but not to the point where Sweeney or anyone else would suspect something was up. He played it cool and made it seem like he was in Sweeney’s camp the entire time. The wrestling, pacing, and storytelling in this match was really good as well and made for a fast-paced 76 minutes. For the first Cibernetico, this was a definite win. ***1/2


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