More Songs About Buildings and Food


10.29.2004 – Reading, PA

Joker vs. Mano Metalico {SNS}

Joker takes out Metalico’s legs and beats on his upper back/neck area. Metalico drops Joker with a reverse flatliner. Joker throws a clothesline, and Metalico knocks Joker down with one of his own. Metalico drops Joker with a stunner. Joker gives him a Code Breaker and a knee strike to the face. Joker lays in some more strikes while Metalico is grounded. Metalico hits Joker with a sit-out chokeslam. Metalico and Joker exchange strikes around ringside, including Metalico throwing Joker into a wall. Back in the ring, Joker gets in some offense and locks in a crossface. Metalico goes for a clothesline once escaping, but Joker dumps him with a backdrop. Metalico suddenly drops Joker with a Psycho Driver for the pin at 9:39. This was a fun, easy watch with both guys laying into one another. It was basically a vehicle to make Metalico look like a monster right before the Cibernetico, and it did a fine job establishing that. *1/2

Lance Steel vs. Darkness Crabtree

Unless I am mistaken, this is Lance Steel’s debut match in CHIKARA. He comes out with some weird clown businessman and to some sinister music. That’s so odd. Steel rolls up Crabtree for the first pin in 0:07.

Crabtree says he wasn’t warmed up yet, and now we get a Best 2 out of 3 Falls match between these guys.

Best 2 out of 3 Falls
Lance Steel vs. Darkness Crabtree

Steel O’Conner rolls Crabtree for a pin in 0:05. This was the second fall (the first encounter being Fall number one).

Now we get a submission match, per Crabtree’s request.

Submission Match
Lance Steel vs. Darkness Crabtree

Steel locks on a headlock and Crabtree taps out in 0:06.

Crabtree says they should have a hardcore match. So guess what? We get one.

Hardcore Match
Lance Steel vs. Darkness Crabtree

Steel backslides Crabtree as he heads to the floor for the pin in 0:07.

Crabtree says things aren’t going as wells. He says to take the action to the extreme, and now we have a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Lance Steel vs. Darkness Crabtree

A lock-up is taken from the ring to the floor. Steel rolls up Crabtree for two, and the crowd pops for the kick out. However, he schoolboys Crabtree to get the pin in 0:25.

Crabtree says he is over his monthly limit (of what?) already. He says they will have a No Time Limit, No Count Out match-up.

No Time Limit, No Count Out Match
Lance Steel vs. Darkness Crabtree

A lock-up again goes to the floor. Crabtree grabs a wristlock, and Steel turns it into a hammerlock. They actually go outside, but Crabtree brings Steel back in with a full nelson. More holds are traded, and once again they go outside. They start walking out of view of the camera, and out of the building. Management decides to keep the show moving since they have no idea where Steel and Crabtree went. We’ll see the exciting conclusion of this match…at some point. (wink wink)

Matt Bomboy vs. Din Mak

Bomboy attacks Mak before the bell. Bomboy gets in some offense till Mak side steps a corner attack. Mak crotches himself on the ropes by missing a yakuza kick, allowing Bomboy to regain control with a surfboard chinlock. Bomboy twits Mak into a liontamer/cloverleaf combo. Bomboy hits a fisherman’s suplex with a bridge for two. Bomboy gets in referee Bryce’s face, allowing Mak to come in and takes out Bomboy’s legs. Bomboy cuts Mak off as he goes up top. Mak however comes off with a sunset flip, taking Bomboy off the second rope. Mak turns Bomboy inside out with a hard clothesline for two. He gives Bomboy a modified exploder suplex for two. Bomboy powerbombs Mak out of the corner. Mak rolls up Bomboy for two. Bomboy hits a spinning headlock elbow drop, and then misses a top rope elbow drop. Bomboy rolls up Mak and holds the tights for the pin at 7:19. This was pretty dull, and about the same as the first match. I’m glad we get these guys stuck with each other instead of wrestling other, better CHIKARA regulars. *

Bomboy says he beat Mak both this month and last month against Bomboy. Bomboy says Mak trained him, and now he can’t handle that Bomboy is beating him. He says next month they end things once in for all in an “I Quit” match. Let’s see how that goes.

European Rules
Claudio Castagnoli vs. Sabian

The rules are as follows: There are twelve 3-minute rounds with 30 second rest periods in between. To win, you must win 2 rounds by pinfall or submission, or 1 round by knock out. You must allow your opponent to get to their feet before continuing the match if they are down. There are three warnings from the referee, and the third one results in a disqualification.

Sabian controls the wrist, and Claudio bails to the floor after kicking out of a roll-up. He complains to Bryce of tights-grabbing. Sabian sunset flips Claudio, and he complains of the same thing again. Claudio double palm strikes Sabian in the abdomen. Sabian tries a sunset flip pin, and rolls Claudio around on the mat when he only gets two. Sabian cartwheels into an armdrag to end Round 1. Sabian takes the advantage as Round 2 opens. Sabian crucifixes into an armdrag, then knee strikes Claudio to the mat. Sabian tries a folding press pin, but Claudio gets up and strikes Sabian away. Claudio cranks on Sabian’s arm. Claudio again goes to the abdomen. Claudio keeps on Sabian’s shoulder and arm as Round 2 concludes. Claudio armwhips Sabian as soon as the bell rings, getting a warning. Claudio kicks Sabian till he hits the floor behind the referee’s back. Claudio keeps on the arm as Round 3 opens, but Sabian hits a DDT. Claudio throws Sabian face first into the corner. Claudio of course goes back to the arm, and kicks Sabian while he’s down, giving him a 2nd warning. Sabian fights back up with kicks, but all it takes is one shot to the shoulder from Claudio to take him back down at the end of Round 3. Claudio attacks with a European uppercut to start Round 4, and Sabian dropkicks his legs out as to hit him to the back of the neck with a basement dropkick. Sabian receives a warning for not waiting till Claudio gets up. Claudio goes to the floor, and Sabian dives over referee Bryce with a tope con hilo onto Claudio. Claudio pops-up Sabian, and Sabian rolls into a pinning combination for two. Claudio pops up Sabian, letting him crash stomach first on the mat. Claudio cracks Sabian in the back of the neck with a rolling European uppercut for the knock-out at 2:21 into Round 4. These European Rules stories are so easy to do. Claudio breaks them all when he can, and bullies a smaller guy who gets a comeback in here and there. I enjoy these so far, and as I have said before, Claudio was awesome at the get-go. **1/2

IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championship
Eddie Kingston {WC} & BlackJack Marciano {WC} (Champions) vs. Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

An opening exchange sees Icarus take down Marciano with a headscissors. Akuma comes in, and Marciano takes him down with a suplex. Kingston comes in and suplexes Akuma for two. Kingston throws Akuma to Marciano who gives him a forearm. The Wildcards isolate Akuma in their corner. Akuma eventually takes Kingston down with a headscissors. Akuma almost tags in Icarus, but Marciano knocks him off the apron and attacks Akuma. The double team Akuma with an elbow drop, but then Akuma wheelbarrows into a bulldog on Marciano. Icarus tags in and takes down the Wildcards with clotheslines. Icarus gives Kingston a jump up superkick for two. Kingston takes Icarus over with a urinage slam for two. Akuma drops Kingston with the Yoshi Tonic for two. Marciano drops Akuma a suplex facebuster for two. F.I.S.T. botch up a double team, and Akuma drops Marciano with a DDT. Icarus pescado’s onto Kingston, but he catches him and drops him with a backbreaker. Akuma looks for a Falcon Arrow on Marciano. Kingston trips Akuma and holds his leg, allowing Marciano to pin him at 9:15. This lacked all the heat that their previous tag team matches and wasn’t nearly as good. It’s like their rivalry wasn’t played off at all. The segment after the hot tag was great, but the botched stuff took it down a bit. Not to mention that was jipped in the time department. **

Allison Danger vs. Lacey

Again, I could be wrong, but I think this is the first female vs. female singles match in CHIKARA. We’ve had Sumie Sakai and Mercedes Martinez in matches before, but against men. Lacey grabs Danger’s hair to throw her to the mat and keep the advantage while complaining Danger was doing so whenever she was playing defense. Danger, fed up, throws Lacey down by her hair and then gives her a couple armdrags. Lacey side steps a spear and Danger rams herself shoulder first into the ringpost. Lacey capitalizes by throwing Danger’s shoulder into the ring post and stretching it out. Danger comes back with chops, but Lacey goes to her eyes and gives some chops of her own. Lacey keeps on top of Danger by choking her and targeting her shoulder. Danger kicks the back of Lacey’s head while she lay on the bottom rope for two. Danger tries to whip Lacey, but she holds onto the ropes and Danger pulls her shoulder. Lacey hits an arm assisted-DDT for two. Danger comes back with a flurry of offense and a standing crossbody for two. Danger drops Lacey with an STO for the pin at 8:16. This was a good women’s match that so far had the crowd the most enamored. Lacey was a good heel, and Danger did an alright job as a face. I’m actually surprised it was Danger who ended up with consistent CHIKARA bookings after this match instead of Lacey. Still, this was good. **1/4

Skayde vs. Hallowicked {DB}

Skayde works over Hallowicked’s arm and shoulder. Skayde rolls him into the Skayde schoolboy for two. Skayde trips Hallowicked into a modified Cattle Mutilation. Hallowicked hops up and throws Skayde to the floor in a finger lace. Hallowicked crosses Skayde’s legs and stretches out his back. Skayde hops up and whips Hallowicked to the corner. Skayde rolls into a sunset flip pin for two. Skayde armdrags Hallowicked to the floor. Hallowicked knees Skayde in the stomach and lays in some strikes to the back of Hallowicked. Hallowicked turns a pump handle slam from Skayde into a DDT for two. Hallowicked snapmares Skayde and stretches out his back. Hallowicked backdrops Skayde. Skayde dropkicks Hallowicked in the side of the head.Skayde wheelbarrows into a stretch, and Hallowicked grabs the ropes to break it. Skayde drops Hallowicked on his face and rolls him up with the Skayde schoolboy for the pin at 8:01. This was alright, but certainly not as good as you’d expect from these two. Thankfully both guys would get better soon after this. **1/4

IPW Mexican Lightweight Championship
Mike Quackenbush (Champion) vs. El Oriental

Oriental waistlocks Quack and schoolboys him. Quack crawls around the ring and pops up putting Oriental into a wristlock. Oriental takes Quack to the mat with a headscissors, which Quack turns into a headlock. Oriental goes back to the headscissors. Oriental goes back to Quack’s wrist. Quack trips Oriental and applies pressure to his knees. Oriental goes back to the wrist. Quack reverses a front chancery, and Oriental rolls into an armdrag. Quack and Oriental go back and forth reaching a stand off. Oriental and Quack exchange slaps to the chest. Quack dropkicks Oriental’s legs out and picks on Oriental’s right ankle. Oriental kicks Quack in the side of the head and wheelbarrows to his feet. Quack clotheslines Oriental for two. Oriental responds with a clothesline of his own. Oriental kicks away at Quack before chopping him on the ropes. Quack and Oriental sike each other out with Lucha rolls and dives, with Oriental sending Quack to the floor. Oriental slingshots to the floor and gives Quack a hurricanrana. Oriental sends Quack to the ropes and follows with a clothesline. Oriental hits a bulldog for two. Oriental stretches Quack on the mat in a variety of ways. Oriental rubs his forearm across Quack’s nose. Quack looks to escape the headlock, and Oriental bonks him on the head. Oriental hits a sole butt and powerbombs Quack. He hits a senton for two. Oriental looks for another powerbomb, and Quack armdrags him down. Quack dropkicks Oriental to the floor and hits a tope con heilo. In the ring, Quack fires up Oriental with strikes. Oriental gets in a flurry of strikes before Quack palm strikes him. Quack lands a cabradora. Quack gives Oriental the Black Tornado Slam for two. Quack rolls Oriental into the Lightning Lock Beta. Oriental escapes and snapmares Quack. Oriental rams his side into Quack’s face for two. Oriental trips Quack and hits a senton legdrop. Quack blocks a German suplex. Oriental turns a palm strike into a bridging Tiger Suplex for the win in 11:15. Pretty dull all things considered, with the crowd size being part of the problem. Oriental was fine, but certainly not as special as you’d think. Perhaps they were the wrong opponents for one another. **1/4

Jigsaw, Jolly Roger, Shane Storm {MW}, & DJ Skittlez vs. Larry Sweeney {SNS}, ShareCropper {SNS}, Crossbones {SNS}, & American Gigolo

ShareCropper and Jigsaw feel each other out to start the match. Jigsaw sends the exchange by sending ShareCropper to the floor with a dropkick. Jigsaw follows with a fozberry flop. Sweeney and Storm tag in. Sweeney gets an early advantage, but a series of armdrags from Storm takes Sweeney to the floor. Sweeney follows with a tope suicida. Skittlez and Crossbones come in and trade holds. Skittlez got the advantage, so Gigolo and Roger tag in. Gigolo ties Roger up, but Roger comes back with a pendulum and senton. We get a chain of headlocks from all the participants, and Skittlez leg sweeps all of them down. Crossbones trips Skittlez and kicks his face into the middle turnbuckle. Sweet N Sour International isolate Skittlez from the rest of his team, and often use nefarious tactics to keep him down. Finally, Roger tags in and almost gives Sweeney the Walk the Plank. Sweeney turns it into the ’68 Comeback Special and Jigsaw breaks the pin. ShareCropper gives Jigsaw a Finlay Roll for two. Jigsaw slams him down and gives him a double stomp, but Crossbones breaks the pin. Skittlez comes in as Jigsaw goes to the floor and gives Crossbones the Rainbow Bomb for two. Crossbones gives Skittlez an Air Raid Crash and Storm breaks the pin. Gigolo attacks but Storm takes him over with a belly-to-belly suplex for two. Both teams are now slugging it out all over. Sweeney and Jigsaw end up in the ring, and Sweeney uses the referee to create distance. Crossbones cracks Jigsaw with an enzugiri from behind, and Sweeney follows up with a piledriver for the pin at 16:33. This was a really good match to build up the next nights Cibernetico. Sweeney and his group acted like arrogant pricks, confident of their win, until Sweeney got one on one with Jigsaw and he showed his true colors. The Rudo victory also set up for a satisfying win the next night. All the guys worked hard too to hype the match and got the crowd off their feet for once. ***

Sweeney gets on the microphone and says this match was a sign of things to come, saying Jigsaw will never get his shot at the Young Lions Cup. Sweeney evades a superkick for Jigsaw and retreats to Crossbones and ShareCropper as the Tecnicos pose in the ring for the fans.


2 Responses to More Songs About Buildings and Food

  1. LFC says:

    Kevin, you’ll be interested to know that the first meeting between Lance/Crabtree on this card was considered the first fall. Crabtree then asked for the rules to be changed to Best 2 out of 3, but he was already down 1 fall. So the second pin, being the second fall, ended the match. Hope that made sense.

  2. kford13 says:

    Thank you for clearing that up. That is the one problem with these early shows not having commentary is stuff like that goes over my head. So thanks for responding (and reading the blog overall)! And yes, your explanation did make sense.

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