IWA Mid-South: Revolution Strong Style Tournament 2004

Lafayette, IN – 10.22.2004

Strong Style Tournament Match
Eddie Kingston vs. Super Dragon

Kingston laughs at Dragon and mockingly chants his name after shoving him into the corner. They trade front chancery’s. Dragon brings Kingston to the corner and backs away clean. Kingston knocks him down with a couple shoulder blocks. They trade forearms on their feet. Kingston hits a uranage backbreaker. Kingston applies a Camel Clutch. Dragon brings Kingston to the corner and lays in a few strikes. Kingston grabs his eyeholes and slaps him in the face. Kingston grabs his face and stomps on Dragon’s mid-section. Dragon nails him with a rolling forearm. Dragon chops Kingston in the corner and hits him with a Koppu Kick. Dragon delivers a top rope double stomp for two. Kingston comes back with a belly-to-belly suplex for two. King delivers a couple kicks to Dragon’s spine for two. Kingston hits a yakuza kick and tries a second suplex. Dragon blocks and chops Kingston in the corner. Dragon delivers a super butterfly suplex for two. Kingston ducks a lariat and hits a uranage suplex for two. Kingston lays in some chops. Dragon responds with his own. He nails a lariat for two. Dragon gives Kingston a headbutt and lights him up with multiple kicks to the head. Dragon comes off the top with a doublestomp to Kingston’s head for the pin at 8:22. I guess this tournament really is about senseless beating, but this did seem purposeless. Neither man made it seem like they REALLY wanted to win this match. Even the fans were unusually quiet for these two fan favorites. **

Black Jack Marciano vs. Chad Collyer vs. JC Bailey

Before the match, Marciano twists Leonard F. Chikarason (who was just a fan at the time) arm (literally) after being introduced. He and Bailey team up and nail Collyer with strikes. Collyer kicks Marciano and clotheslines Bailey. Marciano accidentally forearms Bailey off the apron. Collyer O’Conner rolls Marciano for two. Collyer monkey flips Marciano as he comes off the ropes. Bailey trips Collyer and applies a side headlock. Collyer blocks a monkey flip and tosses him overhead. Marciano breaks up the pin. Marciano and Bailey hit a double Russian legsweep. They argue over who will pin Collyer. Bailey headbutts Marciano twice and then hits a swinging neckbreaker. Marciano ducks a clothesline and nails Bailey with a spinwheel kick. A stacked-up superplex sees Collyer pin Bailey for two, then Marciano for two. Collyer puts Marciano in a bow and arrow. Bailey doublestomps Marciano onto Collyer’s knees. Collyer pins Bailey after a flurry of offense. He hits a delayed vertical suplex for two. He suplexes Marciano in from the apron for two. Collyer clotheslines Marciano to the floor. Bailey hits Collyer with a missile dropkick. Marciano breaks the pin and drops Bailey with a suplex into a facebuster. Collyer puts Marciano into the Cloverleaf. Marciano taps out at 6:22. Collyer stood out amongst the pack, which seemed to be the point of it all. Bailey and Marciano did solid work as well. This certainly felt as if it had more purpose than the previous bout. **1/4


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