PWG: Use Your Illusion IV

Los Angeles, CA – 10.23.2004

Mike Quackenbush, Icarus, & Gran Akuma vs. Hallowicked, Jigsaw, & Larry Sweeney

They spell the company’s name wrong on the match graphic as “Chickara”. We’re off to a good start! Hallowicked and Quackenbush start off. Quackenbush works over Hallowicked’s arm and takes him down in an ankle lock. Hallowicked breaks the hold and Sweeney claims that Quackenbush isn’t competing in legitimate sports. Hallowicked whips Quackenbush into a grapevine. Quackenbush sunset flips Hallowicked for two, then transitions into an Anaconda Vice. Hallowicked breaks the hold. Quackenbush gets the upper hand in a Lucha sequence with a quebradora. Icarus hops in with a crossbody. Quackenbush assists Icarus into a headscissors on Hallowicked that sends him to the floor. Quackenbush follows with a senton. Akuma and Jigsaw tag in and trade strikes. Akuma gets a wheelbarrow armdrag while Jigsaw gets in a toreador. Akuma locks Jigsaw in a Lightning Lock variation. Sweeney breaks it and gets chopped by Akuma. We then get a headlock chain from all six participants. The Tecnicos hip toss the Rudos out of it. Icarus and Akuma put Hallowicked on Jigsaw’s shoulders and force Jigsaw to powerbomb him. Hallowicked and Jigsaw get in a shoving match. Sweeney prevents further dissension by getting a group hug to make up. Sweeney turns around to a chop from Icarus. Sweeney shoulder blocks Icarus down three times, and Icarus responds with a few armdrag variants and a hurricanrana for two. Sweeney hot shots Icarus on the top rope, allowing Sweeney’s team to do some damage on him for awhile. Icarus slips out, allowing Akuma to legally tag in. However, the Rudos cut him off and Akuma replaces Icarus as the Rudos whipping boy. Jigsaw and Hallowicked hit a double stomp/torture rack combo and toss Akuma to the floor. Quackenbush runs in as the legal man. The Rudos are able to keep on him for a bit, but Quackenbush is able to avoid a corner attack and palm strikes Hallowicked. All six men fight in the ring. Quackenbush and Icarus throw Jigsaw and Hallowicked into each other and then turn them over in double Boston Crabs. Akuma comes in to apply a submission on both guys at once, and Sweeney breaks it. Hallowicked launches Quackenbush into dropkicking Jigsaw and Sweeney out of the ring. Hallowicked delivers a backpack stunner to Quackenbush for two. Quackenbush sits down to stop an Irish whip. He gets two with the Black Tornado Slam on Hallowicked due to Jigsaw breaing the count. Akuma gives Jigsaw a Pyramid bomb for two. Akuma hits a sole butt and looks for the Yoshi Tonic. Jigsaw escapes and hits a rack bomb for two. Sweeney hits Icarus with the ’68 Comeback Special for two. Icarus gives him a shianui and Hallowicked breaks the pin. Akuma superplexes Sweeney off of Hallowicked’s back. Jigsaw and Quackenbush go on Hallowicked’s back, and Quackenbush takes him down with a suplex. Hallowicked rolls though a sunset flip and pins Quackenbush with a kneeling frog press for the pin at 16:20. You can tell this was choreographed, but man was it fun to watch nonetheless. Just six dudes going full throttle for 16 minutes. All these guys looked great, the crowd gave them a great reaction, and you can tell how much they have all improved. ***1/4


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