PWE: Volume 6

Mechanicsburg, PA – 10.2.2004

Hallowicked vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Both guys to each others arms to start. Hallowicked knocks Claudio down with a shoulder tackle. Claudio goes to the mat in the Lady in the Lake position. Hallowicked rolls Claudio around and gets angry. Claudio brings him to the mat for a flash two count. Back to the arms they go, trading wristlocks. This leads to them doing some ballroom dancing, but Claudio then wrenches back on Hallowicked’s arm. Claudio gives Hallowicked a few armdrags and a big hip toss for two. Hallowicked drops Claudio with a hot shot. Hallowicked punches Claudio in a headlock. Hallowicked continues to work over Claudio’s throat. Claudio ducks some of Hallowicked’s clothesline and hits a flying variation of his own. Hallowicked punches Claudio in the eye and takes him off the top rope with a super snapmares. Hallowicked hits a top rope somersault sneton for two. Claudio gives him a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Claudio powers up Hallowicked, and Hallowicked gets an O’Conner Roll. He grabs the tights to get the pin in 10:42. That was a good match and it’s funny to think that these guys were quite good then, and it was a short matter of time before they got really good. I enjoyed this travel back in time. **1/2

2 out of 3 Falls Match
Icarus & Gran Akuma vs. Flex Fenom & Aidean

Fenom and Aidean attack Akuma and Icarus as they make their entrance. Icarus and Aidean come back in the ring, and Fenom and Aidean drop him with a double spinebuster to win the first fall in 0:16. Akuma attacks Fenom and takes him over with a suplex. He follows up with a senton splash for two. Icarus and Akuma gives Fenom a flurry of strikes for two. Akuma and Icarus actually keep on Fenom, trapping him in their corner and beating him down. Something must have happened to make Fenom and Aidean the babyfaces, because the fans are cheering them. Although the attack and early pin would make me say differently. I am confused. Akuma comes in, and the tables turn; now it’s Akuma who is isolated and beaten down. Akuma is able to come back with a sunset flip. Icarus tags in and looks for a shiranui on Aidean. Fenom breaks it. Aidean hits Icarus in the head with brass knucks and Fenom gives him a German suplex for two. Fenom nails Icarus with the brass knucks right in front of the referee, and the ref calls for the bell at 10:33 to reward Icarus and Akuma a fall. Akuma comes in with a flying dropkick to Fenom. He then drops him with a brainbuster and sends him to the corner. Akuma dropkicks Fenom in the chest and places him up top. Akuma takes him off the top with a hurricanrana and Aidean breaks the pin. Icarus gives Aidean a superkick for two. Fenom and Akuma fight on the floor and Aidean gives Icarus a swinging DDT for two. Icarus gives Aidean a stunner, and Akuma come off the top with a flying crossbody for the pin and victory at 12:10. I really didn’t like how both teams could have played heels or faces the whole time, but in the end I was right; Akuma and Icarus were the faces. Anyhow, aside from that, this was a solid, fun tag team match. **1/2

PWE Championship
Mike Quackenbush (Champion) vs. Glen Osbourne

Osbourne’s chain is taken away before the match begins. Osbourne drops Quack on his bottom and applies a headlock. Quack stomps on Osbourne’s feet and sends him to the floor with a flying shoulder tackle. Quack dives onto Osbourne. We then cut to Quack picking Osbourne’s ankle. Osbourne powerslams Quack for two. Osbourne continues to punish Quack until Quack gets as sunset flip. Osbourne though takes him right back down with a few hard shots. Quack comes back with a flying crossbody as he comes off the ropes. Osbourne takes Quack down and cranks on his neck. Quack pulls down the top rope, sending Osbourne to the floor. Quack goes to the floor over Osbourne by accident, and Osbourne clubs him in the back. Back in the ring Osbourne continues his beat down. Quack kicks away at Osbourne and heads up top. Osbourne throws Quack down. He rolls through, but Quack plays possum. Osbourne goes to the second rope and Quack puts his foot up to stop him. Quack gives him a sole butt then comes off the second rope with a back elbow. Quack backdrops Osbourne then snapmares him over. Quack nails a top rope frog splash for two. Osbourne gives Quack a chinbreaker, and Quack falls back and knocks down the referee. Osbourne grabs his chain. The female ring announcer comes in looking to grab it from him, but Osbourne pulls her down then punches Quack in the face with his fist wrapped in the chain. The referee makes the count but she stops him from kiang a three count. While Osbourne is yelling at her, Quack pulls up the chain so that Osbourne gets crotched. The ring announcer gets on the microphone and announces that this match goes to a no contest and Quack retains at around 13:30. This was pretty dull. Unlike their first match, Osbourne had much more offense which is certainly not his strength. Quack did fine in his part, but nothing interesting occurred whatsoever. *

The ring announcer says next month there will be a rematch inside a steel cage. Great, ANOTHER tape I am missing. These people really need to re-stock so I can get these shows. Or someone else can provide them for me (wink wink nudge nudge).


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