Beware of Barely Badd Blasts and/or Blood Brawls on the Beach

Emmaus, PA – 9.25.2004

Back at Retribution Rumble of Revenge and Rumble to Remember, Larry Sweeney agreed to Best of Seven series pitting his Sweet N’ Sour International group against seven of CHIKARA’s finest. Those seven matches happen tonight. Remember, the Dark Breed was aligned with Sweet N’ Sour International at the time so Hallowicked and UltraMantis Black’s singles matches count in this series. If CHIKARA wins the series, he gets a singles match against Sweeney in the main event. If Sweet N’ Sour International win the series, Sweeney and Jigsaw will never have a singles match again.

This was the second of three shows that was released on VHS, and then again on three separate DVD’s as bonus matches. This show was released across the Aniversario 2005 weekend, “Aniversario Blue”, “Aniversario Orange”, and “Aniversario White”. Three matches were featured on each DVD.

Larry Sweeney comes out with Hallowicked and UltraMantis Black. Sweeney puts down the crowd, and some fat fans swears at him which gets the fan heat. Sweeney says he’s not worried about Jigsaw because his family of men have never been closer. Sweeney says after tonight, Sweet N’ Sour International will be known as the largest force in pro wrestling. He asks where Mike Quackenbush is, and he says Quack better keep running away from Sweeney.

Icarus {F} vs. ShareCropper {SNS}

Both guys feel each other out to start. Icarus gets an O’Conner Roll for two. ShareCropper gives Icarus a shoulder block, and Icarus responds with a pair of armdrags. ShareCropper drops Icarus face first when he goes for a wheelbarrow. ShareCropper hits a fisherman’s suplex for two. ShareCropper chokes Icarus with the carrot stem on his pants. ShareCropper hits a sidewalk slam for two. Icarus hits a clothesline and a side leg sweep. Icarus rolls up ShareCropper for two. ShareCropper pokes Icarus in the eyes and hits a belly-to-back suplex. ShareCropper misses a second rope senton. Icarus takes down ShareCropper with a clothesline. Icarus backdrops v, and then takes him down with a headscissors and a dropkick for two. ShareCropper spins out Icarus in a uranage slam for two. Icarus blocks the crop duster and hits a reverse DDT for two. Icarus hits a split-legged moonsault for the pin at 7:12. This was slow, but what they did looked good for the most part. There was really just nothing to it at all. CHIKARA leads Sweet N’ Sour Inc. 1 to 0. *

Before the next match, Larry Sweeney comes out to inform the crowd that Mobius won’t be on the show tonight. Because of that, Claudio Castagnoli will take his place in the Best of Seven series and has signed with Sweet N’ Sour International and that the match will be contested under European Rules. This means that there are 12 3-minute rounds with 30 second rest periods in between. To win, you must win 2 rounds by pinfall or submission, or 1 round by knock out. There are three warnings from the referee, and the third one results in a disqualification.

European Rules Match
Claudio Castagnoli {SNS} vs. DJ Skittlez

Claudio rolls out of a wristlock. Skittlez grabs another one and places Claudio on the second rope. Skittlez side steps a double axe handle and spins Claudio around in a backslide position. Both guys exchange wrist clutches, and Skittlez drags Claudio to the mat. Round 1 concludes with no decisive advantage. Round 2 begins with Claudio looking for a handshake. Instead he grabs a headlock and punches and palm strikes Skittlez in the head multiple times. Claudio gets a warning for using an open fist. Claudio armwhips Skittlez down. Claudio snapmares Skittlez and rakes his face. Skittlez sunset flups Claudio for two. Claudio goes back to the headlock and purposely makes it so the referee can’t see what he’s doing. Claudio snaps Skittlez arm as he hip tosses him, and Round 2 concludes. Claudio elbows Skittlez in the back of the neck before the 30 second rest period ends giving him his second warning. Skittlez tilt-a-whirls Claudio into an inverted DDT for two. Skittlez calls for the Rainbow Bomb. Claudio gets off the shoulders and blasts Skittlez in the back of the neck with a rolling European uppercut for the knock out at 1:15 into Round 3. This was a really good story actually, and Claudio and Sweeney make for such a fun unit. It’s sad that this would be short lived, but I’m digging it for now. The series is now tied at 1 win a piece. **

Sabian vs. Rorschach {SNS}

Sabian crosses Rorschach’s arms, and turns him into a leg submission while keeping them crossed. Sabian turns a test of strength into a cross armbreaker. Rorschach dropkicks Sabian and then stomps on his back. Rorschach chokes Sabian on the middle rope and then on the mat with his hand. Sabian hits a toreador before dropkicking Rorschach’s legs out. Sabian wraps up Rorschach in a Koji clutch variation. Sabian lays in some chops before hitting an enzugiri for two. Sabian doublestomps Rorschach’s arm from the top rope and then stretches Rorschach’s arm across his leg. Rorschach escapes and hits a clothesline. He chokes Sabian with his boot. Sabian kicks Rorschach in his knee to take him down. Rorschach lays in some shots to the grounded Sabian. Rorschach misses a top rope splash. Sabian tries a series of pinfalls for two. Rorschach hits a clothesline and takes him over with a suplex. He then suplexes Sabian to the floor. Rorschach follows out, but Sabian hops back in the ring and lands a tope con hilo. Back in the ring, Sabian drops Rorschach right on his head with a headscissors takedown. Rorschach comes back with a release fisherman’s suplex into the corner for two. Sabian rolls up Rorschach for the pin at 11:09. This was a fine match that the crowd actually cared about. Rorschach is too basic to be interesting, but thankfully Sabian worked hard to make this better. CHIKARA is now up 2 to 1. **1/4

Jolly Roger vs. Hallowicked {DB}

Hallowicked and Roger jockey for position. Roger does some dancing, forcing Hallowicked to continuously jump over his legs. Hallowicked tries a double stomp, and Roger sweeps his feet. Roger sends Hallowicked to the corner with an overhand wristlock drag. Roger forces Hallowicked to do the wave, and Bryce even joins in. Roger trips Hallowicked and forces him to do a little break dancing. Roger double stomps Hallowicked. Roger knocks down Hallowicked with forearms, and Hallowicked springboards into an armdrag. Roger gets in a flurry of offense and walks the top rope into a hurricanrana, sending Hallowicked to the floor. Roger runs up the turnbuckle into a somersault senton to the floor. In the ring, Hallowicked regains control. Roger dances his way out of a headlock, and Hallowicked pops him up into a hurricanrana. Hallowicked cracks Roger with a hard overhand chop. Roger prawn holds Hallowicked out of a wheelbarrow, and v takes him down with double overhand chops. Hallowicked slams Roger and comes off the top rope with a somersault senton for two. Roger ducks some clotheslines and hits a spinning front heel kick. Roger hits a forearm and a sit-out hiptoss for two. He his a rolling back elbow off the ropes and heads up top for a frog splash that only gets him two. Hallowicked escapes the Walk The Plank and hits a Michinoku Driver for two. Hallowicked looks for a super fisherman’s suplex, but Roger instead comes off with an implant DDT for two. Roger goes up top and Hallowicked places the referee in the way. Hallowicked then jumps up and hits the super fisherman’s buster off the top rop at 12:00 flat. This was a great match-up, with Hallowicked proving why he’s one of (if not the best) CHIKARA student. Roger looked the best he ever has and the fans really got behind him because of his and Hallowicked’s chemistry. Sweet N’ Sour International ties things up at 2 wins a piece. **3/4

Mister ZERO {MW} vs. UltraMantis Black {DB}

After some lock-ups, ZERO lays in some chops to his former partner. ZERO grabs a cross armbreaker. ZERO targets the arm for a bit. ZERO drops Mantis with a knee to the gut and a tilt-a-whirl slam. Mantis drops ZERO with a double underhook DDT. Mantis keeps on top of ZERO’s neck while he lays on the ground. ZERO comes back with some chops , but Mantis elbows him in the back of the neck. He calls out to his buddy Hallowicked while continuing to pound on ZERO. Hallowicked comes out to distract the referee while Mantis rips ZERO’s mask, attempting to unmask him. ZERO takes both himself and Mantis to the floor with a Cactus clothesline. Mantis blocks a piledriver, and backdrops ZERO on the floor. ZERO hops on the apron and catches Mantis with a forearm. Mantis then forearms ZERO off the apron back to the floor, and follows up with a tope con hilo. Mantis runs to the floor, and ZERO drops him with the Last Shaven Unicorn on the floor. Mantis brings ZERO off the top turnbuckle with a double underhook suplex. Mantis locks in the Goliath Bird Eater for ZERO to submit at 7:48. That was another great match with non-stop action and a good story at it. These two partners really took it to one another and put one a fun, fast-paced contest. Sweet N’ Sour International now has the lead with 3 victories to 2.

Shane Storm {MW} vs. Spyrazul {SNS}

Storm blocks a hip toss with a clothesline. Storm then hits a toreador and a middle rope armdrag. A quebradora sends Spyrazul to the floor. Storm chases Spyrazul around and back into the ring. Storm backdrops Spyrazul. Spyrazul splashes Storm in the corner. Storm puts up his SLOW and STOP sign. He throws it to Spyrazul, then sends Spyrazul to the floor with a spinwheel kick. Storm rolls through a missed tope con hilo, then drops Spyrazul with yet another quebradora. Spyrazul dropes Storm’s neck on the top rope and slingshots in with a splash. Spyrazul snapmares Storm and double stomps his neck for two. Storm hopes over Spyrazul and takes him over with a pair of German suplexes. Two That Japanese Moves gets Storm the pin at 4:51. This was quite good considering how short it was. This Spyrazul story is actually well worked, considering the pay off at Cibernetico. Storm looked more crisp than usual which is good. Things are all tied up at 3 wins each, and the next match determines the winner of the Best of 7 series. *3/4

Gran Akuma {F} vs. Mano Metalico {SNS}

Akuma kicks away at Metalico’s legs and mid-section in the hopes of making this a more even bout. Akuma avoids a splash, slides in, and kicks Akuma in the back. Akuma forces Metalico to chase him, and sends Metalico to the floor. Akuma looks for a pescado, but Metalico catches him and drops him in a torture rack on the floor. Metalico beats on Akuma a little more before throwing him back in the ring. The beating continues in the ring. Akuma tries an armdrag, but Metalico drops him with a backbreaker instead. After a lengthy beatdown, Akuma escapes a chokeslam and superkicks Metalico. He back kicks him in the chest twice. Akuma actually picks up Metalico and drops him with a Death Valley Driver for the pin at 6:26. Metalico is actually a very serviceable big man and did a fine job bullying the smaller Akuma. Akuma did fine in his short yet effective comeback and the fans enjoyed that he helped win the series. With that, the main event will finally see Jigsaw getting his hands on Larry Sweeney in a one-on-one match. **

Eddie Kingston comes out saying that Chris Hero said last month he was going to come to CHIKARA with a tag partner to face Kingston and Marciano. However, Hero has commitments in Japan instead. Kingston says the real reason he’s not there is because he’s scared of The Wildcards.

IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championship
Eddie Kingston {WC} & BlackJack Marciano {WC} (Champions) vs. K-Pusha & K-Murda

The Wildcards attack All Money Is Legal at the bell. They come back, as Pusha hops off Murda’s back and dropkicks the Wildcards to the floor. Kingston shoves Murda into the corner after forcing Bryce to check them for weapons and such. Murda locks his legs around Kingston’s mid-section with a choke, and Kingston throws him down. Murda grabs a full nelson and swings Kingston’s arms in a dance. He then springboards into a knee strike for two. Marciano and Pusha tag in. Pusha drop toe holds Marciano a couple times, and Marciano avoids the third time. Pusha grabs a headlock and knee strikes Marciano in the face before taking him down with a headscissors and hurricanrana. Pusha hits an axe kick. Kingston comes in, and Pusha and Murda hit him with a variety of double team offense. They then drop Marciano with a double leg-capture flatliner for two. Kingston trips Pusha by his bandana, and the Wildcards isolate him for awhile. Pusha is able to duck a double clothesline and throw the Wildcards into each other, tagging in Murda. Murda gives each guy Manhattan drops and stereo neckbreakers for two. Murda hops off the top rope into an X-Factor on Marciano. Kingston breaks the pin, but then takes a flurry of offense from All Money is Legal. Murda heads up top and Marciano crotches him while the referee is distracted. Kingston places him on his shoulders. Marciano comes off the top with a knee strike, and Kingston drops him with a Dominator for the pin at 12:38. This was a fun tag match, and a cool styles clash between high flying and brawling. They actually worked really well together and gave the crowd a fun, unique match-up. I am all for seeing more of All Money Is Legal. **3/4

Jigsaw vs. Larry Sweeney {SNS}

Sweeney jaw-jacks Jigsaw, saying he’s the leader of a pack of cheaters and that Jigsaw means nothing to him. Sweeney bails to the corner as soon as Jigsaw goes for him. Jigsaw hops over the referee for an elbow strike in the corner. Jigsaw lays in some hard offense to Sweeney. Jigsaw kicks Sweeney to the floor and comes at him with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring, Jigsaw is grabbing his knee. Sweeney notices and immediately attacks it once he comes back in. Sweeney takes Jigsaw over with a gut-wrench suplex and chokes Jigsaw on the mat. Sweeney goes back to the knee. Jigsaw grabs a small package for two. Sweeney kicks Jigsaw’s leg out from under him and chokes him in the corner with his foot. Sweeney locks in a figure four leg lock. Jigsaw reverses the pressure and Sweeney grabs the ropes. Sweeney chop blocks Jigsaw down. Sweeney takes over Jigsaw in a double underhook suplex for two. Sweeney slams Jigsaw and hits a few fist drops for two. Sweeney continues to work over Jigsaw’s leg. Jigsaw cracks Sweeney with an enzugiri. Jigsaw face washes Sweeney in the corner. Sweeney reaches into his tights and grabs brass knuckles. Jigsaw blocks and drops Sweeney with the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 7:29. Good match overall, but the use of so much leg offense to win was kind of annoying. These two really did tear into each other and made you believe they wanted to kill one another. This feud is far from over, and I am fine with that. **3/4

Jigsaw is handed the Young Lions Cup, but Sweeney quickly reminds him that this was a non-title match. He says that Sweeney went through 16 guys to win the Young Lions Cup, and if Jigsaw wants a shot, he has to do the exact same thing. Jigsaw grabs the microphone and says that he pinned Sweeney the night before and tonight and deserves a shot at the Cup, adding that the fans believe so too. Sweeney says he doesn’t care about the fans and that he will see Jigsaw in Emmaus. Jigsaw dropkicks Sweeney to the floor. The “16 man” idea would lead us to October 30th, when CHIKARA would return to Emmaus for the first ever Torneo Cibernetico in CHIKARA.


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