Retribution Rumble of Revenge and Rumble to Remember

Emmaus, PA – 8.27.2004

This was released as a complete show on VHS. CHIKARA released this in bits on three separate DVD releases (the 2005 April tripleshot; Speaking In Tongues, Trial By Foam, and The Grape American Bash). This would be the first of three shows CHIKARA decided to do this with.

Darkness Crabtree vs. Sharecropper {SNS}

Crabtree gets in the amateur position. Sharecropper takes to him and Crabtree gets the ropes to escape. Sharecropper then gets into the amateur position and Crabtree kicks him right in the stomach. Crabtree does a very slow wristlock. Sharecropper pushes him down. Crabtree comes back up and Sharecropper grabs a side headlock. Crabtree comes off the ropes and Sharecropper knocks him down with a very light shoulderblock. Crabtree barely hops up for a leapfrog, so Sharecropper nails him with a shotgun dropkick. An elbow drop gets him two. Sharecropper knocks Crabtree with a back elbow then gets Crabtree in a wheelbarrow. He walks him till Crabtree is too worn out. Crabtree lays in some punches and overhand chops. Crabtree bulldogs Sharecropper from the second rope after biting his mask. Crabtree drops Sharecropper with the sweater-assisted pedigree then misses a People’s Elbow. Sharecropper drops Crabtree with a spin-out urinage for the pin at 5:06. This was kind of funny at points, and Sharecropper actually can dome good wrestling when he’s given the chance. Granted there wasn’t a ton of solid wrestling in this, but it was for the sake of comedy so that’s fine. ½*

Sabian vs. Mano Metalico {SNS}

Sabian goes right to Metalico’s legs and mid-section to try and curb the size difference. Sabian drops the top rope to send Metalico to the floor. Metalico catches Sabian in a crossbody and rams him back first into the ring post. In the ring Metalico keeps the advantage for a bit, till Sabian goes back to Metalico’s legs. Metalico throws Sabian in the corner. Sabian drop toe holds him into the corner, but Metalicosmashes him with a hard clothesline as Sabian charges at him. Metalico drops him with a backbreaker then smacks him hard across the chest. Metalico continues to beat on Sabian, but again Sabian takes out his legs and locks him a Kondo Clutch variation. Metalico escapes and looks for a chokeslam. Sabian escapes but eats a big boot. Metalico folds Sabian in half with a hard powerbomb. Metalico gets a two count, then takes his foot off so he can beat on Sabian more. Metalico chokes Sabian in the corner. Sabian avoids a corner splash and lands double knees to Metalico’s chest. Sabian dropkicks his legs out then kicks him in the head with a basement dropkick. Sabian lights up Metalico with chops. Sabian wheelbarrows into a backbreaker from Metalico. Metalico looks for a spin-out slam, but Sabian reverses into a reverse DDT. Sabian cracks Metalico in the side off the head with a double knee strike then heads up top. Sabian hits a twisting senton for two. Sabian goes up top and Metalico drops him with an avalanche chokeslam for the pin at 11:59. This went pretty long, but Metalico looked better than usual and Sabian was a great smaller guy to take the beating. A nice simple story as well which I always approve of. **1/4

Trik Davis vs. BlackJack Marciano {WC}

Marciano escapes a wristlock by kneeing Davis in the stomach. Davis jumps into Marciano’s arms and rolls out into an armdrag. Davis wheelbarrows into a neck drag, sending Marciano to the floor. Marciano jaw jacks with the fans before heading back in the ring. Davis takes Marciano to the mat in a wristlock. Davis armdrags through into an armbar. Marciano blocks a tilt-a-whirl DDT and lands a snap slam on Davis. Marciano knocks Davis down and drops an elbow for two. Marciano drops Davis with a quebradora for two. Marciano applies a chinlock. Davis escapes, but Marciano takes him back down with a clothesline for two. Marciano lands a running bulldog for two. Davis blocks a second one and takes Marciano down in a neck breaker. Davis gives him a one legged clothesline and a bulldog of his own. Davis locks in a guillotine choke. Marciano slams him in the corner. Davis drapes Marciano on the second rope and double stomps him. Davis rolls him up in La Magistral for two. Davis comes off the second rope. Marciano catches him and hits a reversel slam. He drops him with the Royal Flush for the pin at 8:00. This was a fun singles match with Davis showing off to a new crowd and Marciano being a great antagonist. **1/2

Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F} vs. UltraMantis Black {DB} & Hallowicked {DB}

The Dark Beed attack F.I.S.T. right before the bell. F.I.S.T. send them out to the floor with stereo backdrops. Hallowicked and Icarus go back and forth with no one getting a clear advantage. Mantis and Akuma tag in with Akuma getting the better of Mantis. Hallowicked blind tags in and the Dark Breed double team Akuma with a flapjack hot shot. Mantis and Hallowicked isolate Akuma from Icarus, making frequent tags to maximize damage and keep each other fresh. Akuma gets his feet up to stop a double sledge from Hallowicked. Icarus tags in and knocks down Hallowicked and Mantis with elbows and clotheslines. The Dark Breed send Icarus to the floor with a double clothesline, and Akuma dropkicks them out to the floor. Akuma flips onto them with a slingshot tope. In the ring Akuma gives Hallowicked a Manhattan drop and a spinebuster, and Mantis breaks the pin. Mantis drops Icarus with a sidewalk slam for two. Mantis places Hallowicked on his shoulders. Akuma knocks them down and Icarus hits a top rope splash for two. Hallowicked dives onto Icarus who went to the floor. Mantis drops Akuma with a Death Valley Driver. Hallowicked comes in with a top rope senton for the pin at 10:20. This was a little sloppy at points, but they were able to regain their composure and put on a fun tag match for the majority of it. I like the team of Mantis and Hallowicked quite a bit and F.I.S.T. is coming together. **1/2

DJ Skittlez vs. Mobius {SNS}

Mobius attacks Skittlez on the floor. Skittlez nails Mobius with hard chops and throws him in the ring. Skittlez takes Mobius over with a few drags and slams. He hits a legdrop for two. Skittlez lands some more chops and a splash in the corner. Skittlez comes off the top rope with a flying clothesline, and Mobius rolls to the floor. He brings Skittlez out, then goes into the ring to hit a tope con hilo. Mobius beats on Skittlez in the ring and then sends him to the floor with a one-leggded dropkick. Skittlez grabs his right knee in pain and rolls back into the ring. Mobius slingshots into a senton for two. Mobius hits a step-up knee strike in the corner. Mobius hits a seated dropkick to the top of Skittlez’s head. Skittlez makes a comeback but can’t get a pin. He looks for the Rainbow Bomb, but Mobius drops him with an inverted DDT. Mobius low blows Skittlez behind referee Bryce Rembsurg’s back and rolls him up for the pin at 11:49. Well that sure was slow and plodding. This really never got out of first gear and the already small crowd sat on their hands for most of this. Skittlez is pretty bad, and Mobius isn’t good enough to makes this worth watching. *

Skittlez attacks Mobius post-match and they fight to the back.

Chris Hero vs. Eddie Kingston {WC}

A long feeling out process begins the match. Kingston gives Hero some chops, and Hero absorbs them, asking Kingston for more. Hero then controls the wrist of Kingston while kicking him in the mid-section. Hero takes a few shoulder tackles, but then regains control by laying in some strikes. Hero gives Kingston a brutal headbutt for one. Kingston splashes Hero in the corner and takes him down with a urinage backbreaker. Kingston knocks Hero with strikes to head. Hero comes back with a doublestomp to Kingston’s back. Hero blocks a urinage and gives Kingston a back drop driver. Kingston ducks a rolling elbow and gives Hero a German suplex for two. Hero and Kingston go back and forth with strikes, at times with each guy egging on the other. Hero nails Kingston with a yakuza kick and a twisting neck breaker. Hero gives Kingston a cravate neck breaker and a back senton for two. Kingston throws Hero over the ring post to the floor. Kingston attacks him on the floor, but Hero takes him down. Hero comes through the middle ropes and onto Kingston with a somersault senton. Hero throws Kingston in the ring and goes up top. Hero lands a double stomp for two. Hero looks for the Hero’s Welcome, and Kingston turns over into a belly-to-belly suplex. He hits a second and then an Exploder suplex for two. Hero puts Kingston in the Hangmen’s Clutch. Blackjack Marciano comes out and distracts Hero. Kingston grabs a waistlock, and Hero turns into an O’Conner Roll. Kingston reverses it and grabs the tights to score the pin at 20:45. This was a very good match with really great back and forth. The fans really got into it, and both guys were willing to take whatever the other had. That’s part of the good chemistry these guys had, and continued to have for the next five years. This was just the start of a feud that spanned over multiple companies. ***

The Wildcards team up on Hero afterwards, but Hero is able to fight back and take them both down. Hero then gets on the microphone and says if the Wildcards are all about cheating and doing things 2-on-1, he’s got the perfect partner for next month. Though I’m pretty sure Hero and Kingston don’t even meet up next month. I guess plans change!

Jigsaw, Jolly Roger, Mister ZERO {MW}, & Shane Storm {MW} vs. Larry Sweeney {SNS}, Rorschach {SNS}, Crossbones {SNS}, & Spyrazul {SNS}

Jolly Roger was a mystery partner for this team, and Sweeney asks where a guy like Mike Quackenbush is, a real challenge. Sweeney tells us Quack is at home, afraid of Sweeney. Hmmm, I wonder if this comes back later!

Roger beats on Sweeney after taking offense to what Sweeney said. Sweeney avoids a dive and gets in a couple strikes of his own. Roger dropkicks Sweeney to the floor. Storm and Crossbones tag in. They trade wristlocks. Storm takes Crossbones down with a couple armdrags and a spinwheel kick. Spyrazul comes in when Crossbones hits the floor. Storm ducks under him and dives onto Crossbones. ZERO comes in and Spyrazul works over his arm. ZERO takes Spyrazul down with a bulldog variation and a regular bulldog. ZERO gives Spyrazul a newspaper assisted Camel Clutch and Sweeney breaks it. ZERO dropkicks Spyrazul to the floor. ZERO follows with a dive. Sweeney comes in and tags in Rorschach when he notices its Jigsaw he’s standing across the ring from. The former Conundrum teammates go back and forth with Jigsaw locking in an armbar on the standing Rorschach. Rorschach grabs the ropes to escape. Jigsaw applies an STF. Rorschach escapes but Jigsaw lights him up with chops. Jigsaw takes him down with a toreador and a hip toss into a Kondo Clutch. Jigsaw sends Rorschach to the floor with a dropkick and follows out with a Fozberry flop. Roger lays in some shots to Crossbones and takes him over with a headscissors. Crossbones cracks Roger with an enzugiri. Sweet N’ Sour International keep Roger away from his partners and beat him down in their corner. Rorschach misses a flying splash, which allows Roger to make the tag to ZERO. He takes out the masked men with clotheslines, then slingshots Sweeney in. He quickly tags in Jigsaw, who gets taken out by Sweeney’s partners before even getting to get a finger on him. ZERO, Storm, and Roger powerbomb everyone but Crossbones and send them to the floor. Jigsaw and Crossbones exchange forearms in the ring while everyone fights outside. Crossbones takes Jigsaw over with a back drop suplex for two. Jigsaw armdrags Crossbones and lands a superkick. Jigsaw goes up top and double stomps Crossbones. Spyrazul breaks the pin. Roger comes in and Spyrazul gives him a reverse brainbuster for two. Roger gives Spyrazul a flatliner and a top rope frog splash. Rorschach breaks the pin. ZERO comes in and Rorschach drops him with a brainbuster for two. ZERO gut wrenches Rorschach into an X-Factor. Sweeney breaks that pin and gives Storm the ’68 Comeback Special for two. Storm drops Sweeney with the Air Raid Crash and Spyrazul breaks the pin. Roger drops Spyrazul with the Walk The Plank. Storm then cracks him with That Japanese Move. Jigsaw gives him an enzugiri, and ZERO drops him with the Last Shaven Unicorn. ZERO’s teammates block Sweet N’ Sour International so he can get the pin at 18:12. This was a very fun eight man tag that proves even back in the day the Atomicos matches provided a high level of entertainment for the crowd. Everyone got a chance to show off their best stuff without being overexposed. Everyone did a good job in this and kept the crowd hot for the whole thing. ***

Sweeney proposes that they do a series of seven singles matches to see who the best really is. Jigsaw says to make things more interesting, that if the CHIKARA crew wins the series, he gets Sweeney one-on-one. Sweeney accepts that offer but says that if his team wins, they will never have a singles match again. We’ll see that series at the next Emmaus show in September.


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