Young Lions Cup II, Night II


Emmaus, PA – 7.31.2004

Carolina Jim comes out to make an announcement. As you may recall from Night One, Jay Lethal defeated Arik Cannon to advance to the next round. However, Jay Lethal no-showed this show. In fact, CHIKARA now has what is called “The Jay Lethal List”, which is a list of people who have no-showed CHIKARA without any explanation. It only carries Lethal’s name because he was the first one to do this, not because CHIKARA brass hate him or anything. Anywho, we now have another opening round match on this show to replace Lethal.

Larry Sweeney hits the ring as does his group of masked minions: ShareCropper, Crossbones, Mano Metalico, Spyrazul, and Mobius. Flex Fenom is also in the ring, and he says the group is taking over. Mister ZERO comes out and cuts a promo saying he’s been there from day one and lays out a challenge for later tonight.

Young Lions Cup II Opening Round Match
Chris Hero vs. Qeenan Creed

Creed slaps Hero in the chest after backing him to the corner. Hero trips Creed and he hits the mat face first. Creed takes the corner and proclaims Hero pulled his tights. Creed trips Hero and Hero kicks him away. Hero gives Creed a few armdrags. Creed bails to the floor after Hero back body drops him. Creed comes in and misses a splash in the corner. Hero lights him up with chops and slams him down for two. Hero misses a moonsault. Creed gains control with an elbow smash and a snap suplex. Hero tries to comeback but a quick knee to the gut stops him. Hero does however hit a beautiful dropkick after dropping down. Hero hits a twisting neckbreaker for two. Creed goes up and over Hero. Hero throws him back and catches him on his shoulders. Hero drops Creed with the Hero’s Welcome at 6:49. This was a decent enough match but it never felt like it built to much. At least Hero won. **

Young Lions Cup II Quarter-Final Match
Jigsaw vs. Sabian

Each match begins with split-screen video footage, showing how the guy won in their opening round match. That’s really an excellent feature they should employ nowadays. Jigsaw and Sabian jockey for the advantage. Jigsaw trips Sabian and locks in an STF. Sabian uses the ropes to escape. Jigsaw misses a knee in the corner but quickly gets up so that Sabian can’t hit him with a basement dropkick. Sabian spins off Jigsaw’s shoulders with an armdrag. Each guys hits one another with a hurricanrana, though Sabian’s sends Jigsaw to the floor. Sabian dives on Jigsaw with a tope con hilo. Sabian pins Jigsaw for two. Sabian snapmares Jigsaw and slaps him in the back for two. Sabian wheelbarrows into a facebuster and follows up with a clothesline. Sabian flips out of a Jig N’ tonic attempt and bulldogs Jigsaw. He then comes off the ropes with an elbow smash. Rorschach emerges in the aisle to watch the match. Sabian twists Jigsaw’s body out in a stretch. Sabian lays in some fast boots to Jigsaw’s face. Sabian gives Jigsaw a neck breaker and a brainbuster for two. Jigsaw and Sabian collide with stereo crossbodies. Jigsaw dropkicks Sabian to the floor and then miserably collapses and falls to the floor as he tries a springboard splash. Sabian brings Jigsaw back in the ring, and Jigsaw comes back with a knee in the corner. Jigsaw looks for a Joker Driver as an homage to Sabian’s partner Joker. Sabian rolls through with a victory roll for two. Jigsaw ducks to avoid a double dtomp, but Sabian notices, comes off the top and hits a hard basement dropkick to Jigsaw’s head. Sabian heads up top and Jigsaw catches him. Jigsaw hits the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 10:27. Aside from Jigsaw’s flub, this was a real fun match to have here. This was fast paced stuff and had a nice over fluidity to it. The flub didn’t throw them off and they kept it going. **3/4

Young Lions Cup II Quarter-Final Match
Eddie Kingston {WC} vs. BlackJack Marciano {WC}

Kingston asks Marciano to lay down since he’s the franchise player of the team. Marciano lies down, but rolls up Kingston for a pin. He celebrates on the floor as if he won but referee Bryce Remsburg alerts him it was only a two count. Kingston schoolboys Marciano and pulls down his pants when trying to pull the tights. Kingston bails to the floor and Marciano looks to chase after him. Bryce stops him by grabbing his waist and accidentally pulls his pants down again. They recoup and get back in the ring calmed down. Marciano throws down Kingston in a lock-up then does a wacky dance to celebrate. They call a girl in the crowd fat; that just ain’t right. Kingston knocks Marciano down with a hard clothesline to the chest, telling Marciano he should have stayed down. He continues to make his point by continuing to beat down Marciano. Kingston takes Marciano to the floor and gets distracted by the fans. Marciano makes a comeback and takes Kingston over with a huracanrana in the ring. Marciano hits a powerslam for two. Marciano hits the Russian Roulette for two. Kingston takes Marciano down with a urinage suplex for two, then locks in the Kondo Clutch. Marciano escapes and flips out of the corner with double feet to the face. Kingston looks for an Exploder suplex and Marciano escapes. Kingston pounds on and hits a wrist-clutch variation instead for two. Marciano drops Kingston with a reverse powerslam for two. Kingston gets fed up with the fans and goes to the floor. He grabs the mic and tells Marciano that they’re killing themselves for fans who don’t even care. He says it isn’t worth it and asks Marciano to leave with him. They both go to the backstage area. Suddenly we see them run up the steps back into the ring, as it was all a rouse. Marciano catches Kingston with a folding press for the pin at 20:40. Clever finish to another fun match. This is likely the only time the Wildcards ever competed against each other in a singles match and they kept me entertained throughout. **1/2

Young Lions Cup II Quarter-Final Match
Shane Storm {MW} vs. Larry Sweeney

Sweeney ‘s masked cohorts accompany him ringside. Sweeney is pleased with his early lead, but Storm comes right back with chops in the corner. Storm backsplashes Sweeney. Sweeney goes up and over Storm, but Storm chops him and armdrags him so that Sweeney’s crotsh hits the middle rope. ShareCropper and Crossbones help him, and Storm dives out onto them. The masked guys hold Storm as he throws Sweeney back in. Sweeney distracts the referee so the masked guys can beat him up. Sweeney continues to lay in the strikes on the mat. Sweeney rakes Storm’s mask and hits a fist drop from the second rope for two. Sweeney drop toe holds Storm and legdrops the back of his head for two. Storm sunset flips Sweeney for two. Sweeney hits the ’68 Comeback Special for two. Storm throws Sweeney as Sweeney heads up top. Storm armdrags Sweeney and then lands a spinwheel kick. Storm drops him with an Air Raid Crash for two. Storm blasts Sweeney with That Japanese Move, but Crossbones and ShareCropper pull him to the floor to prevent a pin. ShareCropper distracts Storm. Sweeney rolls up Storm and holds his tights for the pin at 8:52. Another effective way to establish Sweeney as a Rudo and bring in Sweet N’ Sour International. The match itself was pretty forgettable altogether though. **

Young Lions Cup II Quarter-Final Match
Chris Hero vs. Gran Akuma {F}

A feeling out process starts out and Akuma takes Hero over with a snapmare. Hero grabs a cravate and transitions to an armlock on the mat. Akuma goes up the ropes and over Hero with an armdrag. Hero puts Akuma on his shoulder, but Akuma goes down into a wheelbarrow armdrag. Akuma biels Hero to the apron then slingshots him in. Hero rolls in and Akuma kicks him in the ribs. Akuma tries a few pins with no avail. Akuma armdrags Hero into an armbar. Hero escapes but Akuma takes him down with a headscissors. Akuma armdrags him back into the armbar. Hero flips Akuma over and lands on him with a back senton. Hero elbows Akuma in the face and nails a couple chops to the chest. Hero lays in more shots, but Akuma is able to turn the tide with a wheelbarrow bulldog. Akuma lays in some shots of his own and takes Hero down with an armdrag and headscissors for two. Hero comes back with the Russ Abbot Special and rolls up Akuma for two. Akuma drops Hero with a tornado DDT, snapping Hero’s neck on the top rope. Akuma then hits another in the ring for two. Akuma tries for a Yoshi Tonic, but Hero blocks it. He gives Akuma a cravate suplex for two. Hero locks in the Hangman’s Clutch and Akuma gets the bottom rope. Hero lays in some elbows to Akuma. Akuma blocks the Hero’s Welcome, and takes Hero over with a suplex for two. Akuma then gives Hero a Falcon Arrow for two. Hero finally hits the Hero’s Welcome for the pin at 17:42. This was a great back and forth match that made both guys look good. This weekend helped etch Hero as a full-time CHIKARA roster member, and that pleases me greatly. ***

Hero hugs Akuma and puts him over on the mic, saying that Akuma is one of his newly acquired students (Hero began helping train at the Wrestle Factory around this time). Hero says he has 2 guys down and 2 to go, and he hopes the crowd doesn’t mind seeing more of him tonight.

There was a match here where The Dark Breed of Hallowicked & UltraMantis Black teamed up with DJ Skittlez to take on Sweeney’sgoons in Flex Fenom, Mobious, & Spyrazul. This match was not made available on either the DVD or VHS release, but I do know that the Dark Breed and Skittlez won. Afterwards, The Dark Breed joined Sweeney’s crew of men.

Young Lions Cup II Semi-Final Match
Jigsaw vs. Blackjack Marciano {WC}

Marciano pushes Jigsaw off the top rope to the floor. In the ring Jigsaw quickly regains control. Maricano looks for the Russian Roulette and Jigsaw tries to transition into the Jig N’ Tonic. Jigsaw ducks a rolling clothesline and dropkicks Marciano to the floor. Jigsaw follows out with a tope con hilo. In the ring, Jigsaw takes Marciano off the top rope with a hurricanrana. Marciano fires up after some strikes and drops Jigsaw with a reverse powerslam for two. Jigsaw hangs up Marciano in the tree of woe. Jigsaw hits a springboard missile dropkick and then the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 4:41. A good, fast-paced match that helped put Jigsaw over. **

Young Lions Cup II Semi-Final Match
Chris Hero vs. Larry Sweeney

Hero gets beaten up by many of Sweeney’s minions on the floor as he makes his entrance. Spyrazul throws Hero face first into the ring post and then back into the ring. Sweeney places one foot on Hero and pins him for two. Sweeney lays in a few more kicks then tries another pin. Sweeney chokes Hero with his boot. Hero blasts Sweeney with chops and forearms. Sweeney drops the top rope so Hero flies out to the floor. Mano Metalico punches Hero and throws him back in. Sweeney hits Hero with brass knuckles for the pin at 2:10. This was an effective way to get Sweeney into the final round without making Hero look like a chump. N/R

2 out of 3 Falls Match
Mister ZERO {MW}, Icarus {F}, & Jolly Roger vs. Crossbones, Mano Metalico, & The ShareCropper

Roger lights up Metalico with chops. Metalico catches him coming off the ropes with a hard right using his gloved hand. Roger comes back with a spinwheel kick. He and Icarus double dropkick Metalico, then they and ZERO triple dropkick him out to the floore. ShareCropper and Icarus are the legal men. ShareCropper wheelbarrows Icarus around the ring. Icarus wheelbarrows ShareCropper face first to the corner and takes him over with a Japanese armdrag. Icarus takes ShareCropper to the floor with a headscissors. ZERO and Crossbones exchange chops. They knock each other down with a shoulder tackles. They each try strereo moves, and Crossbones stomps on ZERO’s back. ZERO hits a bulldog and puts Crossbones in the newspaper assisted Camel Clutch. Metalico comes in and takes out all the Tecnicos. Metalico punches ZERO in the neck and all three Rudos pin him at 4:20 for the first fall. The gimmick is that Metalico’s fist that’s covered by a glove is made of metal. The Tecnicos try a triple pin for two. They send all three Rudos to the floor. Roger dives onto Crossbones and Metalico. They catch him, but Icarus spears them down. ShareCropper drops ZERO with a sidewalk slam for two. He then tries a fisherman’s suplex for two. The Rudos isolate ZERO in their corner. ZERO fires back at ShareCropper with some chops, and they knock each other down with double clotheslines. ZERO tags in Icarus. Icarus lands on Metalico’s shoulders. Metalico drops Icarus with a TKO. ZERO and Roger dropkick Metalico to the floor, then send ShareCropper out. Roger pescado’s onto ShareCropper while ZZERO fights Crossbones in the ring. He knocks ZERO down with a clothesline for two. Roger comes in and snapmares Crossbones. Roger hits a back senton and ShareCropper breaks the pin. ShareCropper gives him a spin-out urinage and Icarus breaks the pin. Icarus gives ShareCropper the Shiranui. Crossbones kicks Icarus in the balls as Metalico distracts referee Bryce Remsburg. Crossbones pins him at 10:31. An effective match for the masked dudes to get over. For big guys they looked shockingly good. I did love how they replaid Icarus getting kicked in the nuts three of four times afterwards. That would be a face move these days. **1/2

Flex Fenom says Roger showed some heart tonight and Fenom offers them to join their crew. Roger refuses, so Metalico chokeslams him. Icarus runs them off with a chair.

For the tournament finals, Sweeney is accompanied by his goons. Bryce Remsburg consults the other officials, and all of the goons are banned from ringside. However, Flex Fenom buys a ticket and sits ringside.

2004 Young Lions Cup Finals
Jigsaw vs. Larry Sweeney

Sweeney slaps Jigsaw and walks away. Sweeney gets knocked to the floor with a chop by Jigsaw. Sweeney comes back in and grabs a headlock. Jigsaw chops Sweeney down and again Sweeney hits the floor. Jigsaw dropkicks Sweeney to the corner and runs in with a facewash kick for two. Jigsaw blasts Sweeney in the side of the head with an enzugiri and kicks Sweeney in the forehead. Sweeney pulls brass knucks out of his tights while he’s in the corner. He grazes Jigsaw in the side of the jaw with them. Sweeney takes Jigsaw over with a double underhook suplex. Sweeney hits a bionic elbow and an elbow drop for two. Sweeney chinlocks Jigsaw with his athletic tape joking him. Sweeney chokes Jigsaw on the middle rope. Sweeney knees Jigsaw in the side of the head before dropping a fist off the second rope for two. Sweeney sends Jigsaw to the apron. Jigsaw forearms Sweeney and comes back in with a crossbody for two. Sweeney hot shots Jigsaw on the top rope then chokes him with his boot. Sweeney goes for the ’68 Comeback Special and Jigsaw takes him overhead. Jigsaw superkicks Sweeney. Both guys trade forearms and Sweeney bails to the floor. Jigsaw follows and they trade strikes on the floor. Sweeney tries for a suplex on the floor, but Jigsaw pushes him away and gets back in the ring. Jigsaw dives back out onto him. Jigsaw brings Sweeney to the top rope. Sweeney knocks Jigsaw off and Jigsaw knocks down the referee as well. Jigsaw catches Sweeney and hits the Jig N’ Tonic. Flex Fenom runs in and breaks the pin. Fenom drops him with a Rydeen Bomb and bails. Rorschach comes in, chasing off Fenom. Rorschach then superkicks Jigsaw down. Sweeney drops Jigsaw with a piledriver. Rorschach revives Bryce so he can make the three count. Sweeney wins the match and the Cup at 10:49. I must say, this was a great tournament all around. The booking was brilliant for introducing a brand new batch of guys and getting Sweeney over as the biggest heel in the company. The crooked way to win the match was the cherry on top. I dug it. The match itself was short and basic, but was a small part of the much larger picture. **1/2

All the masked men come out, put Sweeney on their shoulders. Together, all these guys are known as Sweet N’ Sour International.


2 Responses to Young Lions Cup II, Night II

  1. Lotus Dragon says:

    I haven’t seen this, so I’m a bit confused, where was the ref during the Hero/Sweeney match? Was he just being distracted by people the whole time?

    • kford13 says:

      The beating on Hero at the beginning was before the bell. Then Hero got tossed back to Metallico. Since the camera was on Hero and Metallico I don’t know for sure, but I think another masked guy (Crossbones or ShareCropper) distracted the referee while Sweeney got on his knucks and Metallico executed the chokeslam on the floor.

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