Young Lions Cup II, Night I


Emmaus, PA – 7.10.2004

The show opens with the introduction of all the tournament participants. Marciano is covering up his shaved head with a baseball hat. Many of the guys hold the cup, believing they will win it later.

Young Lions Cup II Opening Round Match
Shane Storm {MW} vs. Ash

Ash backs Storm into a corner and lays in some punches. Storm schoolboys him for two. They exchange armdrags and wristlocks. Ash elbows him and Storm knocks Ash down with a shoulder block. Storm then knocks him down with an elbow. Ash pulls off a super sloppy neck breaker. Ash snapmares Storm and kicks him in the back of the head twice. Ash elbows Storm and whips him to the corner. Ash hits him with flying knees to the face. Ash throws Storm to the floor and follows with a dive through the middle and top rope. In the ring, Ash throws Storm to the mast skull first. Ash drops an elbow for two. Ash hits a trifecta of sentons for two. Ash chokes Storm. A sloppy double headbutt spot occurs and I am begging for this to end. Storm hits a spinwheel kick. He follows up with a splash in two corners. He calls for a third but Ash gets his boot up. Storm blocks a tornado DDT. Ash clotheslines him down. Storm kicks out his legs and hits That Japanese Move for the pin at 8:16. This match sucked, Ash sucks, and Storm was far too inexperienced to be placed in a match with someone so bad. This felt like it was a marathon match. DUD

Young Lions Cup II Opening Round Match
DJ Skittlez vs. Larry Sweeney

Sweeney is accompanied to the ring by three masked men who are unidentified. They would later be found to be Mano Metalico, Crossbones, and Mobius. Skittlez powers Sweeney to the corner, and then Sweeney powers Skittlez to the corner and slaps him in the chest. Sweeney chops Skittlez multiple times in the corner. Skittlez reverses and unleashes some strikes of his own. Skittlez splashes Sweeney in the corner and rams him head first in the corner. Skittlez flies in with a clothesline from the top rope, and Sweeney retreats to his masked compadres on the floor. Skittlez grabs Sweeney by his hair and brings back in from the apron with a suplex. Skittlez looks to asked the masked men, but Sweeney pokes him in the eye and knocks him down. Sweeney takes him over with a gut-wrench suplex. Sweeney hits a couple bionic elbows and then drops one for two. Sweeney slams Skittlez face first into the corner. Sweeney snapmares Skittlez into a headlock. Skittlez escapes and clotheslines Sweeney down. Sweeney goes back to the eyes and tosses Skittlez to the floor. While Sweeney distracts the referee, the masked men beat up Skittlez. They toss Skittlez back in the ring and Crossbones hits an enzugiri. Sweeney covers for two. Sweeney hits a suplex for two. He slams Skittlez and goes up top. Skittlez throws Sweeney off the top rope. Skittlez hits a reverse DDT and the masked guys break the fall. Sweeney hits the ’68 Comeback Special for two. Skittlez botches a spin-out slam and legdrops Sweeney on his neck. Skittlez throws Sweeney to the floor and then dives onto Sweeney and the masked guys. Sweeney distracts the referee allowing Mano Metalico to come in and chokeslam Skittlez. Sweeney pins Skittlez for the pin at 8:16. Sweeney worked this match as a fantastic textbook heel and Skittlez gave him nothing. A real shame for sure, but I still found this to be fun. *1/4

Young Lions Cup II Opening Round Match
Spider vs. Gran Akuma {F}

Spider dives on Akuma as he makes his entrance. Spider comes in with a slingshot legdrop as the bell rings. Akuma armdrags Spider a couple times. He then gets a solebutt and a bulldog. Akuma dropkicks Spider on the top of his head. Akuma snaps him over with a suplex and heads up top. Spider hits the ropes to crotch Akuma. Spider springboards off the second rope and grazes Akuma with a kick. Spider hits a side Russian legs weep. He gives Akuma the Shake, Rattle, N’ Roll. Spider snapmares Akuma into a side headlock. Akuma and Spider get into a chop battle where Akuma dominates. Akuma headscissors Spider face first into the second turnbuckle and then clotheslines him down. Akuma mows down Spider with some clotheslines. Akuma drops him with a spinebuster for two. Akuma places Spider on the top rope. Spider reverses and takes Akuma down with a tornado DDT for two. Spider drops Akuma with an inverted DDT for two. Spider comes off the top rope with a moonsault for two. Akuma lays in some overhand chops. Spider trips him so that he’s on the second rope. Spider hits a 619. He comes off the second ropes and Akuma powerbombs him. Akuma locks in a Mexican Stretch to submit Spider at 5:29. A surprisingly decent match here with Akuma looking good and Spider putting on quite an effort. The crowd and short time still killed it somewhat. **

Young Lions Cup II Opening Round Match
Jay Lethal vs. Arik Cannon

Lethal cranks on a hammerlock which Cannon turns into a wristlock. Cannon trips Lethal and applies a headlock. Lethal armdrags Cannon away. Cannon comes back with a cravate, and Lethal reverses to a headlock. Cannon tries to reverse but Lethal armdrags him again. Lethal powers Cannon down with a shoulder tackle. Cannon blocks an armdrag and pokes Lethal in the eyes. Cannon drops Lethal with a neck breaker for two. Cannon gives Lethal a picture perfect spinebuster which he transitions into an STF variation. Lethal grabs the rope to break. Lethal goes over Cannon, but Cannon catches him with a back cracker. Cannon drops Lethal with the Total Anarchy for two. Lethal gives Cannon the Three Amigos. Cannon comes back with a flurry of offense but a hard elbow from Lethal takes him back down. This is enough to score Lethal the pin at 8:17. There was a very slight pause in the pin which made this an awkward ending, but other than that this was a hell of an 8 minute match. Both guys brought it hard and looked to impress, which they did. **3/4

2 out of 3 Falls
Mike Quackenbush, Mister ZERO, & Icarus {F} vs. UltraMantis Black {DB}, Hallowicked {DB}, & Skayde

The Rudos jump the Tecnicos from the get-go. Skayde and Mantis give Quackenbush a tandem backdrop. The pairs of Mantis and ZERO and Icarus and Hallowicked (former partners!) brawl on the floor while Quackenbush and Skayde engage in a Lucha sequence in the ring. Quackenbush dropkicks Skayde to the floor and follows with a tope. ZERO and Mantis come in, with ZERO taking down Mantis easily. Mantis drop toe holds ZERO into the corner. ZERO catches Mantis with a sidewinder backbreaker, and kicks Mantis’ legs out so that he falls through the ropes to the floor. Icarus and Hallowicked come in and also do some Lucha stuff. Icarus sends Hallowicked to the apron. He hits the floor, and Mantis takes off Icarus’ head with a clotheslines. Mantis catapults Icarus into Hallowicked’s Yakuza Kick for the pin at 2:43, giving the advantage to the Tecnico team. At the beginning of the second fall, the Rudos continue to beat on Icarus. Finally, Icarus rolls to the floor to tag in Quackenbush. Quackenbush gets mauled by the Rudos with ease, but then he rolls to the floor to tag in Mister ZERO. ZERO hits a double DDT on Hallowicked and Mantis. Mantis is sent to the floor and Icarus dives on him. Quackenbush and ZERO trip Skayde and Hallowicked, then forcing Skayde fall onto Hallowicked. They pin both guys on top of one another for the pin at 7:00 tying up the match. Quackenbush takes it to Mantis with a clothesline and bulldog. Mantis boots Quackenbush and places him up top. Mantis drops Quackenbush with a Muscle Buster for two. Quackenbush powerbombs Mantis for two. Skayde comes in and does some rolls and armdrags. He gives Quackenbush a side backbreaker and an Ace crusher. Skayde dropkicks Quackenbush on the top of his head. Quackenbush bails to the floor and Skayde dives on him with a tope con hilo. Icarus takes of Hallowicked’s head with a lariat. Icarus superkicks Hallowicked into a side Russian legsweep from ZERO. Mantis brings ZERO to the floor. Hallowicked sends Icarus to the floor with a step-up Frankensteiner and then lands on ZERO with a pescado. Quackenbush and Skayde are left in the ring. Skayde rolls up Quackenbush in the Skayde schoolboy for the deciding pin at 10:02. Really good match in the middle here, showing why action-packed trios matches are a nice specialty for CHIKARA even back in 2004. ***

American Gigolo vs. Anton Arakis

So I have to mention this. Before each match, they’d say what each guys favorite or least favorite TV show is. In this, we learned Arakis’ least favorite show is Full House. We then got a graphic of Bob Saget and it says “Commissioner Saget was not available for comment”. Anyways, we get a bunch of waistlocks to start. Gigolo dropkicks Arakis. Arakis hits a shoulder tackle and splash for two. Gigolo headbutts Arakis in the chest and chops him in the corner. Arakis sends Gigolo to the floor with a dropkick and dives on him. Arakis slams Gigolo face first on the apron multiple times. Gigolo comes back in and rolls Arakis into a leg stretch. Arakis grabs the rope to escape. Arakis slams Gigolo’s face into the mat for two. Arakis tries again but Gigolo rolls him into a pin for two. Gigolo tries another submission with no avail. Arakis hits a standing moonsault for two. He misses a second rope leg drop. Gigolo rolls up Arakis in a Gedo Clutch and grabs the ropes to score the pin at 6:09. This was pretty boring stuff, even though most of what they did looked good. *1/4

Young Lions Cup II Opening Round Match
Jolly Roger vs. Eddie Kingston {WC}

Kingston slaps Roger to start. Kingston trips Roger and then goes back to sit in the corner, showing that he takes Roger lightly. Roger kicks Kingston’s hand away when he trips him again and slaps him. Roger gives Kingston an armdrag and a toreador. Kingston bails to the floor. Kingston evades a dive, but then Roger comes off the top rope with a tope con hilo. In the ring, Kingston takes Roger over with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kingston gives Roger a delayed vertical suplex for two. Kingston blasts Roger with a hard chop then kicks him repeatedly in the spine for two. Roger kicks Kingston in the head a few times then double stomps him for two. Kingston takes Roger over with a belly-to-belly suplex as Roger comes off the ropes. Kingston then gives Roger his own double stomp. Kingston powerbombs Roger in the corner then Yakuza kicks him. Kingston gives Roger a flurry of chops on the top rope. Roger comes off with a sunset flip. Roger gives Kingston a satellite headscissors and a tornado DDT for two. Kingston catches Roger with a uranage backbreaker. Roger gives Kingston a top rope ace crusher for two. Roger gives him a basement dropkick for two. Kingston catches him with another uranage backbreaker, then a uranage suplex for two. Roger comes back and hits the Walk The Plank for two. Roger heads up top, and Kingston kicks referee Bryce Remsburg into the ropes so Roger would be crotched. Kingston lays in a hard barrage of strikes to Roger on top. Kingston brings him down with a big overhead suplex for the pin at 11:26. This was a really good match with Kingston bringing the best out of Jolly Roger. Super enjoyable and fun match here, and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. **3/4

Young Lions Cup II Opening Round Match
Jimmy Jacobs vs. BlackJack Marciano {WC}

Marciano bullies Jacobs in the corner. Jacobs reverses and scares Marciano to the floor. Marciano comes in and trades wristlocks with Jacobs. Jacobs headbutts Marciano’s hand. Marciano armdrags Jacobs to a stalemate. Jacobs bites Marciano in the rear as Marciano plays to the crowd. Jacobs takes down Marciano and kicks him in the hand so that Marciano is unintentionally doing the “HUSS!” hand motion. Jacobs evades a low blow and hits a few strikes. Marciano gives Jacobs a tilt-a-whirl gut buster for two. Marciano stretches out Jacobs in an abdominal stretch. Jacobs back with a flying forearm and a reverse snapmare driver. Jacobs chops Marciano on the head. Jacobs rolls up into a satellite headscissors takedown. Jacobs knees Marciano in the side of the head while it’s draped on the apron. Jacobs comes back in with a top rope chop. Jacobs blocks the Russian Roulette and blasts Marciano with a hard big boot for two. Jacobs misses a top rope senton. Marciano rolls him up with La Magistral for two. Marciano drops Jacobs with the Russian Roulette for two. Marciano blocks the Contra Code by crotching Jacobs on the top rope. Marciano then brings him off the top with a reverse powerslam off the top rope for the pin at 9:16. Another fun match, and Jacobs brought the goods even then. He and Marciano were a good pair and did well with the time they were given. **1/2

Young Lions Cup II Opening Round Match
Sabian vs. Niles Young {CZW}

Sabian rolls through with a wristlock into a headlock. Young brings him down into a chinlock and switches to a hammerlock. Sabian uses the ropes to armdrag him down. Young runs the ropes and Sabian drops down. They trade armdrags and pin attempts but reach a stalemate. Young applies a figure four leg lock. Sabian escapes and lays in some shots. Young regains control with a half crab. Sabian reaches the ropes. Young tries a suplex, but Sabian dropkicks him in the chest. Young blocks a tornado DDT and Sabian blocks a suplex. Young takes Sabian over with a reverse suplex. Sabian boots Young away and sunset flips him. Young rolls through, but Sabian drop toe holds him. Sabian follows up with a basement dropkick right to the side of Young’s head. Young lays in some punches and a clothesline. Sabian hits a back cracker and applies a straight jacket stretch with added pressure to the neck. Young quits at 7:45. This was basic stuff that didn’t end up being very interesting. Sabian looked fine, but Young looked like a worse Chris Harris. *3/4

Young Lions Cup II Opening Round Match
Jigsaw vs. Rorschach

A lock-up leads to Jigsaw putting Rorschach in a half crab. He gets out and illegally strikes Jigsaw in the corner. Jigsaw takes Rorschach to the mat for two. Rorschach comes back with a clothesline and an overhead suplex into the corner. Rorschach chokes Jigsaw on the top rope. Rorschach chops him and Jigsaw fires back with one of his own. Rorschach nails Jigsaw with a forearm then chokes Jigsaw in the corner. Jigsaw misses a knee strike and goes to the floor. Rorschach dives onto him with a tope con hilo. Rorschach brings Jigsaw to the top rope while he stands on the apron. Jigsaw sends Rorschach overhead to the floor. Jigsaw follows up with a twisting splash. Jigsaw springboards back to the ring where Rorschach catches him with a jump-up dropkick. Rorschach goes up top and Jigsaw catches him with a jump-up hurricanrana. Jigsaw knees Rorschach in the corner and then face washes him for two. Rorschach takes Jigsaw over with a fisherman’s suplex for two. Jigsaw superkicks Rorschach and goes up top. Jigsaw grazes Rorschach barely with a twisting splash. Rorschach hits an overhead suplex. He tries a second but Jigsaw rolls through. Rorschach escapes a Jig N’ Tonic and tosses Jigsaw for a two count. Jigsaw catches Rorschach on the top rope. Jigsaw lands a middle rope Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 9:22. A fairly bland and sloppy match ends with a cool finish. Not enough for me to enjoy it too much though. But hey, there was still some okay stuff at times. A weak main event however. *1/4


2 Responses to Young Lions Cup II, Night I

  1. Paul says:

    Cannon got knocked the f— out on this show.

    • kford13 says:

      Hey really did. It seemed like a fairly harmless spot, but it sucks that it turned out being more serious than that. And Jay Lethal didn’t even show up for Night 2!

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