PWE: Volume 4

Newport, PA – 7.3.2004

Gran Akuma vs. Icarus

Each guy makes a standing switch with full nelsons. Each guy tries a wristlock, headlock, armdrag, and nip-up, reaching a stalemate. Akuma applies a side headlock, and Icarus shoots him off the ropes. Icarus nails a flurry of moves and lands a flip senton for two. Icarus snapmares Akuma into a chinlock. Icarus dropkicks Akuma for two. Akuma evades an attack in the corner and peppers Icarus with kicks to the chest. Akuma drops Icarus with a vertical suplex for two. Akuma gives Icarus a knee strike in the corner and then stretches out Icarus’ back. Akuma slams Icarus for two. Icarus and Akuma trade various pinning combinations with neither guy able to secure the victory. Akuma shoulder blocks Icarus down. Icarus gives Akuma a side Russian leg sweep for two. Akuma puts Icarus in an abdominal stretch. Icarus escapes and takes down Akuma with a series of clotheslines. Icarus scoop slams Akuma and damn near kills himself on a split-legged moonsault. Akuma drops Icarus with a Falcon Arrow for two. Akuma looks for a second one, but Icarus hits the Shiranui. The match ends saying it went to its 10 minute time limit draw, although the match time I have for it is 8:16. That’s pretty annoying. But these two had an alright match, but were still pretty green at this time. I’d really like to see this again but in the present. *1/2

The team of Flex Fenom and Aidean come down and lay out a challenge for F.I.S.T. for PWE’s August show. They already beat them in June, so we’ll see what transpires there. Later on in the night, after Fenom and Aidean cheat to win their match, Icarus and Akuma attack them post match and the match for August is made official. (Crap! I don’t have that tape either! And it’s not for sale!)

PWE Championship
Mike Quackenbush (Champion) vs. Glen Osbourne

Osbourne throws Quack into a corner. Quack’s attempts to take Osbourne down are futile, as he is of much larger carriage. Osbourne laces fingers with Quack and brings Quack to his knees with his power. Quack dropkicks Osbourne into the corner and follows with up a somersault sneton. Osbourne grabs Quack, but Quack kicks his arm away and then wrenches on Osbourne’s arm. Osbourne slams Quack, but Quack rolls through and keeps on Osbourne’s arm. Osbourne is able to power up Quack for a slam. Osbourne grabs a big steel chain and puts it on the turnbuckle. Osbourne whips Quack back first into the chain covered turnbuckles. Osbourne drops Quack across his knee multiple times and hits another slam for two. Quack looks for a sunset flip, but Osbourne picks him up in a neck-hanging tree slam. Osbourne drops Quack with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Osbourne keeps on offense for a bit, focusing on Quack’s back. Quack fights back and palm strikes Osbourne. Quack flips over the topes and kicks Osbourne in the face. He comes in with a springboard tornado DDT. Quack superkicks Osbourne for two. Osbourne looks for his chain but the female ring announcer takes it away. Quack is able to sneak in and powerbomb Osbourne off the middle rope for the pin at 12:32. This had good psychology throughout, and for a big guy Osbourne can play his part. The thing I liked most is that Quack was only able to sneak in the powerbomb because Osbourne was on the ropes and not paying attention. Otherwise, there’s no way with his bad back Quack would have been able to pull it off. So the story worked well for me and was better than I would expect. **1/4


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