PWE: Volume 3

Mechanicsburg, PA – 6.12.2004

Icarus & Gran Akuma vs. Flex Fenom & Aidean

Icarus gives Aidean an armdrag and clothesline. Icarus follows him to the floor with a pescado. Aidean rakes Icarus’ eyes and tags in Fenom. Icarus armdrags Fenom down and tags in Akuma. Akuma comes off the top rope with a double axe handle to Fenom’s arm. Akuma goes up and over Fenom and lands a hip toss. Fenom gives Akuma a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Aidean and Fenom isolate Akuma from Icarus, beating him down in their corner. Akuma eventually evades an attack from Fenom in the corner and knees him in the face. He tags in Icarus who knocks down Aidean with some back elbows and a clothesline. Both guys hold up Icarus, and Akuma comes in with a missile dropkick to take them down. Fenom pushes Icarus off the top rope and Aidean pins him at 5:23. This was a super basic tag match that wasn’t too exciting, but alright for what it was. *1/4

After the match, Akuma and Icarus beat down Fenom and Aidean and send them packing.

The show ends with a music video (of still photos) from the main event where PWE Champion Mike Quackenbush defended his title against Hallowicked. It’s impossible to construct any sort of play-by-play through this “music video”. Mike Quackenbush retains his belt, and that’s all I know. I should not that this is the earliest PWE show available (Show #3, which means Quack won the belt on show 1 or 2). I need to find these matches! If anyone can help, let me know.


2 Responses to PWE: Volume 3

  1. Ryan Parkinson says:

    Is there any way to get these shows anymore?

    • Kevin Ford says:

      Not to my knowledge. I actually emailed the company years ago and made a bulk purchase of VHS/DVD’s. Their website has been down for a very long time. I still have all the DVDs to review and will be sending them to Indie Wrestling Archive when I am done with them. The VHS tapes are gone.

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