Kids Eat Free On Tuesdays

3.20.2004 – Emmaus, PA

I believe this is the first show ever recorded and produced by Smart Mark Video. The video quality is a trillion times better than Mike Skillz’s company who recorded the 2002/2003 CHIKARA events. There is no commentary on the show; that would come in 2005.

Private Eye & Shane Storm vs. Darkness Crabtree & Phantasmo

This is Shane Storm’s debut match. Eye throws Phantasmo back in two lock-ups. Phantasmo tries to poke Eye’s eye. Eye gives him an Atomic drop and a Manhattan drop. Eye slams him. Crabtree tags in as does Storm. Crabtree sends Storm to the corner. He misses some offense and accidentally clubs Storm’s hard hat. Storm stomps on his hands and his foot. Storm takes him down with a clothesline and tags in Eye. Phantasmo attacks Eye from behind. Phantasmo splashes Eye and whips Eye to the corner. Crabtree looks to come in, but Storm puts up his STOP sign. Storm throws down Crabtree in a wheelbarrow. Crabtree hits a sweater assisted pedigree on Storm. Crabtree snapmares Storm and kicks him in the back. Crabtree drops an elbow for two. Crabtree continues to pummel Storm until Storm sunset flips him for the pin at 4:27. Storm didn’t look too bad for his debut match. Eye and Phantasmo are really bad though, but I can’t hate on Private Eye ever. ½*

Joker {BO} vs. Sabian {BO}

Joker uses the ropes to try to get the advantage on the mat. Sabian however seems to keep most of the control on Joker’s arm. Joker knocks Sabian down with a shoulder tackle. Both guys hit armdrags and stereo shoulder tackles. Back and forth these guys go, with Joker dropping Sabian with a hard back breaker for two. Joker stretches Sabian’s back over his knees. Sabian tries a wheelbarrow, but Joker sits-out so that Sabian’s back bends over his shoulder. Sabian comes back and applies a Dragon Sleeper. Joker grabs the ropes to break. Joker drops Sabian across his shoulders from a torture rack position. Joker looks for a crucifix bomb but Sabian escapes. Joker tosses Sabian overhead. Joker hits a running knee strike to Sabian’s face. Sabian gives Joker a drop toe hold, and dropkicks Joker in the face to the floor. Sabian looks to throw Joker into the crowd, but instead throws him back in the ring. Joker chops Sabian, and Sabian responds with some of his own. Joker blasts Sabian with a hard chop that sends him to the mat. Sabian is popped up and dropkicks Joker. He gives Joker a bridging German suplex for two. Sabian misses a twisting senton from the top rope. Joker looks for the Joker Driver, but Sabian victory rolls through for two. Joker and Sabian trade pinfall attempts. Sabian dropkicks Joker’s legs out and pins him for two. Sabian heads up top and Joker crotches him. Sabian kicks Joker away. Sabian comes off the ropes, and Joker catches him with the Joker Driver for the pin at 13:26. This was a really impressive showcase. I did not expect this level of match out of either guy and quite frankly I was really impressed. Both guys came back and after seeing this match I can see why. **3/4

Mike Quackenbushcomes out with the four titles he currently holds: the wXw Lightweight Championship, the IPW Intercontinental Lightweight Championship, AULL Mexican Middlewieght Championship, and IPW Crusierweight Championship (which he just won the night before against Hallowicked). The winner of this upcoming gauntlet gets a shot to win every single one of those belts next month at CHIKARA’s April 9th event.

Mike Quackenbush’s International Crown – #1 Contendership Gauntlet

The times given for each match are accumulated, not the time for each individual match.

Mister ZERO vs. John Brooks

Both guys trade wristlocks. Brooks takes ZERO to the mat in an overhead wristlock for two. ZERO shoulder blocks Brooks down, then takes him over with an armdrag. ZERO hits a couple forearms and a back elbow. ZERO hits a running forearm in the corner. Brooks dragon screws ZERO to the mat and applies a figure four leg lock. Brooks kicks away at ZERO’s leg and gives him a kneeDT. Brooks drops ZERO with a nice dropkick. Brooks continues to do damage to ZERO’s bad leg. ZERO ducks a clothesline and gives Brooks a side slam for two. Brooks drop toe holds ZERO into a Texas Cloverleaf. ZERO escapes using the ropes. ZERO ducks a clotheslines and gives him the Last Shaven Unicorn Drop for the pin at 5:51.

Mister ZERO vs. UltraMantis

UltraMantis immediately lays in some strikes and kicks away at ZERO’s hamstrings. UltraMantis kicks at ZERO’s leg. This is strange since these two are tag partners. UltraMantis traps ZERO’s legs in the ropes and kicks away. ZERO blocks a strikes and comes back with some shots of his own. ZERO backdrops UltraMantis and whips him off the ropes. UltraMantis goes over ZERO and chop blocks his leg. UltraMantis applies a figure four leg lock and grabs the ropes to apply more pressure behind the referee’s back. ZERO submits at 8:13.

UltraMantis vs. Fumar Dos

Dos looks like a classic burglar with MC Hammer pants. He gives UltraMantis a couple armdrags for two. He comes off the second rope with a clothesline for two. Dos gives UltraMantis a backbreaker after a middle rope clothesline. UltraMantis hurricanrana’s Dos over the top rope and to the floor. UltraMantis slams Dos on the floor. UltraMantis comes back in and flies onto Dos with a tope. UltraMantis takes Dos over with a suplex on the floor. UltraMantis misses a splash in the corner and Dos schoolboys him for two. Dos gives UltraMantis some chops in the corner. UltraMantis drops Dos on his head with a Death Valley Driver for the pin at 11:32.

UltraMantis vs. DJ Skittlez

Skittlez chases UltraMantis around the ring. When they get in, UltraMantis drops a trifecta of elbows on Skittlez. Skittlez clotheslines UltraMantis in the corner. Skittlez takes UltraMantis over with a sloppy headscissors. Skittlez spins out UltraMantis into a face buster for the pin at 13:12.

After this, Mantis pushes Skittlez off the top rope to the floor. He throws Skittlez back in as Jigsaw enters.

DJ Skittlez vs. Jigsaw

Jigsaw immediately attempts a pin but only gets two. Skittlez is able to hit a splash and light up Jigsaw with chops. Skittlez misses a splash. Jigsaw lays in some knees to Skittlez’s face. Skittlez goes under Jigsaw’s legs and drops him with a Falcon Arrow for two. Jigsaw chokes Skittlez with his boot. Jigsaw snapmares Skittlez over and stomps on his chest multiple times. Jigsaw goes up top and misses a twisting senton splash. Skittlez fires back with some punches and a Japanese hip toss. Skittlez dances on the apron and slams Jigsaw face first into the corner. Skittlez comes off the ropes with a clothesline for two. Skittlez calls for a brianbuter but Jigsaw gives his a leg lariat and heads up top. Jigsaw hits a somersault senton for two. Skittlez looks for the Rainbow Bomb, but Jigsaw sends him to the floor. Jigsaw dives onto Skittlez, but Skittlez catches him and puts him back inside. Skittlez hits the Rainbow Bomb for two. He tries a second but Jigsaw gives him an enzugiri. He then hits the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 22:41. This whole gauntlet was fine overall. Skittlez sucked, but the crowd was into him. They built up to UltraMantis’ heel turn next month and got Jigsaw over as a big student. He’ll main event the next show with Quack. **1/4

Young Lions Cup Qualifier
Jolly Roger vs. Rorschach

Believe it or not, these guys had this exact match at CHIKARA’s last show in which Jolly Roger won. Why this is happening again, I don’t know. Rorschach and Roger start off with some Lucha, and Roger almost slips and hurts himself attempting a rope-assisted armdrag. Roger doublestomps Rorschach in the corner and drags him out for a two count. Roger twists Rorschach in a Muta Lock. Roger monkey flips Rorschach to the floor and follows with a dive. Rorschach throws Roger face first into the ring post. Rorschach slams Roger and gives him a legdrop for two. Rorschach chokes Roger on the mat. Roger slaps Rorschach in the face to escape. Rorschach looks for the Rorschach Lock but can’t get in sinched in. Roger O’Conner rolls Rorschach for two, and Rorschach pushes him to the floor. Rorschach comes at him with a tope con hilo. Rorschach keeps on Roger back in the ring. Roger tries to wheelbarrow up, but Rorschach drops him face first on the mat. Roger whips Rorschach to the corner and then gives him a sit-out hip toss. Roger hits a spinwheel kick and a jumping back elbow for two. Roger takes Rorschach down with a satellite headscissors for two. Rorschach powerbombs Roger as he attempts a hurricanarana and gets a two count. Rorschach hits two fisherman’s suplexes for two. Rorschach misses a splash. Roger hits Walk The Plank for two. Roger hits an arm-capture belly-to-belly suplex for two. Roger takes Rorschach off the top rope with a wheelbarrow facebuster called “It Came From The Sea” for the pin at 12:58. So this had the same result as last show and was just as bad. Why did I have to see these two wrestle twice? Ugh. *

Eddie Kingston comes out with his partners and says they’re the franchise players of this company. He says he will take F.I.S.T’s and Quackenbush’s pride here tonight.

Elimination Match
Mike Quackenbush, Icarus {F}, & Gran Akuma {F} vs. Hallowicked, Eddie Kingston {WC}, & BlackJack Marciano {WC}

Kingston and Icarus start, vying for the advantage. Icarus takes Kingston over in a knuckle-lock drag. Icarus elbows Kingston in the chest, and hits a series of armdrag variations. Icarus keeps on Kingston’s arm and tags in Akuma. Akuma also keeps on the arm. Marciano tags in. Akuma and Maricano trade holds till reaching a stalemate. Quackenbush and Hallowicked tag in. These two also trade holds, with Quackenbush looking to stretch out Wicked’s neck and arm. Quackenbush uses a variety of Lucha holds to keep Hallowicked grounded. Hallowicked gets taken down from a crossbody by Icarus, and Quackenbush assists Icarus with a headscissors takedown. Everyone but Kingston creates a chain of submissions. Kingston comes in and boots them all down. Akuma armdrags Kingston, and Kingston responds with a toreador. Akuma throws Kingston to the floor with a satellite headscissors. Hallowicked and Marciano check on him. Hallowicked and Icarus then enter the ring. They also go back and forth for control, with Icarus getting the better of it. He sends Hallowicked to the floor with a satellite armdrag. Quackenbush and Marciano tag in. Marciano sits down on Quackenbush’s back with a cross-legged submission. Quackenbush armdrags Marciano twice. Marciano places his feet on Quackenbush’s shoulders and bulls back on Quackenbush’s arm. Quackenbush windmill kicks Maricano’s face and stretches out his arm and leg. Quackenbush applies a side headlock, and sends Marciano the floor. Halloiwkced boots Quackenbush on the floor. Quackenbush monkey flips Hallowicked over, and F.I.S.T. dive onto Wicked and Maricano. Quackenbush comes back in the ring to meet Kingston. Quackenbush hits a dropkick off the second rope and kicks Kingston in the chest twice. Quackenbush lays in multiple punches in the corner and follows with a mule kick to the face for two. Quackenbush locks Kingston a pendulum stretch variation. Quackenbush tags in Icarus, who gets isolated from his partners in the Rudo corner. Hallowicked brings Icarus to the floor, which tags in Akuma. The Wildcards beat up Akuma and Hallowicked takes him to the floor. Quackenbush comes in and he too is thwarted by the Wildcards. Hallowicked brings Quackenbush out, but Quackenbush gives him an overhand slaps. F.I.S.T. come back to fight the Wildcards in the ring. Marciano gives Akuma powerslam for one as Quackenbush slams Hallowicked’s face on the ring apron. Akuma takes Icarus’ place as the isolated Tecnico, with the Wildcards teasing taking his mask off. He’s able to tag in Icarus, who fakes out Marciano. This allows Quackenbush to give a crossbody and windmill chops in the corner. Quackenbush hits a flying Thesz Press, and Icarus a splash. Akuma misses one and the Rudos attack him. Marciano misses a splash allowing Akuma to hit a barrage of kicks. Marciano hits the Rolling the Dice for two. Icarus boots Kingston. Icarus drops him with a tornado DDT and Hallowicked breaks the pin. Hallowicked hits a step-up Frankensteiner and Quackenbush breaks the pin. Quackenbush gives Hallowicked eats two suplexes and a botched facebuster. Marciano breaks the count. Icarus hits a dragonrana for two. Quackenbush flips over Kingston and Hallowicked powerbombs him. Kingston flips Akuma from a Yoshi Tonic to a powerbomb for two. Quackenbush drops Marciano with the Black Tornado Slam for the pin at 29:16. Hallowicked and Quackenbush trade strikes in the ring. Quackenbush locks him in the Lightning Lock Beats. Jigsaw comes in and hits an enzugiri behind the ref’s back on Quackenbush. This allows Hallowicked to pin Quackenbush at 30:11. Icarus attacks Hallowicked from behind. He gives Hallowicked the Shiranui for two. Kingston comes in and slams Icarus. He follows with a double stomp. Hallowicked hits a Falcon Arrow, and Kingston hits a moonsault to pin Icarus at 31:06. Akuma kicks away at Hallowicked. Kingston cuts him off. Hallowicked hits a Rydeen Bomb for two. Kingston holds Akuma. Hallowicked accidentally superkicks Kingston. Akuma rolls up Hallowicked for the pin at 32:28. Akuma lays in kicks and strikes to Kingston’s ribs. Akuma kicks Kingston in the side of the head and pins him for two. Kingston forearms and slaps the crap out of Akuma. Kingston clotheslines him for two. Akuma kicks Kingston. Kingston blocks a Falcon Arrow and pulls of Akuma’s mask at 34:22 for the disqualification. Akuma wins this elimination match. That was weird to come all this way just for a disqualification ending, but it leads to a match at Aniversario in two months and the match had a lot of great action otherwise along the way. ***1/4

Kingston cuts a promo afterward, making Gran Akuma’s kid cry. A really sad sight to be sure.


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  1. John brooks says:

    Hello! Great write up! I was on this show and would love to see my match against mr zero. Is it possible for u to upload that match to youtube or possible to buy from you? Let me know and thanks for supporting wrestling!

    John brooks

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