CWF: Express


Monessen, PA – 1.31.2004

Mike Quackenbush, Icarus, Gran Akuma, Shane Storm & Jolly Roger vs. Hallowicked, Eddie Kingston, Black Jack Marciano, Rorschach & Joe Peroney

Peroney might be ShareCropper sans mask. He is wearing the ShareCropper pants after all. Storm gets the better of the opening exchange with Rorschach, log rolling his legs out after a pair of armdrags. Kingston tries being sneaky with Icarus, but ends up being taken down with a satellite headscissors. He puts Kingston in an abdominal stretch and has his partners help add some extra leverage. Kingston hiptosses his way free. Akuma and Hallowicked pick up the pace in a Lucha sequence. Neither man gets an advantage, so Quackenbush and Peroney tag in. Quackenbush tries a quesadora maneuver but is blocked. He does however take Peroney down and deliver a standing senton splash. Quackenbush then fights off both of the Wildcards and brings Marciano to his corner. Roger takes over for Quackenbush. Kingston knees him from the apron. The Wildcards give him a tandem waterwheel slam, beginning the Rudo quintets isolation of the party pirate. After a few minutes, Storm holds up his STOP sign to freeze Marciano on the top rope. He ends up crotching himself, but Hallowicked jumps in to keep Roger’s beat down going. Roger is able to avoid a top rope splash from Rorschach and tags in Akuma. He baits Kingston into a springboard clothesline from Quackenbush. Icarus clotheslines him in opposite corners and nails a superkick. Peroney breaks the pin. Quackenbush puts him in an abdominal stretch as things break down with everybody wrestling everybody. Storm gets two on Kingston with That Japanese Move. Akuma is poised for a powerbomb when Marciano goes for his mask. Quackenbush enzuigiri’s him to the floor. Icarus gives Hallowicked a sunset bomb off of Kingston’s back. Akuma does the deal with a Falcon Arrow. Roger, Quackenbush, and Akuma hit various top rope maneuvers on Kingston to pick up the win at 17:37. This started out about the same as any other match they did at the time, but the wild fracas in the middle and the cool ending sequence made it stick out. It was also a nice follow up from the month prior. Fun stuff. **3/4


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