CWF: Motown Showdown ’04


Monessen, PA – 1.10.2004

Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm , Icarus & Jolly Roger vs. Hallowicked, Jigsaw, Eddie Kingston & Black Jack Marciano

They play “Song 2” by Blur for the Rudos, which I assume is an accident since that was Icarus’ theme at the time. Hallowicked applies a side headlock to Roger. Roger takes him over with a pair of hip tosses and dropkicks him to the ropes. Hallowicked slaps him in the face, so Roger sends him to the floor. Jigsaw punches and chops Icarus. Icarus comes back with a quesadora armdrag and a toreador that sends Jigsaw out. Quackenbush and Marciano engage in a lucha sequence. Marciano dropkicks Quackenbush to the corner. Quackenbush hops onto his shoulders and delivers a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. He victory rolls Marciano out of the ring. Quackenbush follows with a tope con hilo. Storm takes Kingston down with a drop toe hold. He gets two with a Gedo Clutch. Hallowicked catches Storm in the back with a knee strike from an apron. Kingston gives him a German suplex. Kingston takes turns jamming the Tecnicos arms across his shoulder. While not looking, Quackenbush feeds him Marciano’s arm. Kingston realizes his error and apologizes to an unhappy Marciano. Jigsaw catches Storm with a leg lariat for two. The Rudos wear him down until Jigsaw misses a twisting senton off the top rope. Icarus tags in and cleans house. He sends Jigsaw out with the Deja Vu. Hallowicked gives him a yakuza kick and a cartwheel splash. Storm puts up his STOP sign so Icarus can deliver a spear. All four Rudos suplex all four Tecnicos. Roger drops Jigsaw with a swinging DDT. He calls for the Walk the Plank. Jigsaw turns it into a brainbuster. Quackenbush breaks the cover. Quackenbush gets caught by a wheelbarrow bulldog from the Wild Cards. Marciano puts him in a crossface while Kingston applies the Kondo Clutch. Storm hits That Japanese Move on Kingston to break it. Storm puts him in an abdominal stetch. Marciano, Hallowicked, and Jigsaw all try to make the save. They end up being Swantoned onto by Quackenbush and splashed on by Roger. All the Rudos but Kingston are sent to the floor. Quackenbush, Icarus and Storm suicide dive after them. Kingston powerbombs Roger and pins him Graham Cracker style for the pin at 15:29. Storm was in this match more than probably anyone and was dreadfully sloppy at this point. This was more or less a slight variation on the match they had the previous month but not nearly as crisp. **

Quackenbush points out that they cheated their way to a victory. He says when they come back to Monessan January 31st they will have a 10 man tag rematch to even the score.


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