CWF: Rampage


Monessen, PA – 12.13.2003

Mike Quackenbush, Shane Storm & Icarus vs. Hallowicked, Eddie Kingston & Black Jack Marciano

Quackenbush and Marciano exchange headlocks. Quackenbush rolls him into an STF. Kingston and Hallowicked push the bottom rope towards him so he can grab it. Quackenbush uses some Saint-esque maneuvering to get a Magistral cradle. Back to the headlock he goes. Icarus punches him in the stomach. Marciano twists up his arm and tags in Kingston. He throws some strikes. Icarus snaps off some armdrags and gets two with a huracanrana. The Rudos re-group on the floor. Icarus beats down Hallowicked in the corner. Storm tags in and wrenches on the arm. They criss-cross on the ropes. Hallowicked tires himself out and one punch from Storm knocks him down. Storm headscissors him out of the corner. Hallowicked backdrops Icarus to the floor. Storm puts up his STOP sign to stop his dive. Quackenbush comes in with a springboard armdrag. He trips Marciano into an elbow to the back. The Wildcards catch Icarus with a tandem attack in the corner. The Rudos beat him down until Icarus Frankensteiner’s Hallowicked off the top rope. Quackenbush cleans house. A chainlock chain forms with everybody, which Storm breaks with a side Russian leg sweep. Quackenbush and Kingston trade strikes. Kingston gives him an exploder suplex. A second pump-handle variation gets him two. He goes for a third suplex. Quackenbush flips out of it and delivers a DDT. Everyone else is fighting on the floor. Quackenbush double stomps Kingston. Marciano breaks the pin at the last minute. Icarus cascades up into a DDT on him and gets two. Marciano gets two himself with a corkscrew legdrop. Icarus hits the Shiranui. Hallowicked breaks the cover. He gives Storm a step-up Frankensteiner. Hallowicked accidentally knee strikes Storm’s construction helmet. Storm gets two with That Japanese Move thanks to the Wild Cards. Quackenbush sends them out. He gives Icarus a burning hammer onto Hallowicked, which was the old Night Shift finisher. Again the Wildcards make the save. Kingston yakuza kicks Storm into a schoolboy from Hallowicked, giving them the win at 14:19. This was about the same as any other trios matches the students were doing at the time. It’s clear to see that the Rudo team was far and above Storm and Icarus at this point, so I think it was right for them to have gone over. **3/4


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