The International Invasion of International Invaders

Allentown, PA – 10.18.2003

Battle Royal – #1 Contendership for the Young Lions Cup

One of the entrants is Darkness Crabtree, formerly Lester Crabtree. He supposedly faked his own death and is now Darkness Crabtree. Or something like that.

Order of Entry
– Melvin Snodgrass
– Darkness Crabtree
– UltraMantis
– Jigsaw
– Sumie Sakai
– Jon Thornhill
– American Gigolo
– Mister ZERO
– Blind Rage {DB}

Order of Elimination
– Melvin Snodgrass by UltraMantis
– Darkness Crabtree by UltraMantis
– Jigsaw by Sumie Sakai
– Sumie Sakai by American Gigolo
– Jon Thornhill by American Gigolo
– Blind Rage by UltraMantis
– American Gigolo and UltraMantis by Mister ZERO

Jigsaw beat on Sumie after she was eliminated, leading to their match later tonight. ZERO will go on to face Hallowicked for the Young Lions Cup later tonight. This was a pretty poor battle royal, with nothing interesting going on. ZERO apologizes to his buddy Mantis for eliminating him. Mantis shoves ZERO a few times but eventually does shake ZERO’s hand and raises it in victory. N/R

Winner is entered in the Young Lions Cup II tournament
Jolly Roger vs. Rorschach

Both men trade waistlocks. Rorschach knocks Roger down with a shoulder tackle. Roger hip tosses Rorschach. Rorschach punches Roger in the face a couple times. Roger armdrags Rorschach. Rorschach double arm whips Roger to the mat, and Roger throws Rorschach to the floor with a double knuckle-lock armdrag. Rorschach gives Roger a clothesline and applies a headlock. Rorschach applies the Rorschach Lock. Roger gets the bottom rope to escape. Rorschach chops Roger in the corner and biels him out with a hip toss. Roger small packes Rorschach for two, then tries a La Magistral for two. Rorschach gives him a leg lariat. Rorschach suplexes Roger for two. Roger boots Rorschach and hits the blockbuster. Roger gives Rorschach a spinwheel kick and a flying back elbow. Rorschach brings Roger off the middle rope with a sunset flip for two. Roger drops Rorschach with the Walk the Plank for the pin at 6:21. A match that started slow and had a good ending sequence. Really not much to it, although it’s weird they decided a tournament participant eight months before the tournament. *

F.I.S.T. Promo

Icarus and Gran Akuma come out. Icarus talks about how last month the Wildcards tried to break Akuma’s leg. Icarus says this ends tonight, and the Wildcards come out and attack them. The Wildcards beat on Akuma after dumping Icarus to the floor. Officials break up the fight and a No Disqualification tag match is set up between the two teams for later.

UltraMantis vs. American Gigolo

Gigolo wrings Mantis’ arm. He snapmares Mantis and dropkicks him in the face. Gigolo stretches Mantis’ arms behind his back using the ropes for leverage. Mantis schoolboys Gigolo for two. They trade waistlocks. Gigolo rolls Mantis into a Cattle Mutilation variation. Gigolo kicks Mantis in the face. Mantis rolls forward and Gigolo pins him. Gigolo chokes Mantis. Mantis drops Gigolo with the Stroke for two. Blind Rage comes out to ringside. Gigolo gives Mantis a Lightning Spiral into a pin for two. Rage trips Gigolo, and Mantis pins him at 4:01. Thank God this was kept short because they didn’t do anything. It was just further teasing of Mantis turning Rudo. DUD

Young Lions Cup
Hallowicked (Champion) {NS} vs. Mister ZERO

After exchanging wristlocks, ZERO grapevines Hallowicked’s leg. ZERO kicks Hallowicked in the hamstring and snapmares him into a headlock. Hallowicked applies a hammerlock choke. Hallowicked freaks out at a fan calling him “candle head”. ZERO takes Hallowicked over with a Japanese armdrag and a quebradora. ZERO applies a cross armbreaker. Blind Rage breaks it and UltraMantis stops him. ZERO forearms Hallowicked. Hallowicked drops him with a DDT. Hallowicked kicks ZERO in the hamstring. Hallowicked takes some shots at ZERO’s neck and applies a chinlock. Hallowicked distracts UltraMantis as Rage chokes ZERO on the middle rope. ZERO ducks a big boot and sunset flips. Hallowicked punches him in the face. Hallowicked continues to work on ZERO’s neck. Hallowicked misses a forearm and gets rolled up for two. Hallowicked big boots ZERO and drops him with a neck breaker for two. Hallowicked misses a cartwheel splash. ZERO rocks Hallowicked with some punches and tosses him to the floor. ZERO throws Hallowicked face into the adjacent stage. In the ring, ZERO hits a forearm into the corner and gives Hallowicked a bulldog for two. Hallowicked gives ZERO the Rydeen Bomb for two. ZERO gives Hallowicked two side slams for two. Hallowicked hits the Monster Mash for two. ZERO tires the Last Shaven Unicorn Drop. Rage drops ZERO neck first on the top rope. Mantis chases him, and Hallowicked gives ZERO a Michinoku Driver for the win at 9:40. This was fine, but it was nothing special and didn’t touch their original Young Lions Cup match. **

After the match, Hallowicked cuts a gibberish promo. Blind Rage says he and Hallowicked are tired of beating UltraMantis and Mister ZERO. Mantis says he wrestles for the fans; good for him. Rage says the reason he and Hallowicked always beat them is because there’s three members of the Night Shift. He says he won’t tell them who the third member is, but the answer is right underneath their nose. Foreshadowing!

Sumie Sakai vs. Jigsaw

Jigsaw plays on the ropes for a bit to avoid Sumie. He even takes a seat in the crowd. Jigsaw powers Sakai to the corner and elbows her in the neck. Sakai comes back with Mongolian chops. Sakai monkey flips Jigsaw out of the corner and follows with a headscissors. Sakai dropkicks Jigsaw to the floor. She goes up top with a splash to the floor. Jigsaw puts her up top and slams her to the mat. Jigsaw chokes Sakai on the ropes. Jigsaw hip tosses her for two. Jigsaw snapmares her into a headlock. Sakai tries for a headscissors, but Jigsaw gives her a backbreaker for two. Jigsaw gives her a Death Valley Driver into a front face slam for two. Jigsaw misses an elbow drop and Sakai backslides him for two. She tries for a crucifix, but instead sunset flips him for two. Jigsaw knocks her down with a clothesline. Jigsaw drops her with a suplex. He misses a Cancun Tornado splash. Sakai comes back with a flurry of forearms and a DDT for two. Sakai gives him five punches in the corner and a dropkick from the middle rope. She gives him a top rope dropkick for two. Jigsaw gets his knees up to block a moonsault. Jigsaw superkicks Sakai for the pin at 8:17. This never really got interesting, and the stalling at the beginning was pretty annoying. Pointless, but at least it stayed short. *1/2

After the match, Jigsaw picks up Sakai looking to congratulate her. Jigsaw slams her instead and then heads to the back.

Eddie Kingston comes out and says that he doubts F.I.S.T. will be around after the beating they received earlier. He says if anyone can get out of his Kondo Clutch, they get all his money and assets. Icarus comes out and says while Akuma is hurt, he’ll face them by himself

No Disqualification Match
Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F} vs. Eddie Kingston {WC} & BlackJack Marciano {WC}

Icarus goes wild on both Wildcards. He gives Marciano a Russian leg sweep for two. The Wildcards beat on Icarus, mocking him by still making tags and asking him where his partner is. Gran Akuma eventually hobbles out to the apron. Icarus escapes the onslaught of Kingston by lighting him up with punches and giving him a crossbody. The Wildcards beat on Icarus some more before nonchalantly throwing Icarus to his corner. Akuma comes and makes Kingston dropkick Marciano. Akuma gives Kingston a one-legged dropkick and Marciano a wheelbarrow bulldog. Akuma gives Marciano a Falcon Arrow. Akuma gives Kingston a swinging DDT. Marciano clips Akuma’s bad leg, and Kingston locks Akuma in the Kondo Clutch. Marciano handcuffs Icarus to the bottom turnbuckle. Akuma taps out to give the Wildcards the win at 8:08. This wasn’t much of a match as it was The Wildcards beating on F.I.S.T. For an angle it was very effective, as the fans most assuredly hated The Wildcards. N/R

The Wildcards release Icarus and cut off a lock of his hair. CHIKARA staff comes out and a couple guys get mauled. Kingston yells at Akuma while being held back by CHIKARA staff.

AULL/IPW Mexican Middleweight Championship; 2 out of 3 Falls
Skayde (Champion) vs. Mike Quackenbush

American Gigolo is in Skayde’s corner and Sumie Sakai is in Quackenbush’s corner. They shake hands to start. Skayde waistlocks Quackenbush. Quackenbush escapes into a wristlock. Skayde trips Quackenbush and cranks on his ankle. Quackenbush rolls into a wristlock. Skayde throws Quackenbush over to the mat. Quackenbush and Skayde lock fingers. Quackenbush applies a hammerlock and rolls Skayde onto the mat and applies a headscissors. Skayde wrenches on Quackenbush’s wrist with both his hands. Quackenbush flips up and armdrags Skayde to the mat. Skayde wraps his legs around Quackenbush’s right leg and applies and crossface. Quackenbush grabs the ropes, forcing Skayde to release the hold. Skayde rolls up Quackenbush for two. Quackenbush applies a stretch muffler variation. Skayde gets the ropes. Skayde gets a headlock. They trade some Lucha maneuvers with Skayde hitting a backbreaker. Skayde dropkicks Quackenbush, and Quackenbush rolls to the floor. Quackenbush and Skayde go back and forth off the ropes. Skayde kicks Quackenbush in the face and chops him in the corner. Quackenbush flips over Skayde and into an armdrag. Skayde goes to the floor and Quackenbush dives through the middle rope onto Skayde. In the ring, Skayde drops a leg on Quackenbush. Skayde applies La Escalera to submit Quackenbush in 5:11 to win the first fall.

Quackenbush and Skayde circle to start the next fall. Skayde wrenches on Quackenbush’s arm with a wristlock. Skayde grabs Quackenbush’s forearm before taking him over with an arm drag. Quackenbush hip tosses Skayde. Quackenbush and Skayde go back and forth to a stand-off. Quackenbush takes Skayde over with a headlock. Quackenbush locks Skayde’s arm between his legs. Quackenbush presses Skayde’s other arm to the mat, looking for a pin. Skaydegets his shoulders up and wheelbarrows into an armdrag. Quackenbush applies an arm capture headlock. Skayde fights out, whipping Quackenbush to the corner. Skayde spins Quackenbush out into a facebuster and follows with a dropkick to the top of Quackenbush’s head. Quackenbush comes off the ropes and is met with a slam. Skayde rolls him up in the Skayde Especial pin for two. Quackenbush catches Skayde with the Manhattan Drop. Quackenbush rolls Skayde into a Lucha stretch. Skayde escapes. Quackenbush drops Skayde with the Quackenbushendriver I for the pin in 3:37. Things are tied up at one fall a piece.

Quackenbush hops over Skayde’s shoulders. Skayde wheelbarrows into a forward roll pin. Skayde dropkciks Quackenbush to the floor and follows with a tope con heilo. Back in the ring, Quackenbush stretches Skayde. Skayde blocks a palm strike. Quackenbush rolls into a prawn hold for two. Quackenbush sets up for the Black Tornado Slam. Skayde rolls through into a stretch. Quackenbush gets his foot on the bottom rope. Quackenbush gets sent off the ropes. He sole butts Skayde to the floor. Quackenbush goes for a dive, and Gigolo pushes Skayde out of the way. Sakai checks on Quackenbush as his dive looked nasty. Quackenbush comes back in and Skayde brings him up top. Skayde gets pushed off. Quackenbush rolls through a slam from Skayde. Quackenbush lands the Dragonrana to win the match two falls to three in 3:39. Quackenbush is the new champion. This was short, and very dull. The crowd was silent because all this match offered were reversals and armdrags. Quite frankly, I wrote too much and I am mad at myself for it. **


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  1. […] This match is on the Best of 2003 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review. […]

  2. […] This match is on the Best of 2003 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review. […]

  3. […] This match is on the Best of 2003 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review. […]

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