Allentown, PA – 5.24.2003

There is no commentary for this show.

Double Jeopardy Battle Royal

This is a ten man battle royal. The entrants come in at random intervals. The last two participants in the match go on later in the night to participate in a singles match.

Order of Entry

1. Ninja Mexicano
2. Lester Crabtree
3. Love Bug
4. Brock Singleton
5. Dragonfly
6. Marshal Law
7. Melvin Snodgrass
8. Mike Kruel
9. Jolly Roger
10. Reckless Youth

Order of Elimination
– Ninja Mexicano is eliminated by Love Bug at 1:44
– Love Bug is eliminated by Brock Singleton at 2:50
– Lester Crabtree is eliminated by Marshal Law at 5:55
– Dragonfly is eliminated by Brock Singleton at 8:13
– Melvin Snodgrass is eliminated by Brock Singleton at 8:32
– Jolly Roger is eliminated by Brock Singleton and Marshal Law at 12:54
– Marshal Law is eliminated by Brock Singleton at 13:04
– Brock Singleton is eliminated by Reckless Youth and Mike Kruel at 13:08

Kruel attacks Youth after, and Youth drops the top rope to send him to the floor. Kruel backs away saying he’ll take care of Reckless later tonight. Not much to the match itself. It was comedy with some, decent wrestling with othes, and was just a way to get a bunch of guys faces on the show. And of course to get Reckless a singles match. *

Private Eye vs. Phantasmo

Phantasmo cuts a promo in Spanish that the fans couldn’t care less about. Private Eye using Hall & Oates makes him a favorite already. Phantasmo attacks Eye before the bell. Phantasmo rakes his eye on the top rope and clotheslines him for two. Phantasmo hits a back elbow and misses a senton. Eye hits a jumping back elbow and a body slam for two. Phantasmo comes back with a clothesline and a flying crossbody for two. Phantasmo places Eye on the top rope. Phantasmo tries a hurricanrana, and Eye counters with a top rope powerbomb. Eye follows with a DDT for the win at 4:11. Harmless match with not much to it, but I love that my boy Private Eye went over. ¾*

Phantasmo gets in a shoving match with Bryce Remsburg afterwards and Bryce wins. Good.

Rap vs. Rock
DJ Skittlez vs. Blind Rage {NS}

The winner of the match gets to choose the losers new theme music.Rage dives out of the ring as Skittlez makes his entrance. They go back and forth with punches in the ring. Skittlez gets the advantage and sends Rage in the corner with a splash. Skittlez gets eight punches in the corner before Rage drops him face first on the top turnbuckle. Rage dropkicks Skittlez for two. Rage peppers Skittlez’s with punches before hitting a brainbuster. They show a chubby kid with a sweet Mister ZERO shirt. Rage puts on Skittlez’s FUBU jersey to mock him. Skittlez comes back with a flurry of punches and chops. Skittlez backslides Rage for two. Skittlez misses a senton and Rage applies a Camel Clutch. Rage hits an inverted slam for two. Skittlez gives Rage a Manhattan Drop and a clothesline. Rage biels Skittlez to the ring apron. Skittlez goes up top and hits a flying clothesline for two. Rage ducks a clothesline and superkicks Skittlez in the back of the head. Rage applies an STF. Skittlez grabs the ropes. Skittlez counters a rana attempt and applies an STF of his own, which Rage breaks by grabbing the ropes. Rage turns a pump handle slam into an inverted DDT. Rage crotches Rage as he goes up top. Skittlez goes up and Rage brings him off with a powerbomb into an STF. Skittlez escapes. Skittlez puts Rage on the top rope. He gives Rage an Avalanche Style Rainbow Bomb for the pin at 9:33. A real cool looking finish to cap off a good match. Rage is excellent and has his stuff together, and Skittlez looks good given how few matches he’s had. In case you were wondering, Rage’s music became “Conga” by Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. **¼

Reckless Youth vs. Mike Kruel

They start off trading wristlocks. They jockey for the advantage on the mat. Kruel applies a cross-legged choke. Youth ducks a clothesline and hits a pair of armdrags and a dropkick. Youth targets Kruel’s arm. He dragonwhips Kruel to the mat to add pressure. Carter comes off the corner and eats a hot shot and a belly-to-belly suplex. Kruel stomps away at Youth and hits a suplex for two. Kruel continues to beat on Youth for awhile. Youth comes back with some pin attempts before he and Kruel knock each other down with double clotheslines. Youth hits a quebrada and knee drop from the second rope. Kruel hits a neckbreaker for two. Kruel hits a butterfly suplex into a butterfly stretch. Youth hits a leg-capture swinging neckbreaker and a frog splash for two. Youth cuts off Kruel as he heads up top, and hits an ace crusher for two. Kruel is able to get Youth in a folding press and uses the ropes as leverage to score the pin at 10:17. This was your typical Reckless Youth match that he was having in ROH at the same time. The problem is, Mike Kruel sucks and has no charisma. For whatever reason though, the fans gobbled this up so I commend them for being good sports. *¾

Mike Quackenbush, Mister ZERO, UltraMantis, Icarus {F}, & Gran Akuma {F} vs. Eddie Kingston {WC}, BlackJack Marciano {WC}, Hallowicked {NS}, Jigsaw, & Rorschach

Mantis and Hallowicked start. Mantis chokes Hallowicked across his knee. Mantis armdrags Hallowicked into an armbar. Quackenbush kicks Hallowicked in the gut and goes to Hallowicked’s arm. Hallowicked reverses and tags in Jigsaw. Jig applies a full nelson. Quackenbush escapes and cartwheels into an armbar on the mat. Rorschach gets tagged in and splashes Quackenbush. Quackenbush gives the Conundrum a double Manhattan drop and twists them into a double single-leg crab. ZERO tags in and kicks Rorschach away from a wristlock. ZERO takes Rorschach to the mat with a front chancery. Kingston tags in and trades wristlocks with ZERO. Akuma tags in and twists Kingston’s arm. Back and forth they go with leg sweeps, neither man getting the advantage. Marciano and Icarus come in jockeying for position on the mat. Maricano stretches Icarus on his knee in a Dragon Sleeper, and Icarus flips over to reverse. Marciano gives Kingston Icarus’ arm to wrench on over the top rope. Mantis comes in and gets the same treatment from Kingston. Quackenbush comes in, and Quackenbush is able to hand Maricano’s arm to Kingston. Kingston unknowingly wrenches Marciano’s arm causing an argument between them. Quackenbush chops Marciano in the corner and then lunges with a leaping standing bronco buster. Maricano evades a dropkick. Quackenbush armdrags Marciano twice and then headscissors him from a victory roll over the top rope. Quackenbush slaps Marciano on the back, and convinces Marciano it was Rorschach who did it. This causes another fight between the Rudos on the floor. ZERO and Jigsaw go back and forth on the ropes to the point where they’re both exhausted. ZERO kicks Jigsaw to the floor. Icarus tags in as does Kingston. Kingston knees Icarus in the gut and chops him. Icarus gives Kingston a pair of armdrags before monkey flipping him out of the corner. Icarus follows with a somersault senton for two. Kingston brings Icarus to his corner, and tags in Rorschach. Mantis tags in when Icarus brings Rorschach over. They execute a back-and-forth Lucha sequence with Mantis sliding to the floor. He sunset flips back in for two. Mantis gives him a Manahattan Drop, and Akuma and Hallowicked tag in. They go back-and-forth and perform the K-Dojo comedy twirl and jump. Akuma gives Hallowicked a satellite headscissors. Maricano knees Akuma in the back as he hits the ropes, and Kingston gives him a suplex. The Rudos bully Akuma for a long while, till Akuma reverses a suplex from Marciano and tags in Mantis. Mantis knocks down all the Rudos, goes to his corner, and tags in Quackenbush who comes in with a springboard dropkick. Icarus comes in looks for the Shiranui. Kingston catches him, and Marciano drops a knee on his head. Kingston slams him for two. Icarus dropkicks Maricano after being beatdown by all the Rudos and tags in ZERO. ZERO fights off all five opponents and dives onto Kingston on the floor. Mantis comes in and hits a tope con heilo on Kingston while Rorschach gives ZERO a pescado. Maricano dives off the top onto ZERO and Mantis, and Akuma dives onto Kingston and Rorschach. Another series of dives follows, and then all ten men get in a chain of submissions in the ring. It breaks, and Marciano drops Quackenbush with the Roll of the Dice and the Russian Roulette. Quackenbush hits the Kangaroo Stomp in the corner and palm strikes Marciano. Quackenbush follows with a springboard doublestomp, and Jigsaw breaks up the pin attempt. ZERO gives Jigsaw a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Jigsaw blocks a top rope suplex, and hits a coast-to-coast dropkick on ZERO instead. Jigsaw dives onto ZERO on the floor. Icarus mauls Kingston in the corner. Kingston gives Icarus a pumphandle suplex for two. Icarus comes back with a springboard DDT and Rorschach breaks that pin. Rorschach kicks Mantis in the stomach and gives him a bridging suplex for two. Mantis drops Rorschach with a double underhook backbreaker drop for two. Mantis clotheslines Rorschach to the floor, bringing Hallowicked and Akuma in. Hallowicked hits a cartwheel splash and a Michinoku driver for two. Akuma lands a tornado DDT and a Falcon Arrow for two. All ten men set up a suplex chain, but all turn into backslides/roll-ups for two. Akuma and Quackenbush beat on the Wildcards. The Wildcards then give Akuma a double waterwheel slam and double STO’s for two. The Wildcards eat ten punches in the corner while Mantis shoves Hallowicked into a trashcan. The Conundrum accidentally give the Wildcards double superkicks. They then twist Akuma and Quackenbush into Octopus stretches. Quackenbush breaks an O’Conner Roll on Akuma. Quackenbush and Akuma hit tandem dives on the Conundrum. Hallowicked gives Icarus a rana and misses a splash in the corner. He hits the Rydeen Bomb for two. Icarus flips up into a DDT. He lands the Shiranui and Rorschach breaks up the pin. The Conundrum double team Mantis and ZERO. Mantis and ZERO come back with tandem Air Raid Crashes for two. The Wildcards come in and battle Mantis and ZERO. Kingston drops ZERO with the Royal Flush for two. Mantis slams Kingston, and Mantis and ZERO give Marciano the Last Shaven Unicorn Drop with an ace crusher by Mantis. Kingston breaks up the pin. A series of all ten men pinning each other is formed and everyone kicks out. The Tecnicos all gang up on Rorschach. They stack up on each other and Icarus is suplexed off the top of it. Jigsaw hits him with a twisting splash. Kingston applies a cross-legged stretch on Icarus. Quackenbush breaks it with a Palm Strike. Quackenbush ducks an enzuigiri and applies the Lightning Lock on Jigsaw. Jigsaw quits at 44:06. A really fun main event to cap out the anniversary show. The “ten men in a chain doing similar things” was cute one time, and overkill by the third, but other than that there isn’t much to complain about. All the guys worked hard, didn’t mess up anything, and had the crowd hot for the entire 44 minutes. ***½

Quack grabs the microphone and puts over everyone in the match. Quack talks about how proud he and the wrestlers are of how far the company has come and they thank the fans. Quack says if you thought year one was good, wait till you see year two. Well, I’m about to put in Tag World 2003, so we shall see.


4 Responses to Aniversario

  1. Paul Guyton says:

    I see the main as CHIKARA making a big statement with their multi-person tag formula. Going 45:00 was a really gutsy move and I think it paid off. It definitely paved the way for the future.

  2. Tim says:

    Rage’s music, as revealed in the commentary on the first show, was made Conga by Miami Sound Machine.

  3. […] This match is on the Best of 2003 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review. […]

  4. […] This match is on the Best of 2003 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review. […]

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