wXw Got Eggs?!


Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland – 4.18.2003

wXw Championship; Elimination Match
Chris Hero (Champion) vs. Mike Quackenbush vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Ares

Quackenbush controls Claudio by his arm, taking him over with an overhead throw out of a wristlock. Claudio uses his height to mock Quackenbush by asking for a test of strength. Hero puts Quackenbush on his shoulder to assist, but Ares then puts Claudio on his. We get some goofy nearfalls between Hero and Quackenbush after that. Hero controls Ares on the mat, aggravating him with some clever maneuvering and a dropkick. Claudio and Quackenbush use some Lucha to pick up the pace with Quackenbush dominating the exchange. He sends Claudio to the floor and suicide dives after him. Hero gets a nearfall on Ares with a sitout hip toss and another with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Quackenbush and Hero take turns wearing down Claudio, with Hero focusing mostly on his neck. Quackenbush saves Hero from Claudio and Ares, but takes a Boss Man Slam from Claudio. Ares and Claudio isolate Quackenbush away from Hero. He gets a tag when he’s on Ares shoulders but Claudio had the referee distracted, so it doesn’t count. Quackenbush backdrops Claudio into a back kick. Hero pulls Ares off the apron, gives him a few strikes, then tosses him into the ring. Quackenbush and Hero try whipping them together but Quackenbush and Claudio end up hitting one another. Ares and Hero deliver stereo huracanrana’s and both earn two counts. Hero blocks a lariat and gives Ares a Cravate Suplex. The Hangman’s Clutch on Ares is broken by Claudio. Claudio drops Hero with the Match Killer for two. Quackenbush brings down Claudio in a dragonscrew leg whip and puts ties up his limbs. Ares saves Claudio before giving Quackenbush a Michinoku Driver. Hero stops the pin. Claudio picks up Ares in a wheelbarrow and drives him into Hero in one corner. They try with Quackenbush, but he flips over and sunset bombs Ares who in turn German suplexes Claudio. Quackenbush gives Claudio the Black Tornado Slam and a springboard Swanton, leading to the Alligator Clutch and Claudio’s elimination at 23:33. Quackenbush throws some kicks to Ares and drop toe holds him in the corner. He gives him a DDT for two. Ares gets two with a pair of butterfly suplexes. Quackenbush takes him down with a palm strike but the referee is distracted by Hero who is recovering. Claudio sneaks in and assists Ares with a spinebuster/neckbreaker combo. Ares eliminates Quackenbush at 25:57. Hero gives Ares a piledriver for two. He misses a moonsault. Ares chokes Hero with his tie. Hero sneaks in a schoolboy, but Ares brings him down with the Golden Gate Swing for two. A butterfly suplex gives him another. Ares puts on a figure four headscissors. Hero picks up Ares on his shoulders and drops him down in an electric chair drop. After a backdrop and big boot he smacks Ares on his bald head. Hero tries a powerslam but doesn’t hook Ares quite right. He spikes Ares on a Regalplex for two. He looks for the Hangman’s Clutch. Ares crawls to the ropes before it’s fully applied. Hero throws some strikes, but Ares pulls the referee in the way so that Hero hits him with a forearm strike by accident. Ares gives Hero the Cradle Shock. He grabs the title and clobbers Hero with it. Hero manages to kick out right in the nick of time. Hero blocks a closed chain-assisted punch. He goes for the Hero’s Welcome. Ares swings out and clobbers Hero with the chain. He puts on a head vice. Hero’s arm drops twice before he fires up. He maneuvers Ares into the Hero’s Welcome for two. Hero throws some kicks to the head and powerbombs Ares into a folding press for two. Hero locks on the Hangman’s Clutch. Ares taps out at 36:35 for the win. I have no idea why this went so long. The action was brisk and done well, but when it came down to Hero and Ares it felt like the match dragged. I also question why this was included in the compilation when you consider Quackenbush wasn’t even involved in the final fall. It was good, but could have been much better with some time shaved off. ***

Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland – 4.19.2003

Mike Quackenbush vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Ares is in Claudio’s corner. At first Claudio throws down Quackenbush out of the initial lock-up. Quackenbush however grounds Claudio and drives his head into the bottom turnbuckle while holding him in a pendulum swing. Claudio gets to his feet and backs Quackenbush to the corner to break out of a Camel Clutch. Quackenbush comes back with a swinging Frankensteiner and the Cerebral Lock. Quackenbush drops him out of the hold and punts Claudio in the head. Claudio puts him in a Mouse Trap pin for two. Quackenbush comes off the middle rope with a hiponesa. After a pair of chops, he sends Claudio to the apron and dropkicks him onto a stage in which fans are sitting. Quackenbush springboards off the top rope into a diving clothesline onto Claudo on the stage. Back in the ring he puts on a sharpshooter. Claudio gets the ropes. Ares grabs Quackenbush from the floor as Quackenbush hits the ropes, allowing Claudio to give Quackenbush a German suplex. Claudio elbow drops him on the back of the head from the middle rope. Quackenbush uses the ropes for a huracanrana, then rolls Claudio in a Kiwi roll for a two count. Back on their feet, Claudio catches Quackenbush with an uppercut. He hooks Quackenbush for a Dragon Sleeper but drives his back and neck across his knee instead. He gets two with a fisherman’s suplex. Claudio misses a top rope legdrop. Quackenbush fires up, nailing a clothesline and spinwheel kick. Claudio reverses a whip and signals for a chokeslam. Quackenbush instead swings him out and puts him a leg capture Gory Stretch. Claudio escapes and sends Quackenbush to the apron. Quackenbush kicks him in the chest and comes in with the Tail of the Dragon. He pins Claudio in the Delfin Clutch for two. Quackenbush calls for the Tiger Driver. Claudio counters with a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Quackenbush avoids the Match Killer. Claudio avoids the Black Tornado Slam and hits a Death Valley Driver. Quackenbush spins Claudio around twice before successfully pulling off the Tiger Driver for two. Quackenbush gives him a palm strike. He goes for a second but Claudio pulls the referee in the way. He tosses the referee aside. Ares clocks Quackenbush with his briefcase when Quackenbush goes for a huracanrana. Claudio powerbombs Quackenbush for the pin at 15:01. That was a poor finish to an otherwise fun wrestling match. Naturally, Quackenbush and Claudio are great rivals and have excellent chemistry, but certainly not either man’s best outing with one another. ***


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