Young Lions Cup I

This was the first annual CHIKARA Young Lions Cup tournament. Today the tournament states that wrestlers who are 25 years of age or younger could compete in the tournament. At this time, the rules were that participants had to have competed in under 50 matches with no age limit. Sadly, only four matches from the tournament have been released and were on the Best of 2002 DVD. The tournament took place on two nights on back to back weekends.

Allentown, PA – 11.9.2002

Young Lions Cup I Quarter-Final Round
DJ Skittlez vs. Hallowicked {NS}

Hallowicked tries to attack Skittlez before the bell. Skittlez ducks and gives Hallowicked a series of chops. Skittlez sends Hallowicked to the apron. Skittlez elbows Hallowicked to the floor and follows him out with a tope. Skittlez brings Hallowicked back in. Hallowicked pokes Skittlez in the eyes. Skittlez however is able to take Hallowicked over in a delayed vertical suplex before stretching Hallowicked out. Skittlez splashes Hallowicked in the corner and slams his face in another corner. Skittlez misses a top-rope clothesline. Hallowicked gives Skittlez a neck breaker. He gives Skittlez an overhand chop and a handspring splash. Hallowicked snapmares Skittlez into a Dragon sleeper. Hallowicked hits a second neck breaker for two and hooks Skittlez in an abdominal stretch. Hallowicked hits the Monster Mash for two. Skittlez gets whipped to the corner. Hallowicked monkey flips Skittlez onto his feet. Skittlez twists Hallowicked into a backslide for two. Hallowicked gives Skittlez a step-up hurricanrana to the floor. Hallowicked dives onto Skittlez with a plancha suicida. Hallowicked legdrops Skittlez on the edge of the ring. He drops Skittlez with a DDT for two. Hallowicked places Skittlez up top and throws him off with a super snapmare. Hallowicked locks in a Cattle Mutilation variation. Skittlez escapes and spins Hallowicked out into a face buster. Skittlez knocks Hallowicked down with a few strikes and lands an inverted DDT for two. Hallowicked lands a Michinoku Driver for two. Skittlez hits a pump handle Michinoku driver for two. Hallowicked elbows Skittlez in the side of the head before hitting the Rydeen Bomb for two. Hallowicked misses a splash in the corner. Skittlez picks up Hallowicked for the Rainbow Bomb. He hits it, but Hallowicked gets his foot on the ropes. Hallowicked sunset flips Skittlez off the top rope, and puts his feet on the ropes to pin him in 9:20. Lame finish, but an otherwise alright match. Skittlez is pretty sloppy but not horrible. Hallowicked is good of course, but he nor Skittlez did anything super exciting. *1/2

Allentown, PA – 11.16.2002

Young Lions Cup I Semi-Final Round
Gran Akuma vs. Hallowicked {NS}

A test of strength leads to Akuma monkey flipping Hallowicked over. Akuma advanced by beating BlackJack Marciano with a Falcon Arrow, by the way. Akuma gives Hallowicked a quesadora. Back and forth they go, till Akuma armdrags Hallowicked down. Akuma flips Hallowicked to the floor with a monkey flip. Akuma looks to dive off the top, but Hallowicked cuts him off. Hallowicked comes inside and hits a swinging neckbreaker for two. Hallowicked suplexes Akuma for two. Hallowicked avoids a kick and gives Akuma an electric chair face buster for two. Hallowicked sends Akuma to the corner. Akuma flips over him and Hallowicked prawn holds Akuma into a legdrop for two. Hallowicked places Akuma up top and gives him a waterwheel slam for two. Hallowicked tires a Northern Lights suplex for two. Hallowicked applies a ground Octopus. Akuma pushes Hallowicked to the mat from the top rope, and comes off with an armdrag to send Hallowicked to the floor. Akuma dives over the ref with a tope con heilo onto Hallowicked. They trade chops in the ring. Akuma gives him a Manhattan Drop and a backdrop. Akuma splashes Hallowicked with a hip attack and pins him for two. Hallowicked counters the Falcon Arrow and hits the Monster Mash for two. Hallowicked misses a cartwheel splash. Akuma lands a high cross body, and Hallowicked floats over into a pin for two. Akuma hits a Falcon Arrow and goes up top. He hits a top rope legdrop for two. Hallowicked knuckle locks Akuma, walks the top rope, and hurricanrana’s Akuma into a pin. Hallowicked puts his feet on the ropes in order to secure the victory at 7:34. I’m pretty surprised this got less time than the Skittlez match cuz this was better. Only slightly however. I like how they build up Hallowicked using his feet on the ropes to get wins throughout. It’s got to play a part in the Finals. *3/4

Young Lions Cup I Semi-Final Round
UltraMantis vs. Mister ZERO

In the first round, Mister ZERO defeated Super Orka and UltraMantis defeated Eddie Kingston. Hammerlocks are traded. ZERO brings Mantis to his back in a wristlock. Mantis gets to his feet and switches the wristlock. ZERO escapes and sends Mantis to the corner. Mantis and ZERO go back and forth till Mantis gets a schoolboy for two. ZERO drops Mantis with a Fame-Asser variation for two. ZERO and Mantis trade slaps across the face and forearms. Mantis gives ZERO a double under-hook suplex. ZERO retreats to the floor to breathe. Mantis slingshots ZERO into the ring from the apron. Mantis hip tosses ZERO and locks on the Cycling Yahoo stretch. Mantis clotheslines ZERO down. He gives ZERO a flying hip attack. ZERO comes back with a Manhattan Drop and a running forearm. ZERO takes over Mantis with a snap suplex. Mantis sunset flips ZERO for two. Mantis laces a knuckle of ZERO, and takes him over with a springboard wrist lock sweep. ZERO ducks a forearm and lands a forearm across Mantis’ neck. ZERO hangs up Mantis in the tree of woe. He goes to his briefcase and pulls out a newspaper. ZERO puts the paper on Mantis’ face and reads it. ZERO then gives Mantis a delayed dropkick and a baseball slide. ZERO misses a splash in the corner. Mantis gives ZERO an STO. Mantis follows up with a full nelson slam for two. Mantis looks for a Butterfly suplex and ZERO drops to a knee. Mantis knees ZERO in the gut and drops him with a torture rack back breaker for two. ZERO rolls through to duck a big boot. He drops Mantis in a Gory Special submission. Mantis escapes and gives ZERO the Killswitch. ZERO slides of Mantis’ shoulders and hits the Last Shaven Unicorn Drop for the pin at 9:33. This was a very fun match put on by these two. They work very well together (being from the same class, that makes sense) and seem to click, especially at a time when they have had so very few matches. I’m glad they eventually become a team. **1/2

Young Lions Cup I Tournament Finals
Hallowicked {NS} vs. Mister ZERO

Hallowicked attacks ZERO as he enters the ring. They spill out to the floor and Hallowicked chokes ZERO with his tie after ripping his shirt open. In the ring, ZERO gives Hallowicked a hip toss and pair of armdrags. ZERO gives him a quebradora ten comes off the second rope with a high dropkick. Hallowicked goes to the floor. Hallowicked pokes ZERO in the eyes as he comes back in. Hallowicked suplexes and chokes him. Hallowicked hits a neckbreaker for two. Hallowicked chokes ZERO on the bottom rope. Hallowicked punishes ZERO’s neck and locks in a Dragon Sleeper which ZERO escapes. Hallowicked comes off the top rope and misses a frog splash. ZERO hits a pair of clotheslines and a back elbow. ZERO gives Hallowicked a Cactus clothesline spilling out to the floor. ZERO sends Hallowicked into the crowd of chairs. Hallowicked throws ZERO into a support beam, which Hallowicked misses a cartwheel splash into. ZERO tosses Hallowicked into the merchandise table. They brawl out into the hallway so we can’t see. They reappear in the buildings balcony, in which Hallowicked and Mister ZERO have switched masks. Hallowicked is now wearing ZERO’s mask, and vice versa. Hallowicked teases tossing ZERO off the balcony, which of course doesn’t happen. They go back downstairs with both men back to normal. In the ring, ZERO gives Hallowicked a bridging German suplex for two. Some of the CHIKARA wrestler surround the ring to see how this match concludes. Hallowicked gives ZERO a Rydeen Bomb for two. ZERO gives Hallowicked a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Hallowicked gives ZERO a Michinoku Driver for two. Hallowicked kicks ZERO in the back before locking on a Cattle Mutilation variation. ZERO breaks it. Hallowicked tries for the Monster Mash, and ZERO grabs the ropes to escape. ZERO hits the Last Shaven Unicorn Drop. ZERO grabs his neck instead of going for the pin. Hallowicked knees ZERO in the gut and places him up top. Hallowicked gives ZERO a super fisherman’s buster for the win at 12:32. Hallowicked is the winner and first ever Young Lions Cup champion. A fun capper to the tournament, with both guys working hard. ZERO’s neck was a great story to tell and for a rookie he did an impressive job of selling it and working into parts of the match. Hallowicked kept on it like a true pro. A very fitting final for the first ever CHIKARA tournament. ***

Jigsaw, Blind Rage, and The Wildcards celebrate Hallowicked’s win. Ichabod Slayne had left the Night Shift at this point, and would soon be unmasked and reborn as Icarus. Hallowicked successfully defended the Cup four times, but none of those title bouts are available to purchase at this time. Mister ZERO gets a great reaction from the Tecnicos and the fans for his effort, which he deserves.


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  1. […] This match is on the Best of 2002 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review. […]

  2. […] This match is on the Best of 2002 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review. […]

  3. […] This match is on the Best of 2002 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review. […]

  4. […] This match is on the Best of 2002 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review. […]

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