A Sandwich Called Destiny

This was the name of a VHS CHIKARA released with matches from their first shows in St. Johns Lutheran Auditorium. These shows also featured the first appearance of the graduates from CHIKARA’s second class. These two matches were included on that tape and are on the Best of 2002 DVD.

Allentown, PA – 10.12.2002

Eddie Kingston {WC} & BlackJack Marciano {WC} vs. Lester Crabtree & Melvin Snodgrass

Crabtree goes to his knees for an amateur start. Marciano paintbrushes Crabtree on the back of his head. Marciano drops to his knees by Crabtree’s request. Crabtree kicks Marciano right in the gut. Snodgrass comes in wheezing and choking. Crabtree gives him the Heimlich and he spits his medication into Marciano’s face. Snodgrass gives Marciano a satellite headscissors to the floor. Kingston and Marciano regroup on the floor. The Seniors hit tandem topes onto the Wildcards. Marciano tosses Crabtree back in the ring. The Wildcards double team Crabtree for a bit. Snodgrass come in with his walking cane, but Kingston catches him with chops. Marciano gives Snodgrass a flipping face buster, and Crabtree breaks up the pin. Kingston slams Snodgrass down. Marciano gives Snodgrass a second rope moonsault, and Kingston gives him a top rope moonsault. Snodgrass gets his boot up to block a top rope splash from Marciano. Crabtree tags in as does Kingston. Snodgrass hits Kingston with the cane. Crabtree rolls up Kingston for two. Crabtree pulls a quarter from Kingston’s ear and then gives Kingston a sweater assisted Pedigree for two. Kingston gives Crabtree a urinage suplex and an exploder suplex. Crabtree gets his foot on the rope to break. Marciano and Snodgrass come in. Snodgrass grabs Marciano’s nose and he is desperate to get it back. Snodgrass rolls up Marciano for two. Marciano gives Snodgrass the Russian Roulette and throws him to the floor. Crabtree backrakes Marciano. Kingston comes in and gives Crabtree the Royal Flush for the pin at 7:59. Absolutely wacky, but Kingston and Marciano still came off like tough guys. Crabtree and Snodgrass are pretty amusing, but don’t do too many favors to their opponents. ½*

Mike Quackenbush, UltraMantis, Dragonfly, & Gran Akuma vs. Blind Rage {NS}, Hallowicked {NS}, Ichabod Slayne {NS}, & Mister ZERO

Ichabod Slayne is wearing a dress over his usual garb during this match. CHIKARA held a ten man tag before this, with the stipulation being that the person who took the losing fall would have to wear a dress in their next match. As you have already guessed, Ichabod Slayne was pinned and this is his next match.

Akuma and ZERO vie for the advantage to start. Akuma works on ZERO’s arm before tagging in Mantis. ZERO applies a quarter-crab and tags in Hallowicked. Hallowicked and Mantis trade waistlocks. Mantis kicks Hallowicked in the head and tags in Dragonfly. Dragonfly gets kicked by Hallowicked and Slayne grabs a side headlock. Dragonfly slams Slayne and follows with a dropkick. Slayne picks Dragonfly’s leg and tags in Blind Rage. Dragonfly kicks Rage away and tags in Quackenbush. Quackenbush monkey flips Rage. Quackenbush goes into the black pool ball. He shoulder whips Rage and double stomps him. Quackenbush grazes Rage with a spinwheel kick and a sole butt. Akuma tags in as does Mister ZERO. Akuma lands a pair of armdrags and locks on an armbar. Akuma wheelbarrows into an armdrag. ZERO chops Akuma, and Akuma headscissors ZERO to the floor. Akuma fakes a dive. Hallowicked comes in with UltraMantis, trading strikes. Mantis gives Hallowicked a Japanese armdrag. He laces fingers and comes off the ropes to a hip toss. Slayne tags in with Dragonfly. Dragonfly gives Slayne an armdrag, but gets forearmed for his troubles. Dragonfly sends Slayne in the corner with a drop toe hold. Dragonfly snaps Slayne’s neck on the top rope. Quackenbush and Rage come in and go back and forth off the ropes. Rage gives Quackenbush an overhand chop, and Quackenbush monkey flips Rage to the floor. Quackenbush brings Rage back in. Quackenbush stretches Rage in the Gory Gallows. Six of the participants lock in a chain of headlocks. We follow a chain of hip tosses which sends the Night Shift to the floor. Three dives ensue, leaving ZERO and Dragonfly as the legal men. ZERO locks on the newspaper assisted Camel Clutch. Dragonfly is trapped in the Night Shift corner, as the Rudos make frequent tags to be the most effective. Dragonfly made contact with Quackenbush when the ref’s back was turned, to no avail. Blind Rage misses a senton splash, allowing Dragonfly to tag in UltraMantis. Mantis takes down the Rudos with clotheslines. The Tecnicos all splash on Hallowicked in the corner. Dragonfly misses and eats dives from all the Rudos. Dragonfly monkey flips Hallowicked to the middle of the ring. Mantis locks in a figure four leg lock. A chain of submissions grows from there. Quackenbush can’t figure out what to do so he kicks Ichabod Slayne in the face. A suplex chain then forms with the Rudos suplexing all the Tecnicos. Then we get a chain of submissions that goes back and forth. Dragonfly pins all the Rudos at once for two. Everyone goes in a chain of headlocks except Mister ZERO, who hits a domino DDT and pins everyone for two. ZERO hits a German suplex for two. Akuma goes up top and hits a flying body press on ZERO. Hallowicked breaks the pin and Mantis locks Hallowicked in a double underhook leg-trap stretch. Mantis looks for the Tiger Driver. Hallowicked rolls into the Monster Mash for two but Dragonfly breaks the pin. Slayne hits Dragonfly for a Shiranui for two. Dragonfly blocks a second and hits an enzugiri. Rage breaks up the pin and Quackenbush comes in. Quackenbush rolls up into a hurricanrana for two. Rage applies the STF to Quackenbush which Quackenbush escapes. Slayne takes Quackenbush off the top rope with a hurricanrana. Rage catapults Quackenbush in the corner, and ZERO comes off the top with a dropkick for two. Mantis places Hallowicked up top. Quackenbush and Mantis hit a tandem wheelbarrow bulldog. Dragonfly hits a frog splash for two. Quackenbush places Slayne up top and kicks him in the head. Quackenbush gives Slayne a top rope Tiger Driver for the win at 22:53. Another fun multi-man main event that encompasses what CHIKARA is all about. Everyone says that the Portal and Frightmare are the fastest rising CHIKARA students, but these beginning classes grew at a very expedient rate also. ***


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  1. […] This match is on the Best of 2002 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review. […]

  2. […] This match is on the Best of 2002 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review. […]

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