Pro Xcitement Wrestling – 6.23.2002


Colmar, PA – 6.23.2002

UltraMantis vs. Mister ZERO

Mantis brings ZERO to the mat in a side headlock. ZERO turns it into a headscissors. Mantis gets the side headlock re-applied. Mantis takes ZERO over with a hip toss, then drop toe holds him into a butterfly lock. ZERO gets the ropes to escape. ZERO catches him with a backbreaker for two. ZERO puts on a headscissors and stretches out Mantis’ arms. Mantis side Russian leg sweeps ZERO into a grounded Octopus Stretch. ZERO escapes. He catches Mantis with a clothesline. ZERO puts on the newspaper assisted Camel Clutch. Once he let’s go, Mantis hits him with a flying hip attack and a pair of clotheslines. Another hip attack takes ZERO down. He calls for the Praying Mantis Bomb. ZERO escapes but takes the Uncle Slam for two. ZERO takes Mantis down with a bulldog. He gets two with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Mantis ducks a clothesline. He hits the Praying Mantis Bomb for the pin at 6:01. This was more or less both guys going through the motions. The crowd didn’t really know what to make of them, but it was fine for the time given. *½

Mike Quackenbush & Luna Vachon vs. Crowbar & Serena

This starts out with just Quackenbush vs. Crowbar. Crowbar elbows out of a waistlock. He shoulder blocks Quackenbush when he comes off of the ropes. Quackenbush ducks a clothesline and takes down Crowbar with a satellite headscissors. He gets a two count with a huracanrana. Serena trips Quackenbush as he hits the ropes, allowing Crowbar to attack him from behind.Serena helps Crowbor stomp Quackenbush in the corner. She snapmares him into a neck snap. Quackenbush goes to the back and recruits Luna Vachon as his partner! The bell re-rings to make this tag bout official.

Crowbar gets out of a hammerlock with a scoop slam. Quackenbush kicks him from the mat. He takes down Crowbar with a spin kick for two. He takes over Crowbar with a monkey flip. He holds onto the knuckles for a Northern Lights suplex. Crowbar pulls him into a modified reverse Complete Shot. Crowbar then throws him out of a gutwrench suplex. Quackenbush stops a backdrop and Liger bomb. He gives Crowbar a basement dropkick and tags in Luna. Crowbar tags out, but gets in a few shots before leaving the ring. Serena chokes Luna on the top rope and hits a clothesline. Luna comes back with her own clothesline. Crowbar tags in. Luna drop toe holds him and tags in Quackenbush. Quackenbush and Luna double suplex Crowbar and give him tandem elbow drops. Crowbar hot shots Quackenbush on the top rope. Crowbar legdrops Quackenbush’s arm and twists on his wrist. Serena water pumps Quackenbush’s arm across her shoulder. Crowbar then hyper extends Quackenbush’s arm on the top rope. Serena pumps his arm again. He throws Quackenbush to the floor. Crowbar goes to feed Serena Luna’s arm for a water pump, but unbeknownst to her, Luna feeds her Crowbar’s arm instead. Quackenbush schoolboys Crowbar for two. Serena spinwheel kicks Quackenbush into a legdrop for two. Crowbar lands a slingshot splash and lionsault for two. Crowbar assists Serena with a moonsault. They work over Quackenbush’s left arm some more. Quackenbush fights out of a German suplex and wheelbarrows up into a bulldog on Crowbar. Luna takes out both Crowbar and Serena. Quackenbush and Luna whip Crowbar and Serena into one another. They double clothesline Crowbar to the floor. Quackenbush follows with a plancha. Luna drops Serena with a neckbreaker and polishes her off with a Vader Bomb for the pin at 10:15. What a disaster. Serena and Crowbar looked really sloppy and like deers in headlights the entire time. The other team made this watchable, but just barely. ¼*


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