Baile, Parka, Baile

This is the name of a VHS release from CHIKARA that features its two shows from June of 2002. Only two matches are available today from that tape on the Best of 2002 compilation. These are those two matches.

Allentown, PA – 6.14.2002

Mike Quackenbush {BTS} & Reckless Youth {BTS} vs. La Parka & Mister ZERO

Parka and ZERO attack right before the bell. They send the BTS to the floor and Parka does his signature dance. Parka looks to shake hands for Youth, even kissing his foot to show good intent. Of course, Parka chops Youth and kicks away at his leg. Parka shoulder blocks Youth in the corner and kicks at his hamstring again. Youth takes down ZERO and Parka with clotheslines. Quackenbush tags in and armdrags both men down. The BTS send Parka and ZERO to the floor with tandem dropkicks and follow with double topes to the floor. ZERO and Youth come back in. Youth takes ZERO down with a wheelbarrow armdrag. Parka tags in. Youth misses a couple strikes in the corner and Parka gives Youth some punches in the corner. Youth gets some shots in as well. Parka retorts with a spinwheel kick. Quackenbush tags in and interrupts Parka’s dance with a kick. Parka misses an attack in the corner. He drops Quackenbush face first on the turnbuckle, and Quackenbush drop toe holds Parka face first into the middle rope. Parka kicks Quackenbush out of the corner, but then misses a dive in the corner catching his corner on the shoulder post on his way out. ZERO comes in and eats a palm strike from Quackenbush. They lock knuckles and Quackenbush monkey flips ZERO. Quackenbush gives ZERO an alita into a headlock takeover. ZERO trips Quackenbush and applies the Camel Clutch with the newspaper assist. ZERO keeps Quackenbush trapped in his corner, with Parka and ZERO targeting Quackenbush’s back. Youth tags in but gets kicked in the face after trying to tie-up Parka. Parka ties up Youth, and ZERO generously comes in and shows him the newspaper. ZERO takes over but Youth puts ZERO in a rolling ground octopus. Youth slams ZERO before going up top with the newspaper. Parka knocks Youth to the floor and brings Quackenbush back in the ring. Quackenbush is stretched by ZERO, and Quackenbush turns it into a cross kneescissors. Quackenbush chops ZERO before landing the palm strike and a double stomp for two. The BTS hit double elbows and somersault sentons. Youth dropkicks ZERO and applies a figure four variation. Parka kicks Youth to break it up. Parka traps Youth in the ring. They trade submissions for awhile. Parka hits a German suplex for two. Parks hits a waterwheel slam and a senton splash for two. Youth sends ZERO to the floor with a leg lariat and follows with a tope suicida. Parka follows with a twisting plancha on Youth. Quackenbush follows with the springboard somersault plancha. ZERO brings Youth back in but misses a flying headbutt. Quackenbush comes off the top with a flying headbutt to ZERO’s side. Parka hits a messy split-legged moonsault. Quackenbush and Youth smash Parka and ZERO’s heads together before rowboating their legs. Parka hits Quackenbush with a Spider Bomb for two. Parka hits a sit-out powerbomb for two. Parka misses a corkscrew senton and Quackenbush pins him for two. Quackenbush hits a dragonrana for two. Quackenbush misses a top rope senton bomb. Parka goes up and ZERO stops him, as he wants the glory of the victory. ZERO begins beating on Parka in the corner. Parka knees ZERO and accidentally splashes and elbows the referee. Parka brings in his steel chair and nails ZERO with it. The BTS dropkick the chair into Parka’s face. Youth comes off the top with a plancha onto Parka. Quackenbush brings Parka back in the ring and hits a frog splash. Quackenbush picks up a chair and accidentally hits Youth. Parka hits Quackenbush with the chair and the referee calls for the disqualification at 22:16. What a colossal waste of time. Everything was going fine and dandy, but then out of literally nowhere Parka and ZERO start arguing? And why did I have to wait 22 minutes for that finish? Parka got sloppy by the end and clearly didn’t care to work too hard to add a lot. Of course, Parka had to stand above EVERYONE else on the chair to end the match. Thankfully this was the only time La Parka was in CHIKARA. *

Allentown, PA – 6.21.2002

Mike Quackenbush {BTS}, Reckless Youth {BTS}, Don Montoya {BTS}, & UltraMantis vs. Blind Rage {NS}, Hallowicked {NS}, Ichabod Slayne {NS}, & Mister ZERO

For weeks now, the Night Shift had been breaking Jack-O-Lanterns over the heads of the Black T-Shirt Squad to win their matches. It was revealed that Mister ZERO became their business supplier after receiving an over shipment of jack-o-lanterns. This is why this match has come about. ZERO talks about his previous teammates such as Zane Madrox and La Parka didn’t work out. To make sure he could tell the difference between the Night Shift members, he gives them name tags. The BTS come out with nametags as well, and reveal UltraMantis to be their partner (instead of the match being a four-on-three encounter as advertised).

Slayne and Montoya start off. They trade wristlocks. Montoya blocks an O’Connor Roll. Slayne slaps Montoya in the corner. Slayne brings Montoya back to the corner and slaps him again. Montoya gives him a slap, then a hip toss after a ropes sequence. Mantis comes in and trades hammerlocks. They too trade wrist and hammerlocks. Mantis hip tosses Hallowicked as well as an armdrag. Youth and Rage tag in. They go back and forth with drop downs and leapfrogs. Youth gives Rage a hip toss. Quackenbush and ZERO tag in and feel each other out. Quackenbush takes him down with an armdrag into an armbar. ZERO forearms Quackenbush and kicks him in the shoulder blades. Quackenbush retaliates with the same. They trade overhand chops. Quackenbush sends ZERO to the floor and fakes a dive as ZERO moves out of the way. Slayne and Montoya come in. Slayne accidentally crotches himself on the ropes, and Montoya gives him a spinwheel kick for two. Slayne takes him over with a hurricanrana. Montoya spins Slayne into a powerslam. Slayne tags in Hallowicked who calls out UltraMantis. Mantis beats on Hallowicked in the corner. Mantis gives Hallowicked a pair of slams before he tags in Blind Rage. Reckless Youth comes in and takes a drop toe hold into the corner. Youth takes Rage down with a headscissors. Rage blocks a hip toss and gives Youth a lariat. Youth lands a dropkick. ZERO and Quackenbush come in. Quackenbush takes ZERO over with a figure eight headscissors. ZERO locks in an abdominal stretch. The Nigth Shift link hands with ZERO to maximize leverage. Quackenbush escapes and brings ZERO to his corner. They do the same thing, but link hands with the fans as well to make it even more effective. ZERO escapes and hip tosses Quackenbush over. ZERO gives Quackenbush a hot shot on the top rope, giving the Rudos the opportunity to isolate him in their corner. Quackenbush floats over a double suplex and tags in everyone. The Tecnicos run roughshod for awhile on ZERO and the Night Shift. A chain of submissions forms between everyone but Mantis. Mantis looks for a body part but can’t. Mantis therefore goes to the apron and waits for a tag. The Rudos all get cradled for four collective two counts. The ring is cleared to ZERO and Montoya. Montoya hits the Miracle Ecstacy for two. ZERO elbows Montoya and lands a tornado DDT. He applies the newspaper assisted camel clutch. Mantis breaks it up. Mantis hits Rage with the Tiger Driver for two. Rage hits Mantis with the Michinoku Driver Beta with Quackenbush breaks up. Quackenbush rams his shoulder into Slayne. He beings Slayne up top. Slayne pushes him off and lands a Diamond Dust for two. Quackenbush gives Slayne a Manhattan Drop and a Tiger Bomb for two. Slayne fakes he’s been low blowed, so Quackenbush throws him to the floor. Hallowicked comes and and gets mauled by Youth and Montoya. They hit a two man elevated DDT. Youth calls for the Northern Lights 2k1 Bomb, and Slayne blasts him in the back of the head with a jack-o-lantern. Hallowicked pins Youth for the win at 24:01. This was as fun as the trios match they had on the second show between the BTS and Night Shift. ZERO and Mantis added in a positive manner to make it better as well. Everyone looked as if they’d improved since the first month of shows as well. ***


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  1. […] This match is on the Best of 2002 DVD, which is available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review. […]

  2. […] available for purchase at Smart Mark Video.  For a more informed opinion on this match, check out Kevin Ford’s review. Make sure you check out Kevin’s review so he doesn’t get mad at me for stealing his […]

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