The Second Show


Allentown, PA – 5.31.2002

This is CHIKARA’s second show, taking place only six days after their first show. It was a five match show and was featured on the VHS tape and DVD called “The Renaissance Dawns” which features matches from the first two shows. There is no commentary on the VHS, however it is “Pop-Up Video” style with names of moves and explanations of the rules. On the DVD, Mike Quackenbush and Bryce Remsburg do commentary.

Love Bug vs. Blind Rage {NS}

Rage and Bug jockey for the advantage. Bug takes Rage over in a fireman’s carry into an armbar. Rage escapes and Bug takes him back down into an armbar. Bug rolls up Rage in La Magistral for two. Bug drops Rage in a drop toe hold. Bug knees Rage in the face before butt bumping him to the floor. Bug chases Rage around the ring, and Rage catches him with a kick to the face as he comes in. Rage lands a somersault senton and chokes Bug. Rage takes him over with a suplex for two. Rage snapmares Bug before snapping his neck for two. Rage applies a side headlock. Bug escapes and tries a sunset flip. Rage sits down and bites Bug to break. Rage lands a legdrop for two. Rage chokes Bug before dropping him with a DDT. Rage turns Bug over into a Boston Crab. Bug grabs the ropes to escape. Bug catches Rage off the ropes with a Liger Bomb. Bug lands a Samoan Drop for two. Rage hits a flatliner on Bug for two. Rage is disqualified after low blowing Bug when Bug goes for an Osaka Cutter at 5:36. At least it was short and it got Rage legit heel heat, but I really felt this was pointless and didn’t do anything for me or the fans in attendance. Rage applies an STF on Bug to inflict more damage after the match till his buddy Marshall Law makes the save. DUD

Zane Madrox vs. Matt Vandal

Vandal impresses himself with a few offensive maneuvers to Madrox. Madrox gives him an armdrag and hip toss. Madrox slams him and gives Vandal a big boot. Madrox monkey flips him out of the corner. Madrox drops a leg for two. Vandal throws Madrox onto the top rope and then gives Madrox a belly-to-belly suplex. Madrox misses a diving crossbody off the second rope. Vandal gives Madrox a spinebuster and locks him in a pendulum swing. Vandal grabs a front chancery. Madrox escapes, and Vandal gives him a drop toe hold. Madrox drops Vandal with a beach breaker.Vandal blocks a tornado DDT and suplexes Madrox for two. Vandal drops Madrox with a body slam for two. Madrox comes back with punches and messes up an Angle Slam and a DDT. Madrox comes off the second rope with a leg drop for the pin at 8:43. That was horrible. These guys didn’t mesh well, but I still love Madrox. ¼*

Interview with Blind Rage

Rage riles up the crowd and says he hasn’t received any respect in CHIKARA or elsewhere. He says he squashed both UltraMantis and Love Bug and says he needs strength in numbers. He calls out Hallowicked and Ichabod Slayne. He says tonight they were scheduled to face the Black T-Shirt Squad, but Don Montoya and Reckless Youth aren’t here. This brings out Mike Quackenbush who says that they’ll be here and the match is still on. Rage interrupts him and says by the end of the night, the Black T-Shirt Squad will be done.

UltraMantis vs. Mister ZERO

ZERO and Mantis trade waistlocks. Mantis brings ZERO to the mat. ZERO and Mantis trade wristlocks. ZERO cuts off Mantis off the ropes with a body block. Mantis counters a hiptoss to bring the match to a stalemate. ZERO rams his shoulder into Mantis. Mantis hops out of the corner and hits a pair of armdrags. He applies an armbar. ZERO gets up and hits a Quebradora. ZERO hits a suplex before taking a sip of coffee. ZERO lands a European uppercut and a clothesline for two. Mantis looks for a sunset flip. ZERO blocks so Mantis schoolboys him for two. ZERO lands a body slam and stomps on Mantis’ chest. ZERO lands an elbow drop and grabs the newspaper. He turns Mantis over in an Octopus stretch variation while reading the paper. ZERO elbows Mantis in the face. Mantis sends ZERO to the corner and follows in with a splash. ZERO drop toe holds Mantis face first into the second turnbuckle. ZERO hits a flying elbow to Mantis in the corner. ZERO kicks away at Mantis and sips his coffee again. Mantis and ZERO trade shots with Mantis taking ZERO to the corner. Mantis whips him to the other side and follows with a Stinger Splash. Mantis throws ZERO over his back and hits him with a flying chop. Mantis calls for the finish and sets up for the Praying Mantis Bomb. ZERO escapes but Mantis hits a Full Nelson Drop for two. ZERO blocks the second attempt, so Mantis rolls him into a Cycling Yahoo stretch. ZERO escapes and Mantis chops him in the corner. ZERO comes off the ropes with a bulldog. ZERO hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. ZERO hits Mantis in the back of the neck with a rolling elbow strike before hitting a lariat. ZERO slams Mantis and goes to the top rope. Mantis follows up and lands a top rope butterfly suplex for the pin at 9:52. Good stuff from both these guys, leading to their eventual partnership in 2003 (but not before a tad bit of feuding for the rest of this year). Mantis rips up the newspaper as he leaves. **1/2

Marshall Law vs. Brock Singleton

Both men trade holds. Law takes down Singleton with a shoulder block and a hip toss reversal. Law slams Singleton for two. Law brings Singleton to the mat in a headlock. Singleton escapes and clothesline’s Law down. Law replies with one of his own. Law slams him and drops a knee for two. Singleton blocks Law’s attempt at a powerbomb and stomps on his groin. Singleton bites Law in the head and kicks him in the back. Singleton works on Law’s arm. Law reverses a splash in the corner and fails a Vader bomb attempt (may have slipped on Mister ZERO’s coffee). Singleton floats over a splash and dropkicks Law in the corner. Singleton gives Law a neckbreaker for two. Singleton continues to beat on Law until Law drops Singleton with a side slam. Law lays in some shots. Law slams him for two. Singleton comes off the ropes with a crossbody for two. Law kicks Singleton and powerbombs him. Law locks in the Gedo clutch for the pin at 11:43. This was just so sad and sloppy. DUD

Mike Quackenbush {BTS}, Reckless Youth {BTS}, Don Montoya {BTS} vs. Blind Rage {NS}, Hallowicked {NS}, & Ichabod Slayne {NS}

Slayne brings a pumpkin with him to the ring. This watch scheduled to be a six-man tag, but Quackenbush comes to the ring by himself making this a 3 on 1 match (as he states on the microphone). Quackenbush starts with Rage in a lock-up. Both men trade holds till Quackenbush drops Rage and ties him up in La Nieblina. Hallowicked runs in and Quackenbush locks him in the Kama Gatame. Slayne comes and Quackenbush puts him in the Cerebrolock. Rage unties himself and breaks him partners free. The Night Shift beat down on Quackenbush till Reckless Youth and Don Montoya come out and make the save. Youth and Montoya hit a tandem hip toss on Rage. Quackenbush and Youth hit sentons and Montoya drops a corkscrew legdrop. Youth and Slayne are the legal men. They lock up and trade holds. Youth throws Slayne face first into the corner. Slayne whips Youth to the corner, and Youth comes off with an alita. Quackenbush and Rage tag in. They trade waistlocks. Quackenbush shoulder whips Rage. Rage comes off the ropes with an armdrag and pounds on Quackenbush in the corner. Quackenbush comes off the ropes with an armdrag and follows with a dropkick. Hallowicked and Montoya tag in. Montoya and Hallowicked exchange wristlocks. Hallowicked gets sent to the ropes and Hallowicked takes Montoya over with a satellite headscissors. Hallowicked dropkicks Montoya and misses an elbow drop. Montoya hip tosses Hallowicked and takes him over with an armdrag. Montoya splashes Hallowicked’s arm. Youth grabs Hallowicked’s arm and pumphandles it across the top rope. Montoya goes back to twisting the arm before Youth does more pumphandles. Hallowicked reverses the arm crank and the Night Shift look to do the same. Montoya hands Hallowicked’s arm to Rage who does the pumphandles unknowingly. The entire BTS go to applaude Blind Rage, and Rage figures it out. Rage tags in after he realizes his error as does Youth. They tie-up and Youth drops his knee into Rage’s kidneys as he applies a hammerlock. Rage turns into a full nelson which Youth escapes. Youth is tripped by Slayne and Rage sends Youth to the floor. Slayne and Hallowicked beat on Youth while the ref is distracted by Rage. The Night Shift isolate Youth in their corner. Youth makes the tag to Quackenbush, but the ref misses it so the Night Shift continue their beat down. Youth escapes a triple flying headbutt attempt and makes the tag to both Montoya and Quackenbush. They clean house before Youth tags back in. He dragon screws Rage to the mat and applies a figure four leg lock. Hallowicked comes in and applies a Jujigatamae on Youth. Pretty soon everyone is in the ring applying a submission to everybody. The referee breaks the submission and everyones on the floor. Quackenbush hits a somersault plancha onto Slayne and Hallowicked. Montoya looks to follow with a dive but Rage comes him off. Rage lands a Flatliner on Montoya for two. Youth lands a twisting neck breaker on Slayne and then puts Slayne up top. Youth comes off with the Hama-Chan Cutter for two. Quackenbush brings Hallowicked into the ring with a suplex. Montoya and Quackenbush hit a Hart Attack bulldog for two. Rage drops Quackenbush with the Michinoku Driver Beta for two. Slayne comes off the middle rope with a Diamond Dust on Youth. Hallowicked hits Youth with a twisting neckbreaker. Montoya drops Hallowicked with a Michinoku Driver. Rage breaks up the pin and Quackenbush drops Rage with the Quackendriver I. The referee is distracted by Youth, so Slayne nails Quackenbush in the head with the pumpkin. Rage makes the pin for the win at 21:08. A good main event for the second show, getting over the Night Shift in a big way. The pumpkin would become a staple of Night Shift matches for the rest of the year. ***


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