The Renassiance Dawns


Allentown, PA – 5.25.2002

There is no commentary on the VHS, however it is “Pop-Up Video” style with names of moves and explanations of the rules. On the Smart Mark DVD, Bryce Remsburg and Mike Quackenbush did commentary for the show which was released alongside the second show in a two-disc set. On the Best of 2002, the main event has commentary done by Mike Quackenbush and Jeff Gorman.

Dragonfly vs. Mister ZERO

ZERO applies a side headlock and then trades wristlocks with Dragonfly. He takes Dragonfly down in a front chancery which Dragonfly turns into a hammerlock. They trade wristlocks and Dragonfly takes ZERO over with an armdrag. ZERO gets another side headlock. Dragonfly sends ZERO to the ropes, drops down, and then Dragonfly takes ZERO down with a Japanese armdrag and a dropkick. Dragonfly applies a headlock which ZERO escapes from. He hits a body slam but misses an elbow. Dragonfly goes back to the headlock which is broken in the corner. ZERO sends Dragonfly to the corner. Dragonfly floats over and hits a flurry of offense before going back to the headlock. ZERO chops Dragonfly in the corner before whipping him to the ropes. ZERO nails a lariat after Dragonfly fails to float over. ZERO drops Dragonfly with a vertical suplex and a hot shot. ZERO takes a sip of his coffee in the corner. He snapmares Dragonfly into a headlock and then lands a bodyslam. ZERO sets up Dragonfly in a camel clutch while reading the newspaper. ZERO lands some elbows and shares some of the newspaper with ZERO. Dragonfly rolls up ZERO for two. ZERO beats on Dragonfly in the corner and catches him off the ropes with a clothesline for two. Dragonfly goes through ZERO’s legs and tries a victory roll for two. ZERO hits a clothesline and goes back to drink more coffee. Dragonfly gets sent to the apron. He slingshots in but ZERO boots him and then elbows him to the floor. ZERO comes out and gets sent face first into the ring post. Dragonfly throws ZERO back in the ring. Dragonfly goes up top, and ZERO swipes Dragonfly as he comes down with a dropkick. ZERO tries twice to pin him with no luck. Dragonfly lands a jawbreaker and sends ZERO to the ropes. Dragonfly drapes ZERO neck first across the ring ropes with a spinning DDT. Dragonfly lands a springboard bulldog for two. Dragonfly tries another bulldog, but ZERO turns it into a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Dragonfly hits an enzugiri for two. Dragonfly follows up with a satellite DDT for two. Dragonfly misses a splash in the corner. ZERO drops him with a German Suplex and the Last Shaven Unicorn Drop for the pin at 11:29. This was a fun match to start off the company, and the mix of comedy with Lucha Libre showed what CHIKARA was about from the get-go. **1/4

Mike Quackenbush Interview

Mike thanks the fans for coming out. He gets ready to talk about his opponents for the night; the Gold Bond Mafia. CM Punk comes out and immediately gets into it with a fan. Punk bad mouths the East Coast and then rags on the ECW hat guy. Punk says he is friends with and respects Quackenbush and offers a handshake. Chris Hero and Colt Cabana come out and beat down on Quackenbush while Punk bad mouths him. Reckless Youth and Don Montoya make the save and the Gold Bond Mafia bail. Montoya says Punk can’t do anything without his buddies, and says the Gold Bond Mafia will do battle in a six man tag against himself, Quackenbush, and Reckless. Reckless says some stuff about taking over the Midwest, and Quack says something about a “butt kick café”. The Black T-Shirt Squad leaves, and CM Punk goes back to the ring and talks some more trash.

Hallowicked {NS} & Ichabod Slayne {NS} vs. Marshall Law & Love Bug

Bug and Slayne trade holds. Hallowicked tries to interfere, but Law and Bug set him and Slayne straight with a succession of atomic drops and double clotheslines. Law hip tosses Hallowicked and armdrags Slayne. Bug and Law gives Slayne a flurry of punches. They splash Slayne in the corner. Bug snapmares Slayne into a chinlock. Hallowicked breaks it, and the Night Shift double team Bug. They then isolate Bug from Law in their corner. Law is able to beat up Hallowicked on the floor, but that was not enough for Bug to comeback. Bug gives Hallowicked an Osaka Cutter and tags in Law. Law attacks The night Shift by himself. Bug comes in and drops Hallowicked with a sit-out urinage for two. The Night Shift bail to the floor. They attack Law, and drop him across the top rope to the floor. The Night Shift double team him on the floor, and then back in the ring. Law catches Slayne with a spinebuster and tags in Bug. The Night Shift cut off Bug and splash him in the corner. Bug catches Slayne in a powerbomb, and Law comes off the ropes with a clothesline. Bug locks Slayne in the King Crab for the submission a 12:34. Really nothing much to this at all and nothing to write home about. Not worth 12:34 of time at all. *

Zane Madrox vs. Mike “Kid” Kruel

Zane Madrox comes out to “Absolutely Bill’s Mood” by They Might Be Giants making him my favorite wrestler on the show. Kruel takes down Madrox easily and brushes the back of his head. Kruel gets kicked in the face and then Madrox monkey flips him. Madrox clotheslines Kruel to the floor. Kruel comes back in and trades pin attempts with Madrox. Kruel blocks a clothesline and lock’s on a cross arm breaker. Kruel tosses Madrox over with a suplex for two. Kruel gives Madrox a flurry of punches and chokes him on the top rope. Madrox gives Kruel a spinebuster and a splash for two. Madrox misses a splash in the corner. Kruel applies a cross armbreaker again and Madrox escapes. Kruel hits an elbow from the top rope. Madrox hops out of the corner with a crossbody for two. Madrox lays in some shots in the corner. Madrox misses a splash in the corner and Kruel rolls him up for two. Kruel applies a Stranglehold Gamme on Madrox, and Madrox escapes. Madrox drops Kruel with DDT and a gut-wrench powerbomb. Madrox drops Kruel with a pair of powerbombs. Madrox drops Kruel with an torture rack bomb. Madrox picks up an open bag of chips that he brought to the ring and shares them with the fans. Madrox offers Kruel some chips, and Kruel applies a cross arm breaker for the submission at 10:17. Madrox was surprisingly good (considering according to this commentary this was his first match) and worked well with Kruel. This styles clash worked out pretty well in the end. **

UltraMantis vs. Blind Rage {NS}

Rage grabs a headlock before trading wristlocks with Mantis. Rage butterflies Mantis’ arms. Mantis twists into a headlock and works on Rage’s wrist. Rage brings Mantis to the mat in a submission hold. Rage turns into a front chancery which Mantis turns back into a wristlock. Mantis chops Rage. Mantis arm drags Rage to the corner and lands a flying hip attack. Mantis comes off the ropes with a Mexican armdrag into a shoulder lock. Mantis brings Rage to the corner with a wristlock. Rage drops Mantis with a reverse suplex for two. Rage chokes Mantis before headbutting him. Mantis blocks a second headbutt and hits a butterfly suplex. Mantis applies a side headlock. Rage takes Mantis to the mat and legdrops him for two. Rage hits a trifecta of somersault sentons for two. Mantis hits Rage with another flying hip attack. Rage ducks the second and hits a flying cross headbutt. Rage takes Mantis over with a suplex for two. He sends Mantis out of the corner and Mantis reverses into a Stinger Splash. He hits a second in the opposite corner. He hits the Mongolian chops. He goes for another splash, and Rage drops him with a twisting backbreaker. Rage applies a side headlock on the mat. Mantis elbows out of it and lands more Mongolian chops. Mantis catches Rage with a flying chop as he comes off the ropes. Rage drops Mantis with a chin breaker. Rage DDT’s Mantis for two. They trade wristlocks till Mantis tries to pin Rage with an Onryo Clutch. Rage escapes and headbutts Mantis in the clavicle. Rage slams Mantis and misses a quebrada. Mantis hits another flying hip attack Rage and Mantis trade shots with Mantis taking Rage down with a headbutt. Mantis lays in some chops. He kicks Rage in the gut and hits the Praying Mantis Driver (Tiger Driver) for two. Mantis trips Rage and applies a butterfly clutch. Mantis turns Rage over and hits a reverse Mantis Driver for two. Mantis heads up top and Rage cuts him off. Rage begins taking of Mantis’ mask, and Mantis knocks him off. Rage brings Mantis off the ropes with a crucifix bomb for two. Rage drops Mantis face first with the Gory Catapult for the pin at 10:31. Fun match, with both guys looking quite strong. The Night Shift was being set up as the top heel group at the time so it made sense for Rage to beat Mantis. Mantis looked quite good in his first match here as well, so good for him. **1/2

Mike Quackenbush {BTS}, Reckless Youth {BTS}, & Don Montoya {BTS} vs. CM Punk, Colt Cabana, & Chris Hero

Quackenbush and Hero begin with Quackenbush working on Hero’s right leg. Hero grabs a cravate into a full nelson. Quackenbush and Hero trade headlocks. Quackenbush kicks Hero in the head, and Cabana and Youth tag in. They trade wirstlocks. Youth takes Cabana down in a side headlock. Youth wrenches on Cabana’s wrist. Cabana steps up and snapmares Youth. Youth goes back into a hammerlock quickly. They repeat the sequence again. Cabana applies an Octopus variation with both of Youth’s arms locked. Youth applies a Rings of Saturn variation which Cabana breaks. Montoya and Punk tag in. Punk gets some advice from his teammates. Montoya escapes a waist lock and works on Punk’s arm. Punk brushes Montoya on the back of the head in a hammerlock. Montoya goes back to the arm. He shoulder whips Punk to the mat and leg drops Punk’s arm. Montoya continues pounding away at the arm. Punk tries to escape with a snapmare, but Montoys just drops down. Punk applies a hammerlock on the mat and surfs on him for embarrassment. Montoya surfs on Punk as well. Hero tags in as does Quackenbush. A test of strength sees Quackenbush monkey flipping Hero over. They keep their wristlocks and Quackenbush takes Hero over into a Northern Lights suplex for two. Hero mares Quackenbush into a chinlock. Quackenbush takes Hero over with a satellite headscissors to the floor. Quackenbush hits a spaceman plancha to the floor. Cabana and Youth come in and go back and forth with Youth sending Cabana to his corner. Montoya and Punk tag in again. Punk gets Montoya to chase him around the ring, and cuts him off once they both come back in the ring. Punk lays in chops to Montoya in the corner and even pokes his eyes. Montoya comes back with chops of his own. Montoya gives him an atomic drop and a Manhattan drop. Montoya ties Punk in the ropes. Hero tries to make the save, and Montoya trips him to dropkick his own partner. Quackenbush and Youth hit tandem somersault sentons on Hero. Cabana gets tripped face first into Hero’s crotch. Quackenbush and Youth hit a double dropkick on Punk to the floor. Montoya looks for a tope but gets tripped and beaten down on the floor by Hero and Cabana. The Mafia isolate Montoya in their corner to maximize damage. All six men come in after awhile and create a chain of submissions. Youth hits a cabrada on Cabana. All the BTS has an opponent in the corner and each hit 10 punches. Punk and Montoya exchange pin attempts as Cabana beats on Youth in the corner. Quackenbush and Hero become legal and Quackenbush hits a dragonrana. Hero and Quackenbush exchange pin attempts and exchange forearms. Quackenbush hits an enzugiri but Hero lands an elbow. Cabana drives his knees into Youth’s chest and hits the Colt 45 for two. Youth is sent to the apron, and Cabana tries a sunset flip to the floor. Youth breaks free and gives Cabana a tornado DDT on the floor. In the ring Montoya hits a suplex on Punk. Montoya hits a trifecta of clotheslines in the corner. Punk lands a jawbreaker and a flying body press for two. Montoya hits a Doctor Bomb and Hero makes the save. Quackenbush comes in and hits a tornado bulldog for two. Hero boots Quackenbush and drops him face first in the corner. Hero hits the Indian Deathlock piledriver for two. Montoya cuts off Hero on the top rope and tosses Hero onto Punk on the floor. Montoya hits a tope on both men. Quackenbush breaks from a full nelson slam from Cabana and gives him a reverse Frankensteiner. Youth comes in and hits the Northern Lights 2k1 Bomb for the pin at 30:52. A great main event for CHIKARA’s first show to show off its Lucha influence and how it’s a more team oriented organization. It’s cool to look back to see how Hero and Quackenbush faced each other in the first ever main event in CHIKARA when you consider that they’d stay on top for the next five years. Good stuff from everyone involved as well. ***1/4


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